Let’s Make Up


A few weeks ago, Almay sent me a few products to review for them. This could not have come at a better time for me for the following reasons: A) I always switch makeup when the seasons change. My skin changes as I am outside more in the spring/summer months, so my makeup has to change, too. B) I have recently run out of my department store brand makeup, and have been contemplating using makeup that doesn’t require me to hoof it to the mall, but I was worried I would sacrifice quality.

Turns out, Almay settled both those concerns. The makeup they sent me had me a little nervous. Normally, I used a pressed powder instead of foundation make up because I find foundation to be a little too thick and “made up” looking. But what they sent was a mousse-based foundation, and it was exactly like a mousse that you eat or put in your hair (never confused those two kinds, by the way…) – it was light and airy, and provided a nice medium coverage. Perfect for when you want to look dressed up, but not made up. It went on smoothly, and didn’t feel thick or made up all day. In fact, I asked Chris after I was all done up if I looked any different, and he studied my face for a while and then said, “What am I supposed to be looking for because nothing looks different to me.” And that’s when my bank account cried out, “Hallelujah!” because Almay is considerably more affordable than what I was paying and, apparently, does just what my old stuff did.


What I loved most about this mousse foundation was that it was gray when I opened it! I stared at it and thought, “Did they send me a messed up product?” I’m embarrassed to even admit this, but I actually dug my finger down all the way to the bottom of the pot to see if there was color on the bottom! I was sure mine was defective. But it turns out that this particular foundation adjusts to your skin tone when it is put on. I have always been skeptical of make up that claims to do this, but it actually did it! I smeared it gray on my face, and by the time I started gently rubbing it around, it had taken on my own skin tone. It went on light and thin, though, and really just evened out my skin tone instead of covering my skin heavily. You could even see my freckles, which is my true test of a good makeup product. If it covers my freckles, then it’s too thick.


Almay also sent me this beautiful bronzer. I don’t know about you, but I prefer a bronzer to a blush because of the natural coverage. It just looks more “sun-kissed” than “sun-burned” to me. And as a natural redhead, I definitely know the difference! What I liked about the bronzer especially was that it stayed on all day. I checked on it at lunch and when I got home, and it still looked great. Major points for me because I have my hands on my face all day, either pushing hair out of my way or resting my chin in my hand. I’m a face-toucher, but this bronzer didn’t seem to mind at all. I liked this bronzer better than the one I currently buy because it is also a “smart shade” product, so it adapts itself to your coloring. I was really impressed with it. It looked so natural, even in daylight.


Now that I am sufficiently made up, it’s time to go find my husband and demand a date night. I never feel better on a date than when I’m wearing something new that makes me feel pretty, and it was Almay for the win this time

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So, what’s your go-to date night look?  Answer this question below, and each comment will automatically be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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239 Thoughts to “Let’s Make Up”

  1. Marina H

    Sounds great!

  2. Tracy B

    I’m all about good quality products that don’t cost an arm & a leg. I’ll try this one for sure!

  3. cindy

    My go to look for date night is to dress a little sexy but comfortable!

  4. Laurie

    My go to in the summer is a long maxi skirt with a nice top.

  5. Nicole

    I’d love to find a cheaper alternative to what I currently use. My go-to look is black eyeliner (cat eye), and seasonal, bold lipstick (red is my fav).

  6. PK

    My go-to for darn near everything, including date night, is jeans with a t-shirt/sweatshirt-sweater depending on time of year and where we’re going. We’re pretty casual here in the upper Midwest.

  7. Mary

    I’m a jeans/t-shirt kind of girl! Minimal makeup. Would LOVE to try this!

  8. Sandy

    Date night…what’s that? However, I won’t even go to the mailbox without make-up!

  9. Amber K

    I’m always looking for something more affordable than department store prices! Thanks! As for date night, or anytime really, my go-to is a maxi dress.

  10. I wear whatever I happen to have on for date nights (fancy, I know), but I AM looking for new makeup and would love to try this out!

  11. Abbie

    Smoky eye for sure!

