Summer Lips


I love summer fashion. Sundresses and sandals and tank tops, oh my! But one of the hardest parts of summer style is my make-up. My skin changes so much during the summer. I go from being pasty white to sort of tan to occasionally sunburned to full-on freckled. Not only is my skin like a chameleon’s, I also just don’t like having to wear a full face of make up during the summer. On a normal work day, I wear loose powder, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and lip stick or gloss. During the summer, that is just too much effort! I try to cut way back and normally only wear a little mascara and some lip gloss. But when you factor in that my skin has changed so much from all of the sun… well, let’s just say that finding my perfect summer look hasn’t always been easy. IMG_6527

Until now! ALMAY sent me four of their new Color + Careô Liquid Lip Balms, and I think they are perfect for summer! What I love about them is that no matter which shade you pick, they are light enough to match any skin tone. When I first saw the dark one, I thought that I would never be able to pull it off. But the liquid lip balm is so light and neutral, that it really only tints your lips a slightly darker shade instead of turning it a true color. This touch of color makes for the perfect summer lip, and looks great on pasty white, sort of tan, sometimes burned, and usually freckled skin, which means it would look great on anyone’s skin because I’m convinced I have one of the hardest skin tones to match in terms color.


The added bonus for the Almay Color + Careô Liquid Lip Balm is that it conditions the lips with 194% more moisture for softer lips over time. That added hydration is perfect for summer lips that can be shriveled and tender after a day in the sun. Nothing feels better than laying out by the pool all day, showering, throwing on a sundress and one of these new liquid lip balms and heading out for a fun summer date night. While I look great, my lips are actually being cared for because the gloss provides the comfort of a lip balm with the shine and style of a lip gloss. I really can’t recommend this enough–in any color! Your lips will feel luxurious and healthier after each wear. To celebrate the new Almay Color + Careô Liquid Lip Balm, Almay is sponsoring a $100 Visa gift card sweepstakes. To enter for a chance to win just leave a comment below telling me how you get YOUR favorite summer weekend look!


To learn more you can visit Almay’s website or Facebook page!



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199 Thoughts to “Summer Lips”

  1. Great giveaway!

    I get my favorite summer weekend look by wearing a sundress with a big floppy black hat (because I burn super easily!), bright nail polish, and some red lipstick for good measure.

  2. Mindy

    I love the easy going sun dress look but never have the guts to just put one on and go for it!

  3. I think I might have to try those lip glosses even if I don’t win the giveaway. My summer look, oh heck, it’s my all year round look, is au natural. It’s got to be a pretty special occasion for me to put make up on – and I sell Mary Kay. I’d much rather just take good care of my skin and have less breakouts.

  4. My summer look is capri’s and a t-shirt with Keens. Very relaxed and having fun.

  5. Kim

    My summer look sounds pretty much like yours. I try to get away with almost nothing most of the time, so when I do put on makeup it’s obviously an improvement! I’m going to try these glosses!

  6. Abigail

    Those look fun!

  7. Maggie W.

    Sundresses and sandals all the way – usually with a fun necklace!

  8. Kristin

    I would love these glosses; they go well with summer! To control the frizz, I use a flat iron on my hair on the weekends- too much work during the week, but works like a charm for the weekends!

  9. Whitney

    I don’t wear a lot of make-up but I might give these a try!

  10. Jessica

    For a summer date… I straighten my unruly hair and use foundation, powder and mascara. For just a summer weekend… all natural.

  11. Tiffany

    I love a sundress with flip flops. So easy and so cute!

  12. Taylor

    I can’t wait to find these in the store! They look small enough to carry in a clutch, too! I never have luck finding a lip gloss that works for me, so I look forward to trying this product.

  13. girlsmama

    Like you I am a minimalist in summer! I teach preschool including summer, so shorts and a school polo are my go to for summer! I ditch the full makeup for tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lip gloss. I also forgo the flat iron and hair dryer and let the curls go. 🙂

  14. Suzanne

    I’m a minimalist in the summer as well…I hate having makeup caked on. So I use powder foundation, eyeliner, mascara, gloss, and bronzer for color. I love the look of these liquid lip balms!

