Double Celebration


Happy 4th Birthday to Bean Man and Mr. Bear! We love you guys!


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10 Thoughts to “Double Celebration”

  1. Bean is FOUR?! Happy birthday, Bean and Mr. Bear! It is a pleasure and a joy to watch you grow up. Love, your imaginary friend!

  2. Your kids are growing up too fast!!
    Happy birthday Bean!

  3. Happy birthday Michael, you’re aging well. Mr. Bear, you’re showing your age a bit more, but it’s love, right?

  4. Happy Birthday Bean! I can’t believe he’s four already….wow. Hope you guys have a great day!

  5. Ruth

    Happy birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday Bean! You are growing up so very fast!!

  7. Grandma Barnes

    Bean Man – I had a good time at your birthday party. You are getting to be such a big boy.
    Happy Birthday and I love you.

  8. kat

    I distinctly remember reading the post when Bean man was born and the posts shortly after. Can he really be 4?! Happy (belated) birthday Bean.

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