Look What I Found! Butt Paste!

Butt paste.  Cause you just never know.

One of the first baby products I ever received was a big, giant tub of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. I remember it so well. Ahhh…memories… It was at my very first shower when I was pregnant with Michael, and a girlfriend gave it to me as a joke because it had “butt paste” in the name. (You know you’ve had children too young when phrases like “butt paste” make you explode in fits of giggles!)


Michael hardly ever had diaper rash. Like, ever. In fact, I don’t think he had it once. And so my giant tub of Butt Paste sat unused in his closet. By the time Gracie was born, it had disappeared in one of our moves. Gracie was a completely different story when it came to diaper rash. That poor child hardly ever DOESN’T have diaper rash. One good diaper and her poor little bottom looks like a 17-year-old face with acne. Oh, it’s terrible! Big ol’ welts all over! I’m not sure if it’s a girl thing or a Gracie thing, but girlfriend has some issues! We tried several different methods of fighting diaper rash, but one of the most effective methods we have found is using diaper cream before diaper rash is a problem. We use it every night for Gracie, or any period of time when I know it might be a bit longer between regular diaper changes (ex. out running errands and on trips). This is preventative and helps us avoid the situation in the first place most of the time. I also use it any time there’s the slightest hint of red on her bum. My goal is to prevent the welts by using it before they show up. And that has worked really well.

The next step was figuring out which diaper cream to use. Since we use it so often, it has to be something that is gentle enough for her sensitive skin, but still really darn effective. That’s why we use Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. You may think this is a product review, but I think of this post as more of a consumer report. Because we consume Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. We consume much. I love that it comes in a tub, too. It fits in the drawer of Gracie’s changing table, and I can literally scoop out handfuls of the stuff to cover her toosh. More than the convenience, though, I love that it is actually what the silly name says. It is a BUTT PASTE, y’all. I’m talking full coverage, you-might-be-able-to-spackle-your-dining-room kind of coverage. That might sound too harsh for a baby, but if you’ve ever seen your child suffer from severe diaper rash, you know that that thick, creamy coverage is exactly what you want. Ain’t nothin’ gettin’ through that Butt Paste. Gracie’s tooshy stays dry and welt free, which is exactly what you want. While I found Boudreaux’s Butt Paste when I was a new mom, it really wasn’t until I was a more seasoned mom that I realized what a gold mine it was. We are hardly ever without it around my house. As their very entertaining video says, “Our butts are saved!!!” 

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185 Thoughts to “Look What I Found! Butt Paste!”

  1. Courtney M

    I am a parent to be but I have heard of the wonders of butt paste and I have registered my family for a healthy load to keep my baby’s booty rash free.

  2. It’s the combination of girl and fair skin associated with being a redhead. My older daughter has red hair and the super sensitive fair skin and got bad, serious diaper rashes all the time. My younger daughter has much darker skin and brown/blonde hair and has had about 5 diaper rashes in her 1.5 years of life. And, like you, I really really really liked the BUTT PASTE brand creme. It was thicker and just worked better than the others.

  3. Nicole

    Another one of the best (MD approved) preventative measures for diaper rash is plain, old, cheap vaseline! Get a giant tub and rub your baby’s bum every diaper change. If you are using cloth diapers you have to use an alternate to vaseline (as it will make the diapers repel moisture) but any other time lather it on liberally (in fact any where on the baby, and on your own hands while you’re at it!).

  4. Sarah H.

    I’m with Nicole. LOVE Vaseline 🙂

  5. Mami2jcn

    Let your baby’s diaper area air dry when possible, and use barrier creams.

  6. Mami2jcn


  7. I used butt paste all the time with our fair skinned daughter, but my son who has dark skin still has never had a diaper rash. I think it’s the one universal product that should be in every house.

  8. Megan Smith

    I am expecting and have heard that cloth diapered babies generally have fewer diaper rashes. That’s what I’m planning on doing. We’ll see how it works!

  9. Amanda M.

    We slathered out littles with A & D as a barrier, and luckily have never had to deal with diaper rash!

