The Monsters University Experience


There are two things that have been on my kids’ minds lately: popcorn and Monsters University. And I can’t blame them. I am a huge fan of the first Monsters, Inc., and so I am just as excited to see the sequel as they are.


We’ve taken our kids to see two movies in theaters before. The first time was a waste of an experience because we didn’t prepare them for it, and so one child was scared and one child was bored and two parents were exhausted and broke. The second time, we learned our lesson, and we put a little planning into the movie-going experience. Turns out, it made a huge difference. Here are some key pre-gaming rituals we use in our family to prepare for a night at the movies:

1. We try to buy the book version of the movie before we go, if it is available. We bought a Monsters University book a few weeks ago and have been reading it at night with the kids. These books are great because they tell the story that the kids will see in the movie theater before we actually sit down. This helps because the kids know what to expect, especially Bean Man. He doesn’t like to be surprised (especially in large, dark rooms with big, giant movie screens), so knowing the story and characters before he goes in helps him not be so nervous.


2. We get really, overly excited whenever we see promotional things for the movie we are going to see. This is not hard. My kids go CRAZY when they see Monsters University things right now. Commercials, billboards, merchandise. These kids are an advertising department’s dream. They love it all, and Chris and I try to play it up, too. We try to give names to specific characters (especially anyone who might be deemed a “bad guy”). Knowing their names before we go into the theater takes some of the mystery and anxiety out of the experience for my wee ones.

3. We usually don’t go to the movie until it has come out in the theaters for a bit. I vet it through my friends and their kids to see if it is age appropriate for my kids. I read the reviews. I ask around on Facebook. I do my own research to make sure that I’m not taking the kids to see something that is over their heads. Even cartoons these days can sometimes be hit or miss for toddlers and preschoolers if plot lines are too complex. That is one of the reasons that I am so excited about Monsters University. Those movies are fun for parents, but still understandable and funny for the little ones, too.


4. When we are ready to go, we try to make it to the late morning or early afternoon viewings. Usually, these are less crowded and more family-friendly. So, if I absolutely must get up and walk around with one of my kids or if one has a meltdown because someone ate the last piece of popcorn out of the 5,000 pound barrel, it isn’t QUITE as disruptive. We still step out of the back of the theater when one of them has an episode, but it isn’t such a big deal during daytime showings.

5. This last one is new for us, and we have been doing it with our kids specifically for Monsters University. We have been trying to interact with the movie and characters before we actually go to the movie. Kellogg’s has made this possible by creating the “Kellogg’s Scare Scholar Game” website. This website lets kids play a really fun memory game with the Monsters University characters. The characters roar in a particular order, and kids have to remember the order of who roared when. You can collect points, and become the top Scare Scholar! You can play without registering, but you might want to take the time to register because it will enter you into a $10,000 scholarship for your kids, plus daily prizes along the way. My kids have been loving the website, and it makes them really want to go see the movie now.


To help prepare your family for the Monsters University movie experience (or to celebrate if you have already been), Kellogg’s has provided FOUR fabulous giveaway packages today for Marriage Confessions readers:

The Randy Package includes (one winner): 2 movie tickets to see Monsters’ University at a participating theater, plus 1 Monsters University themed pillowcase

The Mike Package includes (two winners): 3 movie tickets to see Monsters’ University at a participating theater, plus 2 Monsters’ University themed pillowcases, and $200 “Monster Cash” to be awarded in the form of a gift card.

And the grand prize winner of The Sully Package (one winner) will receive: 4 movie tickets to see Monsters’ University at a participating theater, $200 “Monster Cash” to be awarded in the form of a gift card, and 3 Monsters’ University themed pillowcases.

To be entered to win, leave a comment below telling me who your favorite “Monsters, Inc.” or “Monsters University” character is and why.  If you leave a Tweet, Facebook, or Pinterest link, you’ll receive an additional entry for each (one entry per email address per day, please, kids).  The giveaway will run until Friday, July 12.  For complete and official rules, click here: Official Rules.