  12. My go to for a date night is dark jeans and a dressy top. Sometimes I had fake eyelashes to really style it up!

  13. Heather M

    I would say black mascara, I have a lovely eyeshadow that I hope I can always replace and honestly — some Burt’s Bee Lip Balm that has color.

  14. I never wear makeup now that I’m a sahm, so just putting some on makes me feel special for date night!

  15. Summer

    Go to date night item is a pair of sexy jeans and perfume!

  16. Kim

    There aren’t many chances to dress up as a mom, so date night is a fun time to mix it up a little and wear something a little different!

  17. n.summers

    Typically Jeans and a cute top, Good Mascera and spend extra time on my hair..depends on what we’re doing–maybe a cute baseball cap (for a game, concert or beach)

  18. Stephanie Z

    Date night usually means those jeans that make me look good and some makeup- I rarely wear it as a stay-at-home mom, so it makes the occasion special.

  19. Jessika

    Cute jeans, nice top and just a bit of makeup with some perfume. Nice, simple and classic!

  20. Julie W

    Sounds like I need to try it!

  21. Definitely hair down, a smidge of eyeliner and a “skinny” top- you know the ones.

  22. Kathleen

    Something that makes me feel pretty and sexy and slightly dressed up: jeans that make me look good, a cute dress, a fun lipstick (mainly because I love to kiss my husband and leave lipstick marks on his cheek so he has to go wash it off 🙂 LOL). Since I stay at home, I am always in workout gear: yoga pants or capris, t shirt, sports bra. Sexy underwear on date night is a must because it’s so different!!!

  23. Vdragon

    A new or not recently worn outfit and doing something different with my hair is about the extent I take it for date night. Sometimes I pull out my make up drawer and try a different eye shadow combo, but usually end up doing the same old thing.

  24. Katy

    Date night??…I have three kids so I don’t really know what a date night even is. Actually my husband are going out this Saturday for the first time in ages…I am thinking a maxi dress is calling my name with some flip flops!! 🙂

  25. Emily

    Since I dress up for work, it’s hard for me to get motivated to dress up for date night. Usually it’s nice jeans and a fun top.

  26. RachelC

    I usually go with a casual dress and maybe go with a little more polished make-up than my usual mascara & foundation powder look.

  27. Farrar

    At this point I would just be happy WITH a date night! Hubs is working on the road. But I always like a fun flitry little dress on a date! :0)

  28. I have never worn foundation, but feel that my 33 years are starting to show. I’d like to try a product that covers those imperfections, but also allows my freckles to show. I will have to try this product. Plus when I look at all the different colors/tones of foundation I just walk away. How do I know what to choose? This type of product would help solve that!

  29. Andrea Y

    Date night usually means my favorite jeans and mascara!

  30. Deanna

    A cute, simple black dress. Goes from work to night with just a simple shoe or jewelry change.

  31. Laurie

    Date night is usually cute shirt, jeans and some adorable shoes. I also like to try new makeup tricks when I am going out.

  32. Whitney W

    Anything other than a t-shirt and jeans which is pretty much my work uniform. Pretty makeup always helps too. I’m going to check out that bronzer!

  33. I’ve never heard of mousse foundation, and I normally hate foundation for the same reasons you do – I definitely want to try it, thanks! I usually go for a dress and curly hair, and a little makeup for date night – nothing too fancy 🙂

  34. Sara

    A fancy dinner with the hubs and a walk downtown with ice-cream for dessert.

  35. Maggie W.

    I like to get dressed up for date night – dress, heels/wedges, make up, and a great cocktail ring!

  36. Suzanne

    I love date nights…a nice dinner and a movie is usually my go-to. I love the sounds of these products…I want to try them out.

  37. Heather

    My go-to date night ritual is probably to curl my hair and make it all bouncy.

  38. Go-to date night look is clothes that don’t have sticky finger/hand prints, hair that has been washed recently and clean underwear.