  10. Kathleen

    Cosign! That silly-named stuff saved our, ahem, butts so many times. It’s thick, gentle and doesn’t stink like some of the other stuff. Plus, a giggle or two never hurts.

  11. Les

    We’ve used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste even on my bigger boys, around their pair of unmentionables, when they’ve been rubbed by bathing suits or in the summer after they’ve been running around and gotten a bit “swampy and red”! ha ha

  12. Cathy C.

    My sweet baby girl uses lots of Boudreaux’s.
    Right now, we’re kicking butt while parenting by helping our girl learn to use please and thank you.

  13. We love Boudreaux butt paste too! Andrick has only had one real diaper rash, but he gets a lot of irritation and the butt paste helps with that. Also, lotrimin, recommended by my pedi for when his irritation looks, um, a certain way I don’t want to print. That was my butt kicking moment–going to the drug store to buy cream for jock itch hahaha

  14. Lindsey

    We have been using corn starch on the bum of the little girl I take care of. She is prone to diaper rash and often turns into a yeast infection. A little corn starch before we put the cream on does the trick!

  15. deannab1

    We also take preventative measures when it comes to diaper rash – my little one always has Butt Paste on!

  16. jennifer h.

    as a new mom i panicked when my baby got his first round of diaper rash. i concocted a potion to get rid of it initally: maalox, desitin, aquaphor and corn starch mixed together and used for a few days. and when it got bad i also let him roll around naked for a while. we tried using coconut oil as our everyday barrier for awhile and really wanted it to work but it didn’t. we’ve also found that there isn’t a lot of difference as far as diapers and diaper rash go for our baby; we’ve used strictly chlorine free diapers as well as conventional pampers and it seems about the same regardless. but i definitely felt like i kicked butt the first time he got the rash and i spent 2 days intensely trying to clear it up and it worked!

  17. Kristen

    I also use Boudreaux’s! Love it! A diaper rash is always gone the next time I change my son’s diaper after I’ve used it. I also like to use regular old baby powder with corn starch.

  18. Mary

    This is great stuff and I alway include it in the bag/basket when I give a shower gift!

  19. Jess

    I am not a mommy yet but Butt Paste has always been a staple that I give as a baby shower gift! Everyone I know gives it rave reviews!!

  20. Kim

    We changed diapers often, aired out when possible, and slathered with lots of cream.

  21. Heather D

    I’m not a mom yet, but I have 25+ nieces and nephews and plenty of experience changing diapers. I’m with you that preventative application is key!

  22. HeatherM

    I’m not a mom yet, but I was a peds ICU nurse, so I encountered TONS of diaper rashes usually caused by IV antibiotics. First of all, talk to your pediatrician- a diaper rash that is lots of small raided red bumps is usually a yeast infection, and thus needs to be treated w/ a prescription (usually nystatin). For the flat red irritated diaper rash, I prefer a paste cream. When it is really bad, I like to use a combination of desirin paste, Vaseline, and triple paste- mix it together in your hand first and then wipe it on- it works wonders! Also, the soap I. Baby wipes can be really painful w/ a diaper rash, so I like to rinse the wipes by filling the container w/ water & squeezing out the soapy water a few times before I ever use the container of wipes.

  23. HeatherM

    *raised red bumps (not raided).
    **Desitin paste ( not desirin).
    Sorry for the crazy auto-correct on my phone

  24. Erin

    Our boy has eczema, so we have to keep him well moisturized and A+D ointment works well and keeps the redness at bay.

  25. Bobbie Ankney

    Im an old school momma….my baby is 24, but I used, and still use on the itty bitties I care for daily…Bag Balm! LOL..doesnt smell the best but works great! Redness disappears in seconds! I also use it on any type of rash, even for myself. Its original use was for cows udders but hey…whatever works! LOL!