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154 Thoughts to “The Monsters University Experience”

  1. Summer

    I’ve never watched monsters but after seeing the little show at Disney this year I would love to take my son. It was hilarious and even if he doesn’t like it I know his dad and I will 🙂

  2. Christina

    We have seen the first Monster’s Inc and loved it.

  3. Krysti

    What a great giveaway! We’re big Sully fans around here.

  4. AdrienneR

    We love Boo from the first Monster’s Inc.

  5. I like Sully; I’ve always thought it would feel awesome to give him a big hug!

  6. Arielle

    Boo because she is so damn cute.

  7. N.Summers

    We have not been to see the new movie yet, but we love Sully–We have a Sullivan- “Sully”, who is 6…and he thinks he is famous now…My boys also really like Mike, since he is Sully’s buddy-

  8. NinaA

    I LOVED the yeti. I’m German and in the German version he has the most hilarious accent!

  9. Tori Shamy

    We love both of the Monsters movies. Mike W. is our favorite character. Can’t wait for Monsters U to come out on video so we can watch it over and over again.

  10. Melissa Meyers

    I love Boo! She is too precious!

  11. Heather

    We love Boo and Sully around here!

  12. I loved the two dorky kids who followed Sully around. They just amused the heck outta me! Boo had to be next though, she was too cute not to fall in love with.

  13. Jami

    Boo, because she looks just like my little girl!

  14. Kim

    I like the one that covers itself with paint and splashes itself onto the canvas!

  15. Sammy

    We are Mike Wazowski fans. Hearing my son try and say his whole name is just the cutest!

  16. Erin B.

    Roz cracks me up every time!

  17. Linda Varvel

    I pretty much love the aloof fun loving personality of Mike Wazowski!

  18. Sheila

    Definitely Sully.

  19. Mae

    My almost 4 year old loves Mike and my 2 year old loves Boo. They have been wanting to go see he Monsters U and yell monsters every time they see a commercial, billboard, or toy. Thanks for the tips…will def use with my 2 yr old!

  20. KLMullins

    We are huge Sully and Mike fans around here.

  21. Courtney H

    My little boy is obsessed with Sully…I personally like Boo!

  22. Lindsey

    Definitely Boo! Adorable!

  23. Anna D

    We love sully around here!!!

  24. kk

    Not joining part of the draw but just love this post..i didn’t know that if you did all of the above it would make a big makes total sense after reading it..cause my baby needs some exposure before adapting to something 🙂 thanks so much

  25. jamie

    first of all i just want to say that you are a mommy inspiration to this mom of 23yo twins, a 17yo, a 9yo, and grandma to a 19yo. we just went to see this movie last week. LOVED. i would love to see the movie again! my favorite MU character was mike. and i have to add that boo was my favorite monsters, inc. character.

  26. How can you not love Roz?

  27. Taylor

    Love Mike Wazowski! Always have 🙂
    My little guy is a Sully fan, through and through.
    Terri and Terry Perry are my favorite newly introduced character(s) from MU. Hilarious!

  28. Missy

    Mike is our very favorite for sure…

  29. Adriane Long

    Mike of course!

  30. Mami2jcn

    From Monsters University, I love Don “the mature student”. He was geeky which made him adorable.

  31. jackie

    Mike is our favorite!

  32. Love your idea of reading the book (or book series) before the movie. My kids are 4 and 2 so the youngest not quite ready for a move-going experience. However, I definitely plan on implementing your little guideline here for the 4 year old. I’ll let you know how it works out 🙂

  33. Lindsay

    We are big Boo fans from Monsters Inc. She is just too cute!

  34. Elizabeth M

    Sully is our favorite because he looks so huggable!

  35. Rebecca

    I love Sully! I’m a sucker for a big guy with a sweet heart.

  36. Megan Bee

    I love Boo! and the way she says “Kitty”. It is so sweet!

  37. Bethany

    Mike is my favorite – he’s such a good little guy and super funny!

  38. Kirsten

    Mike is my favorite! in both movies.

  39. Sully because I love his voice and huggability factor. 🙂

  40. Rika

    Mike. LOVE Mike. It’s his humor and sarcasm that gets me.