    Hey, I’m honest… lol

  39. Elena

    my date night look: nice dress and high heels, smokey eyes and bright lipstick

  40. Andie

    I’m not much of a makeup girl but I do like me some eye shadow and eye liner for those fancy times 😀

  41. stephanie

    i love a smokey eye

  42. Katie

    Nice jeans and a cute top and heels!

  43. I love the makeup that isn’t heavy and is cheaper.

  44. Rika

    New makeup is always great for date night!

  45. Megan Smith

    Date night usually consists of jeans and a cute shirt. However, I love when we go somewhere fancy enough to wear a nice dress and high heels!

  46. I love a good smokey eye done in gray or plum (black is too harsh on me),a pair of trouser jeans and a great pair of heels. But what is this daaayte night thing you speak of?

  47. Laura

    For date nights, I usually keep it casual but dress up nice jeans with a cute top and heels

  48. Kelly D

    My go-to date night look is light makeup, such as mascara and lipstick and I wear a black skirt, pretty blouse and silver jewelry.

  49. Kelly P

    I’m a jeans girl and I don’t wear a lot of makeup. For date nights I usually do a bit heavier on the mascara and eyeliner though. And of course some sort of shimmery lip.

  50. Lisa Brown

    My go-to date night look is black flared slacks, nice top, stilettos, and a makeup look of a light smokey eye and red lip.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  51. Kristi

    My go-to date night look is a dress that is a little too clingy for school meetings or church events, but not skin-tight.

  52. I love getting to add a bit more drama and sparkle when it is date night. Although they are few and far between these days!

  53. Mami2jcn

    Low cut tops are enough to impress my husband! LOL!

    I like to wear black slacks and heels with said top.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  54. Mami2jcn


  55. Sara M

    Date night is always my black mascara, but I will add eyeliner and eyeshadow. Fancy, I know!

  56. Jessica To

    I go for well fitting but comfy jeans and dark lipstick.

  57. elena

    Lipstick, dark jeans, favorite purple shirt. I do use eyeliner and shadow, but usually skip the mascara.

  58. steph

    mascara skinnies and a strappy top!

  59. Anna

    My go to outfit would be skinny jeans with a dressy top!! I like to look HOT but be comfy too!

  60. Depends on where, but as the typical New Yorker I am, I have a little black dress that’s just right for every occasion, including date night!

  61. Katie N.

    My go-to Date Night item is heels! I just simply don’t feel dressed up if I’m not in heels; they make me walk taller and prouder and I feel prettier.

    Oh, and my husband is my other go-to for Date Nights 🙂

  62. April

    Date night usually involves a dress and more mascara, but I just popped in to say that I switched exclusively to Almay after discovering that I was allergic to most of the other hypoallergenic brands. Lifesaver!

  63. courtney b

    curled hair, blush lace dress and pumps.. and a tan!

  64. Leah

    Heels. chasing a toddler and 7 month old (crawler) around I never even think about them on a normal day but they make me feel like a hot date instead of a mom. I’ll even throw them on with jeans for casual date night.

  65. amy pugmire

    I don’t like to wear heavy makeup. I love a cute black dress, mascara, lipgloss and some bright heels. and cute wavy hair!

  66. OK Sarah

    Mascara and lip gloss are my favorite makeup items. And I’m a big fan of casual summer dresses with sandals.

  67. michelle i

    date night…hmmm….dark skinny jeans and cute top, sans ponytail. but, it’s been a while…so perhaps the fashions are different now?

  68. Marie

    I love having gold and shimmery eyes with a bold black winged eye look!

  69. Valerie

    Date night is typically nice jeans and a cute top…nothing fancy but then again we aren’t fancy people.

  70. Susan Smith

    My date night look is jeans, top, pumps. my hair styled and makeup.

  71. adrienne

    I’m a foundation lover….but I too have to change every season! May have to try this one out. My go-to date night look includes darker eyes with a liquid liner!

  72. Depends on where we’re going, but yeah – I usually wear jeans.

  73. Krysti

    Date night is usually dark jeans and a cute top, bright heels, and taking some time with my hair (no ponytails!) and makeup.. a lil’ smokey eye and gloss. Have been looking to try a new foundation, will have to check this one out.