  26. Tawny

    I always give Butt Paste as a gift. Expecting my first very soon and finally received some myself. : )

  27. Meagan Medved

    I solved our diaper rash problem by switching to cloth diapers! They’re cute, fun, gentle, more comfortable, economical, and great for the environment. On the rare occasion my son has a rash, we also use butt paste with a liner to protect the cloth diaper.

  28. Cindy

    I have given birth to 2 children and I have used my fair share of butt paste:))

  29. Joan

    Baza Antifungal Cream works wonders on diaper rash. It is a combination of an antifungal (miconazole) and a barrier cream, like desitin. Your pharmacist can order it for you if your pharmacy does not stock it. It also works great on heat rash and athlete’s foot. I am a pharmacist and I routinely recommend this.

  30. Sarah R

    I use desitin max and triple paste (nystatin, maalox, and aquaphor compounded). My child has horrid diaper rash

  31. Kristi

    I feel like I “kick some butt” whenever we make it some where on time, and in good moods. With 3 boys, that can be a challenge!

  32. Katie L

    I only use Butt Paste. I tried a lot of brands and it was actually the very BEST out there!

  33. Mae

    Like you my oldest rarely got diaper rash…like maybe once! We just used a little Vaseline now and then. But my daughter has much more sensitive skin and while she’s never had a full blown rash she used to get really red and irritated. I tried Vaseline, Desitin, Butt Paste, and A&D, but nothing worked well. Then I found baby Aquaphor…that’s how we kick butt around our house. We put it on before bed time and any time I think she might be in her diaper longer than normal like when we run errands or long car trips. It has worked wonders!

  34. Alison

    LOVE Butt Paste! We kick butt by packing our bags for work/daycare the night before. Makes the mornings a breeze!

  35. Rika

    We went through tubs of Butt Paste when my older 2 were in diapers. Now with a third on the way, we’ll stock up again. I kick butt by making sure backpacks, lunches, clothes, and everything else we need for the day are packed the night before.

  36. Sara R.

    LOVE buttpaste! Our son has super sensitive skin and had diaper rash constantly until we tried buttpaste. We were never without it again!

  37. Thankfully my kiddos didn’t have an issue with diaper rash, but on the occasion they did I usually just used Desitin and baby powder. I have always wondered about the Butt Paste and how well it worked. Glad to hear it’s a Butt Saver! LOL.

  38. Lindsay

    I love buttpaste. Actually, I just recently “kicked butt” when P had his first major rash with those nasty raised red bumps and the buttpaste cleared it right up. That stuff works miracles!

  39. Crystal H.

    I just had my son a month ago, and bought some of the butt paste! Yet to have use it….YET. But its on stand-by.

  40. Katie N.

    Well, I’m feeling like I’m kicking butt right now simply because I was finally able to get pregnant! And, now that I AM pregnant, I would say that pregnancy is kicking MY butt. It’s just a big circle of butt kicking, this parenting thing 😉

  41. Leah

    Butt Paste is the best!! My dd has horrible diaper rashes when teething. I can tell how close a tooth is to breaking through by how red her bum is. We kick diaper rash butts with a soothing bath, air dry and caking on the butt paste before bed! They’re usually clear or at least drastically improved by morning.

  42. Diurla D

    The only thing that ever worked for my sons diaper rash was Honest Co healing balm. I also found that Huggies and Pampers caused his little bum to break out but Luvs were fine and Honest diapers were a godsend. I did use Boudreaux’s when he was really tiny and I did like it!

  43. I love the all natural Butt paste! I also found that once we switched to Seventh Generation diapers, Sully hardly ever had any sort of diaper rash. Poor kid had the same problem as Gracie for awhile there. Broke my heart to wipe his little butt when it hurt him so bad. Even now I still put a bit of coconut oil on his butt just to keep things going smoothly..haha

  44. Nikki

    My son is almost 10 weeks old, and we have yet to have a diaper rash problem. I am super prepared with lots of butt paste when the time comes, but I think since I’m a first time Mom I’m a little crazy about changing his diaper. As soon as that blue line appears ( love Pampers!) I’m rushing him to the changing table. I think that it also helps that he eats at least every 3 hours at night, so he’s not sitting in anything for too long. So ready for a good night’s sleep!