  15. Andrea Y

    I love my hi-low sundress with wedges. Its a neutral dress so I can accessorize to fit how casual/nice I want to look.

  16. Sommer

    I do light make-up, a fun sundress, and my turquoise gladiator sandals.

  17. Heidi

    I am going to have to try one of those. I agree on cutting back on makeup in the summer, but chap stick is just no fun. The lip balm plus mascara sounds like a great solution!

  18. Lindsay

    My favorite summer look is a spray tan that lets me fake the beautiful summer tan without the burn, freckles, or damage to my skin. 🙂

  19. I love a good sundress with flip flops and bronzer. Can’t be beat!

  20. Sara Baker

    I love the look of a casual sundress, but my go-to is a pair of super comfy shorts I picked up from Kohls and a tank top. With flipflops, of course!

  21. Maria

    My favorite summer look is a fresh pedicure and comfy flip-flops! And I never leave the house without lip gloss or balm! Thank you!

  22. BB cream, bronzer, and lip gloss are all I really wear in the summer. And I hear ya on the weird tendencies of a read head’s skin. I just turn into one giant freckle or a lobster….either one.

  23. Julie

    Just some tinted sunscreen and lip balm is my favorite in the summer!

  24. I love wearing a cute summer dress with a pair of cute wedge sandals. And lip gloss. =)

  25. Andie

    My summer time look usually changes every year but this year it’s typically jean shorts with a flowy shirt with cute sandals 🙂

  26. Kelly D

    I get my favorite summer weekend look by wearing light makeup such as mascara and lip gloss, a pretty blouse, dark jeans and bright jewelry.

  27. Suzanne

    As little as possible make up is used unless I am seeing anyone other than my family. 🙂

  28. Elena

    I like to wear a nice dress and curl my hair

  29. Lisa Brown

    My weekend look is the same casual look I do for the week: hair in a french twist, light smoky eye, and lipstick, jeans, a great t-shirt and wedges.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  30. Marissa

    My summer weekend look is all about sundresses. I live in dresses, especially in the summer. Pair that with some coral lip stick and light shadow and I am ready to go!

  31. Alicia CP

    BB creams are my fav! I wouldn’t bother with SPF if it wasn’t for the creamy light coverage. One stop face coverage!

  32. Lindsey C.

    I love wearing a simple dress and wedge sandals.

  33. Kate F.

    I wear shimmery eyeshadow, dark eyeliner and mascara, and lip gloss.

  34. Kelly P

    In the summer I definitely feel like less is more. I use a BB cream (with sunscreen! very important!), mascara and a lip gloss. Sometimes blush in a pinch. That’s it!

  35. Tracy B

    I agree with all of those who’ve said a summer dress and sandals or flip flops is the way to go! Easy makeup too – sunglasses hide our eyes anyway, right?!

  36. Nataly Carbonell

    I like to wear a cute tight bow for the hair

    and bright purple, pink or red lipstick on the lips.

    and soft creamy pink or beige eye shadow

  37. Sheila

    Shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops. Very low key!

  38. Arielle

    Heels, Heels, and more Heels!!!! I love wearing strappy sandals, and wedges.

  39. Laurie

    A super cute sundress and flip flops! and most important SPF!

  40. Nicole T.

    In the summer it’s def less, just some powder and flip flops!

  41. I use a mix of primer and moisturizer as a base, light concealer under my eyes (I have bags that I have NEVER been able to tame!), loose powder, eyebrow powder (my blonde brows don’t show up, especially after they lighten in the sun), and mascara… sounds like a lot when I type it out, but it’s NOTHING compared to my “normal” routine. I have it down to less than 90 seconds, including curling my lashes.

  42. Mami2jcn

    During the week I wear my hair in a pony but on the weekend I wear my hair down in waves. I keep it casual with just lipstick.

  43. Mami2jcn


  44. Jenna

    Less is better, for sure! I think it’s the rebel in me going against all the structure of the school year. A headband, some cc cream, and some good lip gloss. This looks like fun!