  74. Nigeria H

    I’m not one for makeup. My go to date night look is just some eyeliner and lipgloss.

  75. Amy

    My date night look is jeans, flip flops and a cute t-shirt…I use Almay mascara and have for years…Lash lengthening – LOVE it…

  76. Madeline

    For date nights, I like to curl my hair and put on lipstick.

  77. date night? what’s that? haha. I usually just wear the same makeup all the time. a little eye liner, mascara and eyeshadow and a little mineral powder foundation and bronzer.

  78. Nicole T.

    My go to date night look would be blown out hair and a little lipstick!

  79. Susan R

    My go to date night is Jeans and a cute shirt with flip flops or boots!

  80. date night is nice make-up {or just make-up in general because I don’t wear it day to day}, jeans and a great shirt. In the winter, I almost always wear boots over my jeans

  81. cindy w

    My go to date night look is a putting on a little smokey eye and lipstick…normally I don’t wear make-up, so my hubby usually does a double take

  82. Jessie C.

    My go-to date night look- Skinny/straight leg jeans and silk blouse, heels and a clutch.

  83. Jessie C.


  84. kay43026

    I like to keep it simple. In my younger days…when more make-up was the norm, I did that. These days, less is definitely more!! Simple foundation, eyebrows, natural eye color (usually a smoky shade purple or taupe, eye liner and mascara. Blush/bronzer if I remember, followed by a very natural lip color (my RED days are over:-)

  85. Samantha Daleo

    My go to look is nice fitting jean, a pretty blouse or sweater and nice eye make up.

  86. Marissa

    I have never used Almay’s products before, you now officially have me intrigued!! My go-to date night look is any Express dress. You can dress them up or down and that brand fits perfect on my body! Usually bronzer, shadow, and mascara — keep it simple!

  87. Kristen Stabler

    I usually don’t wear anything but mascara on my eyes, so for a date night I like to do up my eyes more than usual and I like to make my hair wavy.

  88. Stephanie V.

    natural with focus on eyes – long lashes, good shadow, top liner only, fun, flirty outfit (usually sexy top with leggings) and boots or heels
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  89. Margot C

    Married people date night, when I was a teen to very idea would have squigged me; now it’s a high point in my month (I can’t claim that e do this every week). I try to look fresh and neatly made-up with dashes of the big stuff(red lipstick and dark mascara) still
    I like a natural looking skin,

  90. Cynthia C

    I like the natural look with emphasis on the eyes and lips. It’s also fun to buy something pretty to wear.

  91. Lindsay Campbell

    Go to date night look is definitely a dress or a skirt. My husband loves it when I wear one because I hardly ever do.

  92. rachel

    Lipstick! Madeup eyes are definitely a must, too.

  93. JoHanna

    My go-to for date night is black eyeliner and a nice, peachy lip gloss. I’m not a big fan of lipstick (I don’t know, it always makes me feel like I’m becoming my mother! Ha), so a shimmery lip gloss is a nice touch to pull together my ‘made up’ look. As a mom, I don’t get the chance to wear it very often. My daughter HATES when I kiss her with chapstick/lipgloss on. Date night is the perfect time to pull those bad boys out!

  94. Ha, my date night look is just getting out the door! Maybe some lip balm!

  95. Deana

    My date night look is always cute shoes!!!

  96. Adrienne Gordon

    very casual, jeans and a blouse,nothing special for me.

  97. Kate F.

    Dark eyelashes and reddish-pink lips


    I like a summer dress with tall strappy sandals. Light makeup and beach swept hair.

  99. Kiara

    My go-to date night look is a smokey eye.

  100. Margaret Smith

    I like to have a natural look with minimal makeup. Thanks so much.

  101. Soha Molina

    smokey eyes

  102. kim h

    My husband likes me wear dresses!! 🙂

  103. Tamar

    I’m about comfy and causal – jeans and a nice shirt.

  104. mickeyfan

    I am a makeup minimalist.

