Easter Baskets, 2013


This year, the Easter baskets runneth over for my kids.  Both grandmothers and I all made Easter baskets, so we are doling them out at various points throughout Easter weekend.  Grandmomma’s baskets will be opened tonight at our house.  She made them and stashed them here when she was visiting for Gracie’s birthday.  Chris and I will bring them out tonight for the kids.  Tomorrow we are having Easter lunch with Nana and my Grandma, and we’ll open Easter baskets from her then.  And, of course, the Easter Bunny will leave his basket on Saturday night, so we’ll open those on Sunday morning after church.

The Easter Bunny sent me an email with some pictures of his baskets so that I could share them with you all.  Just don’t tell Bean and Gracie…


Let’s start with Gracie’s basket:

A Veggie Tales big board book ($5 at Family Christian bookstores)
A pad of princess stickers ($1 at Michael’s)
An Elmo boo boo ice pack so she doesn’t have to keep using the Spiderman one ($4.50 at Babies R Us)
A new Mickey Mouse sippy cup ($5 at Target)
A set of Minnie Mouse hair clips ($1 at Michaels)
A giant Dora the Explorer oversized novelty pen ($1 at Michaels)
M&M’s and a few Elmo plastic eggs with jellybeans inside


And in Bean’s basket:

Veggie Tales Daily Devotionals for Boys ($6.99 at Family Christian bookstores)
Blow up superhero punch bags ($2.99 at Target)
A voice changer speaker thingy ($2.00 at Babies R Us)
A Lightning McQueen box with lock and key ($2.00 at Babies R Us)
A pair of Batman sunglasses ($3.00 at Target)
A giant Spiderman oversized novelty pen ($1 at Michael’s)
M&M’s and a few Spiderman plastic eggs with jellybeans inside


I wrapped each basket up in an Easter basket bag (found at Target for $1 for a pack of 2) and put big bows on them. I can’t wait for the kids to open their baskets of goodies!

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  1. Oooh! Sunglasses! Good idea! I have been thinking that I need one or two more items for my son, Leland’s, Easter basket. I think sunglasses will be just the ticket. Happy Easter to you and your family!

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