  45. OK Sarah

    Mascara and lip gloss when I don’t feel like wearing much makeup

  46. Amy VH

    My favorite umber look is a maxi dress with flip flops. I usually just wear mascara and lip gloss.

  47. Nikki

    My summer look is sundresses, and my hair up ALL of the time because its a million degrees in Texas. Need to head to Pinterest for some hair ideas that are better than just a messy bun!

  48. Stefania

    My summer look doesn’t change too much, except I try not to blow dry my hair.

  49. Deana

    I’ve been dying to try these. I work at a camp and usually only do lip gloss and mascara for fancy occasions.

  50. Louise

    Sundresses of course!

  51. I’ve been having such a hard time finding that perfect lip gloss lately… I’ll have to try these next! My summer look is pretty much just some light eye shadow and mascara. Sometimes I brush on a bit of bronzer if I’m looking particularly pregnant and tired. 🙂

  52. Elizabeth W

    I am just a mascara and lipgloss kind of girl when I have a tan.

  53. Lisa

    I switch foundations to a more light weight formula. My eye makeup gets simplified too. Lots of mascara with just a touch of shimmer shadow!

  54. Cindy

    My summer look is just some powder, eyeliner, and mascara, maybe some lip gloss– I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup either, especially when its hot and humid outside.

  55. Amy S.

    I go for tinted moisturizer and lip gloss. Maybe a little bonzer. I’m pretty simple all year, but especially in the humid hot Alabama summers.

  56. emily

    These days, it’s shower, blow dry (but no curling) and then foundation, blush, and that’s it.

  57. BeccaK

    In the summer, I shower and put on BB cream and a touch of eye makeup, but that’s it – and if I’m somewhere hot or humid on vacation, I even skip most of the eye makeup and just do some mascara and call it a day. And chapstick, too. Always chapstick.

  58. Laurie

    I love having enough color from the sun to not have to wear too much makeup. And i am a lipgloss fanatic so this is a great giveaway!

  59. Milisa

    I adore lip gloss!

  60. jamie

    i usually just use mascara and eyeshadow year round! on ocassion i use revision intellashade which is a FABULOUS moisurizer with tint that matches any skin tone. i’m looking for a little color for my lips, so i’ll be looking at the almay lip color you’ve suggested!

  61. Amy

    I love sundresses and flip flops in the summer. And lip gloss of course!

  62. I don’t really have a summer weekend look. Maybe actually putting anything on my face at all. I usually only wear eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. I would love to try these lip balms though!

  63. Annie Folendore

    My favorite summer look is easy-peasy! My face gets so freckled in the summer that my normal foundation doesn’t really work. I love a loose powder and some eyeliner/mascara and a pretty lip balm is a must!

  64. I can NEVER find a lip gloss for lip stick that looks good on my thin lips. Thanks for the post, i’m going to check these out!

  65. My summer look definitely involves lots of flip flops and pony tails to keep my long hair off my neck in the heat. Super casual is generally my go to look anyway, it’s just more “in-style” in the summer! 😉

  66. Nicole Larsen

    I blow dry and flat iron my hair and put on makeup!

  67. It’s HARD for me to get my summer look these days!
    I’m 6 months pregnant and I have decided the few shorts i still fit in, just don’t look right on me pregnant (much too short.) I’ve ventured into sundresses for the first time and tank tops, and bright colored lipgloss and eyeshadow (usually I bleach my hair and dye it bright colors, but being pregnant Ihad to work my bright colors in another way)

  68. Mary

    Summer look is tshirt, shorts, mascara and ALWAYS lipgloss. I cant survive without something on my lips 🙂 I love Almay products so I am sure this is a winner too!

  69. Cynthia C

    For summer I like a lightweight foundation with SPF, mascara, blush and lipgloss.

  70. For weekends, I like ripped jeans, loose tees, and a messy bun- simple stuff!

    chambanachik (at) gmail (dot) com

  71. Sandy

    If I have somewhat of a tan…no makeup!

  72. I tend to wear the same thing no matter what day of the week, but on the weekends I definitely put on a pair of cute sandals.

