The Longest Week


I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.  I have been craaaaaan-key.  I am in the middle of the longest week ever.  I feel like tomorrow should be Thursday of NEXT week.  There hasn’t been anything going wrong, it’s just a lot of activity this week.  We are in the middle of vacation Bible school, which is going wonderfully.  Actually, it is going so well I am beginning to wonder what we have forgotten because it should not be this smooth (…although today we did have someone throw up in the hallway and a toilet overflow in one of the activity rooms).  I have to be at my church by 8:15 every morning, and our church happens to be on the other side of town, which means I am sitting in rush hour traffic at 7:30 every morning with two small, tired kids. That alone is exhausting.


The days of VBS go by quickly, but by the time they are over, both the kids and I are wiped out.  On Monday, we were able to go home and nap pretty much all afternoon, but every other day this week we have places to be.  It is all fun stuff, like seeing old friends, and some not so fun stuff, like watching my bestie pack up her house so she can move away on Friday (more on that later when I can talk about it without tearing up…).  All stuff that is worth the exhaustion.  But by the end of the day, the kids and I are just flat out tired.  And not a wee bit tired of each other, I might add.


I’m really tired of spending most of my day in a bathroom, too.  Gracie is potty trained now (hallelujah!), but she has also figured out that whenever she says, “I have to go potty,” we stop whatever we are doing and haul it to the potty, where it’s just the two of us and she has me all to herself.  At home, I have started stepping out into the hall and leaving her on the potty by herself to do her business and then going back in to help her finish up.  But when we are out, it is hard to avoid the bathroom stall show down.  Which means I am now spending my days squatted down on the nasty floor of every public restroom in greater Orlando, listening to Gracie talk about her “booeyful pincess panties,” and then after five minutes and just as my thighs begin to cramp up, she goes, “Oh!  Where pee pee go?  All done!”  Like, the pee just disappeared and she no longer has to go to the bathroom, even though we just spent half my life in that stall. Trust me.  It only SOUNDS cute.

To make my week seem even longer, Chris is working ALL WEEK LONG.  He is in technical and final dress rehearsals for a show that opens this weekend, which means he has been coming home for dinner, then leaving and going back to work until 11:00, 12:00, and even 1:00 in the morning.  I try really hard not to complain to him because I know how hard he is working and how much he would rather be home, but it is very hard to bite my tongue when I am covered in glitter from VBS and sticky stuff from the floor of whatever public restrooms I happen to have visited that day by the time he gets home.


I did break down this afternoon and tell him what a long week this has been and that the kids are driving me nuts.  Chris says the solution to my frustration is to simply stop going out for a while.  To just come home.  That’s always Chris’s default solution to most problems.  We just need to stay home more.  Homeboy is a homebody.  But in this case, I think he might be right.  I think we need some TV watching, popcorn eating, pool swimming days in our immediate future.

Also, some wine.

I see much wine in my immediate future.

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10 Thoughts to “The Longest Week”

  1. You’re one patient mama. maybe it’s pregnancy hormones but I have no patience or tolerance for anything anymore… you deserve some wine! have an extra glass for me.

  2. Catherine

    Wine is where it’s at after a long and hectic week! My husband is also a homebody and I can hear him saying the same thing. Hope y’all get some good relaxing in 🙂

  3. jennybird19

    Best wishes to you!

  4. Monique

    This week shall pass! Good luck with the final days of VBS, and I hope you have some restful days this weekend and next week. Good luck keeping your calm….

  5. Jenna

    You’re a saint. 😉 Good luck and enjoy those stay-at-home days in the future. I’m with Chris: that sounds fantastic!

  6. Ruth

    I don´t know how you find the energy to do all those things!! You are may hero.
    Sorry to hear that your bff is leaving 🙁
    And I have a question, how does Gracie go potty in public restrooms? She is not afraid of the “big” hole? How do you clean them? I am getting there with my daughter but I panic just thinking about it. hihi

  7. The crazy thing is – we totally do this to ourselves! We go nuts trying to volunteer and go the extra mile for our kids and bake extra cookies when it is a thousand degrees out!

    Can you day drink during VBS?

  8. I think Chris is right. It always works for us! Get lost in the Summertime!

  9. Wow! Those weeks are always crazy! Love VBS but…they are crazy busy! 🙂 My hubby would say the EXACT same thing…maybe its men! lol! I hope you get some relaxing time soon.

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