  45. Susan Smith

    My tips are to change your babies diapers often and let them run around without a diaper every now and then.

  46. Sarah S

    Besides the preventative covering of cream (works like a charm by the way), my best tip for diaper rash is to ditch the disposable wipes. We used cloth wipes, wet with warm water even after we had ditched the cloth diapers (Hello second kid in less than 2 years, you get disposables!). The wipes though were awesome. Nothing chemical or herbal or harsh for sensitive skin. Just water and soft cloth.

  47. Abigail

    No kids yet, but it’s good to be prepared!

  48. Dessi

    My 13 month old has had a couple of run ins with diaper rash. We have always used desitine and/or a&d and it does the trick. We also use one or the other nightly to help prevent!

  49. Jessie C.

    In addition to change diapers more often, we used chamomile cream to help.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  50. Jessica To

    I would let my son go without diapers for a while to get more air and I used Desitin.

  51. Cheryl L

    TTC here and can’t wait till I get to buy all these cute items for baby!

  52. Stephanie V.

    I would use seventh generation diapers, change frequently and use a cream
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  53. Natalie

    Our firstborn is only 6 weeks old, but one of the books I read beforehand said to be sure to have some sort of diaper rash treatment on hand so my completely ignorant self and equally clueless husband went shopping and bought Boudreaux’s Butt Paste because the name made us laugh (although Anti-Monkey Butt was a close second). When our little one started getting a red bum, our doctor said any would work but Boudreaux was her favorite and just to be sure you created a nice thick barrier…and it’s worked wonders for us so far! We’ll see how it goes as the diapers become more heavy duty…

  54. Robin M.

    I like to try to prevent diaper rash by drying completely and leaving the diaper off a bit to get some air.

  55. Tina M

    I change diapers often

  56. Becky Horn

    I use diaper rash cream and add some baby powder to keep it in place when the diaper is on.

  57. nannypanpan

    change diaper often and GLOP the cream on so it doesn’t get rawer and starts to heal

  58. Adrienne Gordon

    I use baby powder and check diapers often.

  59. Lisa Brown

    Being sure to change diapers often, keep the skin clean, and using a skin protectant, works well.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  60. Lisa Brown

    2nd entry tweet – https://twitter.com/LuLu_Brown24/status/316981632718491650
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  61. Margaret Smith

    First, we try to prevent diaper rash by changing the diapers often and making sure to clean and dry well. But when it does happen, we use Buttpaste. It works wonderfully.
    Thanks so much.

  62. Kelly D

    My best diaper rash tip is to use a good diaper rash cream that works for your baby and change diapers frequently.

  63. Debbie B

    change diapers often and use a diaper rash ointment

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  65. Jessica G.

    Funny Story- I was talking to a friend of mine who is a new mom about having kids in the future and she goes “just remember to register for butt paste!” hahaha Apparently the news of butt paste is spreading like wild fire

  66. Love this post! 🙂 thank goodness my son isn’t prone to diaper rash, but we do have some butt paste just in case. Just saying “butt paste” makes me giggle. Ha ha

  67. Rebecca

    I use Honest Healing Balm on my little one’s bum. Unless it’s really bad I like that it’s more of a barrier of moisture and protects the area while it heals.

  68. Cynthia C

    I’ve double rinsed diapers to be sure there’s no detergent residue. It seems to help prevent diaper rash.

  69. edq143

    enter me thanks

  70. Heidi M

    The first time I bought Butt Paste was because of the name. The second time I bought it was because it worked. As far as preventative measures, food has been the main issue. Oranges and orange juice give my little one an almost instant diaper rash.

  71. AdrienneR

    We use A+D with every single diaper change. It keeps diaper rash at bay. When he’s teething though, sometimes it gets a little red – we’ll have to try some Butt Paste next time!

  72. edq143

    looks great im in

  73. rachel

    Air drying seems to help!!