  41. Larissa C

    My son likes Sully. He is also a marketing person’s dream. We went to Target and he wanted the Monsters University juice boxes and fruit snacks!

  42. Sara

    They are all great characters but I have to say Mike is my favorite!

  43. This is awesome. I’ve not been brave enough to take my kids to the theater. My husband and I don’t go to a lot of movies ourselves (in fact the last one was when I was pregnant with the youngest I believe), so it’s not something the kids really even ask to do. On the other hand, I’m super excited for Monsters University. I want to take the kids to it, but so far it hasn’t come to our little town’s 1 room theater. I hope it will after we get back from vacation.

  44. Amy S.

    I love Mike! But Sully is a close second. I loved Monsters, Inc. and I’m looking forward to this one!

  45. Diane

    We’re huge Sully fans around here in Monsters University. Or as my daughter calls him the furry one. 🙂

  46. Meredith

    My kids love mike and sulley.

  47. Definitely Sully – reminds me of my husband. Big bear with a heart of gold. Can’t wait to see this movie!

  48. Amber K.

    I’d have to say Sully is the favorite in our house. My almost-3-year-old lives him! Personally, I like Boo. I have a first cousin that was about Boo’s age when the movie came out, and she looked so much like her – those big brown eyes!

  49. Mami2jcn

    I entered earlier (comment #31) but didn’t see the extra entry options until now. I shared on Facebook–

  50. Cassie

    Mike! He’s so confident being such a little guy, and can put those who tower over him in their place!

  51. Mami2jcn

    Shared on Pinterest–

  52. Mami2jcn


  53. Rachel

    Sully is our favorite around here – big, fuzzy, and blue!

  54. Elena

    I like Mike because he is fun

  55. Susannah W

    Great give away!! My husband and I are huge fans of Monsters inc. He is definitely Mike and I’m Sully!

  56. Elena


  57. Sandy

    We haven’t seen the new one yet…the obvious choice would be Boo, but I am going to go with Roz!

  58. Cali

    Mike cracks me up!

  59. Sara M

    Somehow schedules aligned and we saw the movie on opening day. It was really good! We are a split household between Sully and Mike. But my fave is MIKE WAZOSKI (always yelled at our house!).

  60. In the original, I LOVE Boo. In Monsters University – I really like Squishy, he has some great funny moments!

  61. Brooke

    We are big Sully fans at our house!!

  62. Lindsey

    My 3 year old and I love Mike Wizowski

  63. BeccaK

    MIKE WAZOWSKI all the way!

  64. Rebecca in WA

    My 3 year old’s first movie was Monsters University – and he LOVED it. He loves to hate Randall, too.

  65. My favorite is Boo, the little girl, I love her! she is so fun and so cute that she makes the Monsters fall in love with her!

  66. janna beth

    My son calls him ‘Kitty’ just like Boo…it’s adorable!

  67. Katie M

    Boo is our family’s favorite character too. We were disappointed she didn’t have a cameo in Monsters University!

  68. Jessie C.

    We love Sully, the most adorable monster we’ve ever met.

  69. Jessie C.


  70. Jessie C.


  71. Jessie C.


  72. Stephanie

    I really like the maintenance workers at the scare factory, Needleman and Smitty. Their voices are just so funny!

  73. Andie

    I love boo! She is so adorable and make the monsters melt with her cuteness!

  74. Tiffany

    I love Boo! She makes me smile every time!

  75. Tina M

    We love Boo. she is cute

  76. Casey

    I love Sully because he’s really just a big teddy bear!

  77. June

    I LIKE MIKE! We al do.

  78. Jocelyn

    I love Boo because she’s so cute and looks like my daughter 🙂

  79. Nick

    We like Mike because he’s so funny.

  80. Jessica To

    My son likes Mike because he is green!

  81. Katie

    Oh goodness! I loved Monsters, Inc. I love Sully, and Boo, and Roz. I definitely want to see this one.

  82. HollyT

    Boo! She’s so stinkin’ cute!

  83. Lauren H.

    I love Sully and Mike! We would love to see Monsters U!