  105. Sarah Hirsch

    my go to date night look is a pretty dress (with leggings and boots in the winter or sandals in the summer)

  106. Merle M

    tee and jeans. i dont wear makup

  107. Sonya Morris

    My favorite outfit (which changes constantly after just having baby #4, ha!) with darker eyes & lip gloss.

  108. Holly Wert

    i just add a little more mascara than usual

  109. Stephanie Larison

    I mostly keep it natural looking when it comes to makeup. I only go all out when it’s something special like a holiday or a very rare date night with hubby. Then I’ll put some foundation and mascara on. Lip gloss is a must!

  110. Anastasia

    I’m pretty jeans and t-shirt most of the time, so I do the same for date night. I add some mascara tho’ and curl my hair 🙂

  111. Jill H

    A nice dress, heels, jewelry, smokey eyes, blush and lipstick.

  112. My go-to date look is mint green eyeshadow and black or brown liquid eyeliner to create a cat eye look. 🙂

  113. dressing up in nice shoes!
    Thanks! Janna JOhnson jannajanna@hotmail.com Janna johnson on GFC

  114. Nadine L

    We normally go somewhere casual , so jeans, a nice top, sandals or boots depending on weather and a touch of makeup

  115. Mascara and any outfit that doesn’t involve a T-shirt!

  116. Barbara M

    Date night outfit – casual jacket jeans and boots.
    I use more mascara and dramatic eye shadow colors.
    And have to have my artificial nails on!
    Thank you.

    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  117. Jacob LaFountaine

    Button up shirt, slacks and decent kicks

  118. Bella

    My go-to date night look includes foundation (Almay tlc 16hr), mascara, lipstick or lip gloss and high heel shoes. It’s all about wearing something that you don’t do on a regular basis.

  119. My go-to date-night look: sundress, strappy sandals, and little makeup!

  120. Julie

    smokey eyes!

  121. Nicole Larsen

    Nothing too fancy–some skinny jeans, cute top, and a little extra makeup than normal

  122. Crystal F

    I would choose something simple. I’m not a big makeup wearer so anything would be an improvement. lol Thank you!

  123. Lee

    She looks best with minimal makeup–just being herself is great looking!

  124. Usually a little black dress, some cute earrings, and eye-liner. I’ve never tried Almay before so this would be fun!

    chambanachik at gmail dot com

  125. sharonjo

    My go-to date night look is pretty casual–capris or jeans with a simple top, maybe a denim or khaki jacket. Makeup is simple, but I do like to do some shimmer eyeshadow if I’m going out at night. Thanks!

  126. Wild Orchid

    My go to look includes eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss. I like to put the focus on my eyes.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  127. Lisa

    Mascara and Red Lipstick! Jeans and a cute top.


  128. Justine

    Lip balm, lip balm, and more lip balm!

  129. steve weber

    clean shave… nice dark jeans and a black t-shirt

  130. jen gersch

    i wear peach gloss and black eyeliner

  131. My date night look usually involves a smokey eye and some red lipstick and a fun, colorful dress.

  132. DJ

    I love to wear smokey eyes with neutral lips ( my fave neutral lipstick is blankety by mac)

  133. Shannon

    I do a liner on my lids and a smoky eye. I do a glossy lip.

  134. What a pretty date night look you have. 🙂

    My go-to date night look would be something light and simple. I love a natural eye colors and bright color lip sticks as contrast so I don’t look too pale. 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  135. Lots of mascara and a nice lipstick.

  136. Donna

    I love to keep it simple and play up my eyes.

  137. Linda

    I usually like to wear black and gold.

  138. nannypanpan

    something that shows off my legs

  139. Prasert

    I keep a natural every day look but wear something that makes me feel confident and beautiful.

  140. Kerry

    I like to add some bronzer and my favorite lipstick shade.

  141. LAMusing

    I keep it very simple and emphasize one feature – usually my lips.

  142. Ashley

    I add a little more makeup and change into something I wouldn’t normally wear to teach in. ashaldridge at gmail dot com

  143. Myki

    I love eye makeup, so i tend to go with a sheer lip and depending on the mood will depend on my eyes.