  74. kim h

    I always use powder to help keep baby dry

  75. Susan Ladd

    First sign of diaper rash I use Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and air dry. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win 🙂 Thanks !!!

  76. Sarah Hirsch

    keep baby’s butt clean and dry (don’t let them sit too long in a wet diaper)

  77. steve weber

    bathe your baby on a regular basis.

  78. Harmony B

    When my son has too much fruit he gets bad diaper rash. A bath and butt paste always does the trick

  79. Tamar

    I use Triple Paste. It works better than anything else I’ve tried.

  80. amy rouse

    I’ve kicked butt by raising four kids to be fine upstanding college educated adults!!


    When you apply ointment, leave a little breathing room in the diaper! =)

  82. Stephanie Larison

    Put on a very thin layer of vaseline and close up the diaper, but leave some breathing room in there. It will clear up in no time.

  83. Luckily my boy hasn’t had much diaper rash, but air drying has been really helpful in getting rid of any incidents quickly. Butt paste sounds awesome, I will have to get some next time!

  84. wild orchid

    My best tip is to change your baby as soon as possible after a soiled diaper.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  85. wild orchid


    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  86. Melinda

    our little guy is 4 months, and no diaper rash yet, so we haven’t had to do anything 🙂

    mjf926 at gmail dot com

  87. LAMusing

    I don’t have a baby, but my mom swore by cloth diapers, baby powder and frequent changes

  88. Jacob LaFountaine

    No kids for me. Air dry as a kid I think

  89. I’m a HUGE fan of Butt Paste, along with some fresh air.

  90. Nadine L

    My Grandma always told me to let the babies “air out” for at least 15 minutes after a diaper change at least once a day. She said a bare bottom getting air on it was the best prevention there was. I don’t know if it was because I followed her advice (she had 17 kids, so I tended to trust what she said,lol) but my daughter never had a diaper rash, ever

  91. joni

    Keep the diaper dry and loose and not real tight. I like Aquaphor ointment the best.
    dolniaks at consolidated dot net

  92. Shannon

    I’ve avoided rashes with organic cloth diapers, knock on wood!

  93. Stephanie Hastie

    Lots of air, and A&D ointment was my method,

  94. my son, thankfully, rarely ran into diaper rash issues but we combo’d A&D and fresh air!

  95. We have never tried this paste but it sounds like it really works. We have always tried to keep the area dry and if there is a problem we would let them run around without a diaper as much as possible to get air on it.

  96. gina

    We have a 2 year old & he has thankfully never had a rash, we change his diapers as soon as needed, always apply cornstarch baby powder & when anything looked pinker than usual we used Desitin & also powder to prevent a rash.

  97. Joanna F

    I feel like I’ve kicked butt when me, my hubby, my nieces, and my son can all sit down at a restaurant, dressed appropriately, and nobody has a tantrum, makes a mess, or starts running around poking people.

  98. Keeping the area dry, change often, and use Boudreaux’s Butt Paste works for me. The rash is gone in no time! yay!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  99. Katie Contests

    To combat diaper rash, I recommend regular diaper changes followed by zinc oxide ointment + cornstarch powder.

  100. I feel like I’ve kicked but when I get myself and my son out the door in the morning on time.

  101. patricia skinner

    Diaper cream and baby powder alway worked for me.

  102. Heather

    I have not tried this one yet, but I may need to get some! I am not sure I have kicked butt parenting yet, but I was just complimented on raising my kids, so that’s something at least! 🙂

  103. Denise S

    Change often and use baby powder after each change.

  104. maria cantu

    Change diaper often to keep area clean and dry.

  105. Kiara

    My tip is to change they diapers often.

  106. Kerry

    I kick butt rash by frequent diaper changes and airing out the area as much as possible.

  107. Madeline

    I like Vaseline for a diaper rash, and lots of diaper changes!
    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail (dot) com

  108. My son had chronic diaper rash which disappeared when I started using cloth diapers.Also changing a baby often helps prevent rash.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  109. Tiffany Drew

    We used perfume/dye free diapers which definitely helped, but we also used Desitin which got the job done nicely too!