  84. Katie L

    Definitely Sully. So cute and cuddly!

  85. Cindy

    It’s hard to pick because I like several of them but I guess I like Roz the best because she is just so darn funny.

  86. Claudia Boress

    We are huge fans of Sully! He was so funny in the first Monsters,inc.

  87. Erin

    Sully! He is my kids’ favorite!

  88. KatieS

    Gotta love Sully!

  89. Vicki

    Mike – becuase I love Billy Crystal. So funny!

  90. Michelle Stirling

    I love Sully because he looks to be a huge scary monster but he has the heart of gold and is just a big teddy bear

  91. sheila mariani

    This is going to be my 2 1/2 yr old’s first movie and I’m totally not sure who is more excited. Love Sully (but also have a special love for George b/c he just couldn’t catch a break in the first one!).

  92. Tabathia B

    I loved Boo from the original movie because she realized the monsters were nice

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  93. Lisa Brown

    I like Scott “Squishy” Squibbles, just adorable looking, with all those eyes 🙂
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  94. I love Roz, she totally cracks me up! She is how I want to be when I’m an old lady 🙂

  95. Mami2jcn

    Entry for 7/10. Thanks for the chance!

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  96. I like the green guy with the big eye. Is that Mike? It has been a while. I was hoping to watch the first one with our son at home to see if he wanted to see the new one in the theater. It would be our first movie with the kids.

  97. Bert

    My favorite Monster is Mike, I like his humor

  98. Megan Smith

    Definitely Boo!

  99. Christina

    Boo. If I had a kid I want one as cute as her. 🙂

  100. Neiddy

    My favorite is Boo! she reminds me my daughter when she was little

  101. Mami2jcn

    Entry for 7/11 Thanks for the chance!
    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  102. Natalie

    I was going to say Mike, but saw #14 Kim who liked the art club monster that coats himself with paint and throws himself on a canvas…and it made me laugh again. Thanks!

  103. Kristi

    It’s gotta be Scully. He’s just so sweet!

  104. Melanie Owens

    I love Sully. He’s so big and scary at the beginning of Monster’s Inc., but then turns into a big softy for Boo. I also think he learns the biggest lesson in the movie.

  105. Bert

    Mike is the best

  106. Suzanne

    Mike and Scully are my favorites 🙂

  107. lynn

    Mike is my favorite. My 3 year old can’t say his Mike’s full name correctly and it cracks me up every single time he tries.

  108. Marjorie

    I haven’t seen Monsters University yet, but Monsters Inc. is one of my favorites. I like Boo because she love “Kitty” so much and he loves her, but my favorite scene is when Sully thinks she is getting crushed and he keeps passing out (as horrible as it sounds, I laugh every time).

  109. Beth

    Mike is my favorite!

  110. Claudia

    I gotta say, my favorite character from Monsters University was Squishy. He was just plain funny and true at heart! Love that guy!

  111. jenny

    Boo!! Because both my baby girls look like her!!! My youngest was even chosen as her look alike in the monsters inc show at Disney World! 😉

  112. Jennifer

    Mike Wizawski!!

  113. Nikki

    I love Sully! Such a big hearted dude. Prettiest “kitty!” I’ve ever seen : )

  114. Maria

    I love Boo so much – she’s adorable!
    Thank you!

  115. Tiffany

    Boo is my favorite. She is a cutie!!!

  116. Laura Jacobson

    Oh we love Sully because he is so big and cute, and always makes us laugh! 🙂

  117. Laura Jacobson

    I tweeted today 7/11

  118. Mami2jcn

    Entry for 7/12 Thanks for the chance! mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  119. meredith

    I like sully since he’s such a fun monster!

  120. Livivua Chandler

    We love sully

  121. Livivua Chandler

    Shared on Pinterest–

  122. Neiddy

    Sulley fans here!

  123. Jes

    I love Boo, she is a cutie!

  124. Bert

    Mike Wazowski is my favorite

  125. CMH

    BOO! She calls Sully KITTY and I have a friend that we call KITTY because he has a mashed in face like Sully.

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