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I am sitting on my couch fighting either a terrible low pressure headache because a big storm is rolling in, or an oncoming migraine.  Either way, I feel like my head is being squeezed in a juicer.  While I lay here on the couch, moaning and trying to get Chris to have mercy and rub my feet (which I am convinced solves all of life’s problems), I’m going to leave you with these pictures from this weekend.

We went to my sweet cousin, Abby’s, wedding in Atlanta.  It was beautiful, and she was a radiant bride.  The only person who glowed as much as she did was her handsome groom, Joey.  They are just the kindest, down to earth couple and their wedding felt just like them.  I love that at weddings.  My two favorite parts were that Abby’s brother, Jake, stood with her (in lieu of bridesmaids) when she stood at the alter.  I absolutely LOVED that.  They are so close, and it just seemed perfect that he would be the one standing there with her.



My other favorite part was that Abby and her dad, my Uncle Tim, danced to “My Girl.”  So stinking sweet!!!  And they rocked the dance floor!  I loved that!




We had a great time at the wedding. The kids were on their best behaviors, my mom and Grandma were not, and Ginny, JM, and Baby Tillman were looking good. It was really a great weekend for all of us!









And now I will leave you with the most handsome of the wedding guests. He’s my new boyfriend.

Don’t tell my husband.


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20 Thoughts to “Weddings and Festivities”

  1. Lissa

    so what was your momma doing? hahaha

  2. Gracie’s dress is so cute!

  3. Weddings are so fun!!! Glad Bean and Gracie behaved . . . I bet that made the wedding extra special for you and Chris!

  4. jenny-bird

    Your family looks so good! P.S. I hope you feel well soon.

  5. Rheannon Walls

    Such a good looking group of people.
    And my goodness! Is there any baby fat left in Beanies face? He looks all big kid now.

  6. colleen

    Tillman’s bib is completely hysterical. And monogrammed? Oh my word, where did they get that?

  7. Gahh, you guys are so cute. I’m ready to dress my boys for Easter now and get some fancy family photos of our own!

  8. Beanie, Gracie & Tillman's Nana

    Ditto Lissa’s question. What was I doing?????

  9. Beanie, Gracie & Tillman's Nana

    Excuse me. I’d like to ditto Lissa’s question. What was I doing?????

  10. Abby, Katie, Ginny & Jake's Grandma

    Aftrer you reach a certain age (and I’m not saying what that age is), you are forgiven for whatever you are ABLE to do. So there!

  11. Lee Ann

    Just have to ask: Is Uncle Tim your dad’s brother? He looks so much like your dad … very handsome! Glad you all had fun!

  12. beth

    love your 4 generation of women shot

  13. kat

    your kids couldn’t get any cuter if they tried – LOVE Gracie’s headband and Bean’s little suit.

  14. Leah

    All the kiddos are precious. Where did Ginny get that bib??

  15. Sara M

    HAHAHA! I love your mom and grandma’s comments on here. That’s the first question I thought of too..what were they doing?! I also love the 4 generation picture.

  16. LOL, love that mom and grandma posted here! 🙂 The kids are so sweet…and I just want to eat Tillman up!

  17. I LOVE Gracies dress! Where did you get it!

  18. Love this! The kids look so sweet, I love Gracies little yellow dress. They look great in those pastel colors!

  19. I just love your mom’s hat. And what a great picture of the four generations of girls.

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