  73. Kristi

    I love those colors! Thanks for the chance to win

  74. Kelly Smith

    My favorite summer look is a fresh pedi with a cute pair of sandals and denim capris!

  75. Rosie

    My fav weekend summer look is to add color! bright and gay! I love coral blush and lipstick, eyeshadow, too. Add bright strappy sandals and a swishy skirt and ready for fun and laughter under the summer sun and the twinkling stars!

  76. I like summer because my freckles come out and I feel like I don’t need any foundation!

  77. Jennifer B

    My favorite weekend look consists of a perfect fitting pair of dark jeans that can be dressed up or down depending on plans

  78. Margaret Smith

    I usually wear natural looking makeup and jeans and a blouse or shirt. Thanks so much.

  79. Kiara

    My perfect weekend look is a messy bun and a t shirt and jeans.

  80. Courtney

    I tend to only wear eye liner and some powder because it’s so oppressively hot in Florida. Also, there’s a coupon on for this lip balm 🙂

  81. Susan Smith

    My favorite Summer look is shorts, flip flops, mascara and lip gloss.

  82. Jessie C.

    My favorite weekend look – fitted white tshirt with dark wash jeans, tinted moisturizer with nude lip gloss.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  83. Jessie C.


  84. Lorena Keech

    Lighter makeup, clear gloss and always mascara.

  85. Dee

    I get my weekend look by semi airdrying my hair then blow drying it, slipping into a cute and fitted pair of jeans, a loose colorful top, and then dabbed on mascara, lipgloss, and using my Almay CC cream (which is tinted a little bit and has moisturizer and sunscreen which is so awesome). 🙂

  86. Anastasia

    I get my favorite weekend look by throwing on a bit of mascara (black, unless I’m lucky enough to have some blue or pink around), scrunch up my hair into bouncy curls and climb into some comfy jeans and a nerdy t-shirt 🙂

  87. Sarah H

    Back when I use to spend summers outside by the pool teaching lessons I loved to come home and scurnch my haiir, put on moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss. No heavy makeup for summer! These sound great!

  88. kim h

    My hair is usually in a braid on the weekends and I dress in casual clothing with light makeup

  89. Tamar

    I do whatever I feel good in that’s comfortable.

  90. Jessica To

    I like comfy jeans and a summer top with light make-up!

  91. Deborah Anderson

    Summer weekends are usually hectic, so I keep it basic – mascara, blush, & lip gloss.

  92. I’m a stay at home mom so I put on jeans

  93. cw

    My favorite summer weekend look is a maxi dress, sandals, and my hair up with a little lip shimmer.

  94. steph

    skinny jeans and a white t!

  95. Oh my…these colors are gorgeous. I love that they are good for my lips too. I get my favorite summer weekend look by tiding my hair up, put on my favorite eye shadow and comfy outfit. Can’t wait to add these Almay Liquid Lip Palm to my favorites! 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  96. jen gersch

    i throw on jeans and some pink gloss

  97. Kerry

    My favorite summer look is a maxi dress with flip flops.

  98. Madeline

    For my weekend look, I blow dry my hair straight and put it in a ponytail, apply some light makeup, then put on a cute shirt and shorts and my favorite sandals.

  99. Anna Pry

    my favorite weekend look is my pj’s with a cup of coffee in my hand

  100. Janice Cooper

    My favorite summer look is my black capri’s and nice shirt with sandals.

  101. Betty C

    My favorite weekend look is jeans, a plain tee and my favorite Reeboks.

  102. LAMusing

    Yoga pants, a cute tee, lip gloss, a touch of blush and a bold piece of jewelry.

  103. Norma

    The only make-up I wear on weekends is lipstick or lip gloss. I usually wear nice jeans and comfortable flats.

  104. Becky Horn

    My weekend look is a good tshirt and a pair of jeans, comfy and easy.

  105. tara pittman

    i like shorts and a tank top

  106. D SCHMIDT

    I am a stay at home Mum but very short on time weekdays so I get my weekend look by having a Husband at home on those days so I cab actually put on make up 🙂

  107. jennifer horn

    My favorite is a little mascara, blush and curly hair.

