In case you missed it, here is my life for the past week in Instagram pictures…

Gracie started insisting that our entire family wear sunglasses whenever possible. Including at bedtime.


She also finally started wearing this polka dot bandana that I have been dying for her to wear, but she kept saying in this ridiculously deep voice, “IIIIIIIII saaaaaaidddd NOOOOOOOO!” while she wore it, so that made the bandana infinitely less cute.


We went to church on Sunday. The sermon touched my heart. I think my minister is getting better every week I hear him, if that’s possible.


We decided to change things up a bit out by the pool last week and we added the garden hose to our water rotation. BIG HIT. Hours of entertainment for everyone. Wait until we play in the sprinkler for the first time next week!


Chris turned 30, and I gave him the new Garmin golf GPS watch. He loved it so much that when we went to bed that night, as soon as the lights turned off, he lit his watch up and asked if I wanted to know how far our bed was from the nearest golf course. (About 400 yards, in case you were wondering…)


Gracie started dragging around this stool with her wherever she goes so that she can reach everything she isn’t supposed to have. Like scissors on the kitchen counter and my jewelry in my bathroom. Clever girl.


I let the kids pick out birthday balloons for Chris on his birthday. Bean chose Cars and Gracie picked Disney princesses. We delivered them to him at work and took him out to lunch. He said it was the best part of his birthday. I love that guy.


My mom was a little under the weather this week, so I took the kids up to see her and made her dinner while we were there. As I was cooking, Gracie was playing in the sink, as usual. But when I turned around, she had stripped herself down and crawled INSIDE the sink. Seriously. It took less than one minute. She’s a quick one.


Chris’s mom gave him a gift card for a new iPhone for his birthday because his has been shorting out lately. We took a family trip to the Apple store after dinner last night, and the kids were finally old enough to play with the iPads at the kids table. It is starting to feel weird not to have to corral them everywhere we go now. They are so easy on the go these days. Makes me feel useless and free. Very odd sensation.


I started reading my first Hemingway novel today. Somehow, I made it through high school and college without reading any of his work. I’m reading “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” and once you get used to the way they speak, it is a great storyline. I’m about halfway through it so far, and am really enjoying it.


I had jury duty today, and so I sat in the jury room from 8:00 until 11:30, and then they released everyone except one jury pool. Fun fact: I get called for jury duty every single year. I serve all the time, but Chris hasn’t ever served. So strange.


The one part of swimming that both my kids hate is the floating. They just don’t like floating, but anyone will tell you that floating is the most important thing children need to be able to do when they are around water. So, I make them float every time we are in the pool. Sometimes I float with them (I love to float!), sometimes I hold them while they float, sometimes I make them float on their own, sometimes I throw them in and make them pop back up and float. Lately, though, we’ve started playing floating games in the pool to make it more fun. We do “Swim, Float, Swim,” which is a game I made up that they love. They have to swim when I yell swim, and then when I yell “FLOAT!” they have to stop swimming and float really quickly. It’s kind of like red light/green light. They love it! We also do floating contests to see who can float the longest. Bean is getting really good at those, but today Gracie finally won!


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    I love that pink bandana! I wonder if anyone will let me put one on my son when he’s born…

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    I’ve been loving your fun summer pics! Can’t wait til my little guy (6 weeks old today) can participate in summer activities. Courtneymeis on Instagram

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    Your family is super fantastic! Love your summer fun! I too have a spirited child, only we haven’t figured out how to corral her without breaking the spirit.

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    I love your Instagram feed! Feel fre to check out mine chey_stark. My little Maree reminds me of Gracie. They are both spirited 🙂

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    Love your instagram too! Is it possible for Gracie to get even more cute??
    I’m mazzystar22 on IG btw! You favorited a photo of mine once and I felt all giddy lol. Must be how you feel around Pioneer Woman!

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  29. I get called for jury duty all the time too, even grand jury duty, but my husband is NEVER called.

  30. PJ

    Like Chris, I have NEVER been summoned for jury duty. I don’t even know what would be involved in it. My younger brothers get summoned every 2nd or 3rd year. My dad also never gets summoned but that’s because he’s a lawyer and exempt. And my Instagram is hughespj.

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    I’ve escaped jury duty every time. I tend to be a bit outspoken and they just send me on my way.

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