  110. lori cosgoe

    Awesome name!

  111. Stacey B

    Ive been lucky enough to not have to battle diaper rash with either of my boys — its never been an issue for us, although some poops leave my little ones butt a little read and ive used anti-monkey butt powder for that and it works great!

  112. Jammie

    I kicked butt by making sure my daughter always stayed dry! sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  113. Give your little one time without a diaper. Staying in a diaper all day is a sure way to end up with a rash. onefrugalgirl AT gmail DOT com

  114. Nancy

    Keep them as dry as possible while in diapers and let that butt air dry when you can.

  115. I do not have children of my own but can share words of wisdom from my mom: 100% cotton cloth diapers, air dry between changes/cleanings, and aloe!

  116. Julieh

    I use lots of ointment

  117. ky2here

    The best way to treat it is constant monitoring and boudreaux paste

    ky2here at msn dot com

  118. ria

    Frequent diaper changes and olive oil

  119. Stefanie Gladden

    always listen to your kids, and talk to them!!

  120. Make sure you keep the diaper area CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN & watch for food or medicine allergies because that can cause rashes

  121. Alyssa

    I’ve used desitin but with this post I think I’m gonna buy some buttpaste!

  122. If I diaper rash cream isn’t cutting it, I would go for an oatmeal treatment. Oatmeal bath or an oatmeal compress sooths like nothing else!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  123. Brenda Elsner

    I would leave their diaper off for a little bit after changing to let their bottoms air out.

  124. Jason

    Keep it clean and air it out occasionally.

  125. Betty C

    We used cloth diapers, air dried between diaper changes and used a good diaper cream as a preventive.

  126. Bruce

    Change them frequently to keep them dry

  127. susan smoaks

    prevention is the best, to prevent diaper rash you must change diapers often. keep them dry!

  128. Sarah L

    I’ve never had kids or even done baby sitting. I’ve just heard that naked is good for airing out.
    Thanks for the contest.

  129. meredith

    No special tips, just lots and lots of diaper cream applied frequently!

  130. Crystal F

    My big accomplishment was breastfeeding. No one in my family or any of my friends had ever breastfed. I worked very hard at it and was very fortunate to be able to breastfeed both of my girls for around 18 months each. Thank you!

  131. Erica C.

    We change diapers often and use natural products.

  132. s riches

    My tip is to always be sure the skin is totally dry before the new diaper goes on.

  133. Veronica Garrett

    We use desitin Creamy.

  134. Nicole Larsen

    A warm bath with no soap, air dry the bottom and butt paste (we lived by this stuff with our daughter when she was in diapers)

  135. Lillian

    Vasoline has worked!

  136. heather c

    I kicked some butt by reading three books to my kid nightly, starting when she cool follow along! Fresh air for taking care of rash, avoiding chocolate for preventing it. Boo…

  137. Gianna

    A&D ointment works wonders.

  138. Ashley Morrissey

    I’ve luckily never had to deal with it! I’ve always just kept my son’s butt very clean and changed him frequently! 7 months old and not one inch of diaper rash 🙂

  139. vaseline will help in a pinch

  140. Becky Horn

    Butt Paste is great!!! Works wonders

  141. sandra

    haven’t tried it yet

  142. Nicole Larsen

    Butt paste is the ONLY thing I ever use on diaper rashes! I discovered it when my now 5 yr old was a baby–I now have a newborn son and only use Butt paste on him as well 🙂

  143. Cynthia C

    Since Boudreaux’s wasn’t around when my kids were babies, I used Desitin and when rashes got really bad, a prescription cream from the doctor.

  144. Rebecca Graham

    I used Butt Paste when my children were in diapers.

  145. Mari

    I adopted my son when he was out of the diaper phase so we never had a chance to use butt paste (He does find the name funny, however). But I will keep it in mind for a baby shower I am attending soon, it will make a great addition to the gift basket I’m putting together.

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