  144. Erica Best

    i am a plain jane simple dress flats and light makeup

  145. a sexy black lace top with tight skinny jeans and black heels
    beach curls
    blue smoky eyes

  146. ashley

    I love to go with a flirty dress and heels!

  147. Ashley Morrissey

    I love the smokey eyes and a little black dress look!

  148. Jeans and a black t-shirt, with eyeliner, CC cream, and lip balm!

  149. Marie

    I love to play up my eyes!

  150. brenda robinson

    heels, mascara and lip gloss – easy

  151. Kate S

    It’s pretty much my day look, plus mascara and bolder lip gloss! lol

  152. Jennifer

    honestly, my husband and I traded out date night of dressed up for date night on our bicycles… so usually my get up is with two braids, shorts, tank top and cute tennis shoes…

  153. Claire

    I go 50s-style: a swingy lace dress with winged liner and bold lips.

  154. Daniel M

    don’t have a go-to look figured out yet

  155. Lisa Garner

    I love a dramatic eye with neutral lips for a date night.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  156. gina

    Either cool winged eyeliner and a girly look or a smoky eye and modern unique accessories

  157. Rebecca Graham

    Comfortable nice clothes and more eye makeup.

  158. My whole wardrobe consists of three pairs of pants, two pair of capris, and 5 t-shirts. LOL! All are 100% cotton and in earth tones. I just pick two and go depending on the weather!

  159. Betty C

    I dress up my jeans with a nice top instead of my usual t-shirt.

  160. Hadespark

    I’m to wearing makeup, so I go for a very simple look.

  161. s riches

    My look is comfortable jeans and a snappy blazer.

  162. Suzanne Lewis

    My date night look is simple and mostly natural looking, except I play up my eyes: falsies, mascara, liner, eyeshadow.

  163. Debbie B

    i like to look natural with my hair and makeup fixed nicely

  164. Gianna

    My husband’s favorite grey dress 🙂

  165. barbara hunt

    New to the dating scene…..have no idea!

  166. clynsg

    I may dress up (depends on what the special day is), but I don’t use makeup except for some lipstick.

  167. Denise S

    I’m very casual with just lip gloss and that’s about it.

  168. kathy pease

    my favorite look would be wearing makeup but looking natural.I would also straighten my hair and wear a pretty black dress 🙂

  169. Amanda Sakovitz

    I usually do grays or beige eyeshadow, mascara and a light lip

    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  170. Thomas Murphy

    A clean shave and some hair gel

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  171. Jennifer C

    I like to keep my date look basic because I am pretty simple. I wear jeans and a nice top along with some eyeliner and mascara.

  172. Buddy Garrett

    My wife likes to surprise me. She can don a classic look or a chic look.

  173. Erica C.

    Sexy eyes and simple lips.

  174. Miah

    Black eyeliner and MAC eyeshadows!

  175. Sarah L

    I like to be myself when I go out so I just use a bit of eye shadow, blusher and lip gloss.
    Thanks for the contest.

  176. My go-to date night look is an “understated elegance” look – a nearly nude foundation, with a dewy, blushing cheek, and just the right amount of mascara to make my lashes nice and flirty! 🙂

  177. susan smoaks

    my go to date night look is mascara, lip liner, eye shadow and lip gloss

  178. CharityS

    Natural makeup, my favorite black dress, and silver pumps.

  179. Lillian

    Fancy shoes. I usually wear the same pair so ill switch it up for date night.

  180. Sand

    I like to do a neutral smokey eyes with a dramatic lip and casual dress.

  181. Tabathia B

    I usually go with eyeliner and lip gloss

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  182. Kitty

    Some funky eyeshadow… like neon blue or a nice purpose. 🙂

  183. Kenny F

    jeans and a nice shirt

  184. Candie L

    I like to wear my cute higher heel shoes. Thank you

  185. Whitney

    Jeans and a comfortable blouse. Very light and natural makeup

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