  108. Allison Downes

    Wearing a sundress, as well as a natural makeup look and my hair up or in a braid

    Thank you for the chance to win!


  109. Lisa V.

    My weekend look is mostly casual because I do a lot of outdoor things. I may throw my hair up in a pony tail or throw on a baseball cap and add put on some liner and mascara.

  110. Wanda McHenry

    I get my favorite summer weekend look by taking extra care styling my hair and wearing makeup and sporting my nice casual outfits.

  111. ky2here

    very minimal. Shower, moisturize, leave-in conditioner and out the door.

  112. I love to wear colorful clothes and simple makeup on the weekend.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  113. Jammie

    My summer weekend look is simple, a little eye liner and lipstick and I am good to go. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  114. Allison

    A sundress, sandals, mascara, blush, and some chapstick. 🙂

  115. Shauntea Crutcher

    A sundress and sandals. Total comfort.

  116. Erica Best

    light makeup and lips gloss

  117. Bruce

    Nothing special – jeans and a t-shirt

  118. ashley c.

    my weekend look is shorts and tshirts! Its the one day during the week that I don’t have to dress up! But I always wear mascara!

  119. gina

    A comfortable dress and cute make up

  120. Michelle Hudak

    My weekend look has to be fast and easy: just a bit of concealer, mascara and always moisturizer with SPF. I usually go with a light lipstick and a hint of gloss. I try not to blow dry or curl my hair…just let it dry on its own on weekends to give it and me a break.

  121. meredith

    My fav weekend look is my jeans and cute tank with my comfy flip flops

  122. Daniel M

    my weekends are relaxed and casual

  123. Brittney House

    I love a relaxed weekend look. I like a dress, leggings and sandals.
    Brittney House

  124. Bonnie Caselman

    I get MY favorite summer weekend look by laying out in the sun & getting a tan. I know that’s not the healthiest thing to do but I do love a tan.

  125. I concentrate on my eyes and use a nice smokey shadow.

  126. crystal smith

    I get my favorite weekend look during the summer by keeping my hair and make up simple- hair down and a little bronzer and lip gloss (anything more melts off and my hair will go flat in the humidity anyways lol)

  127. mariem

    i like a natural face…

  128. Ellie W

    Well just putting real clothes on and make-up is a change for me on weekends. During the week I am usually wearing lounge pants/pj’s and a t-shirt around the house.

  129. tina reynolds

    My favorite weekend is a little makeup lip gloss, jeans, tee and my justin boots. I also try and run the straightener through my frizzy hair.

  130. tiffany lane

    Fresh face and lip gloss

  131. CharityS

    With lipstick, eyeliner, and foundation.

  132. Erica C.

    On the weekends, I just spend extra time to wear my hair down (instead of in a pony) and wear mascara.

  133. What i usually do is on saturday night i pick out what im going to wear to church. I try to be bright because it makes me feel perkier.

  134. I opt for comfy and clean which is basic and easy and effective star95011atyahoodotcom

  135. bethanny

    My weekend look involves lipgloss, bronzer, lashes, and heels!

  136. Michelle Tucker

    Sometimes on the weekend when we go out on the town, I like a nice flowy dress and sandals.
    Michelle Tucker
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  137. Michelle Tucker

    Michelle Tucker
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  138. Ann

    I love bright pink toes and a swirly skirt!

  139. tracey byram

    My weekend look is casual but with full makeup and hair styled.

  140. kathy pease

    On the weekends I like to be casual and comfortable with going light on the makeup..I like to give my skin a few days to breathe 🙂

  141. Lee

    Wearing lipstick and earrings definitely makes my weekend look a bit more feminine.


  142. Sandra Travis

    My weekend look is hair pulled up, doing yardwork, going to the pool, relaxing w/the fam.

  143. susan smoaks

    I achieve my favorite weekend look by wearing some mascara, eye liner and lip gloss. I like to look hot but natural!

  144. My fav summer look is my olive green capri cargos with my chocolate brown vneck tee and my brown Birkenstock sandals. Easy peasy breezy! LOL

  145. Tabathia B

    My favorite weekend look includes black mascara, eyeliner, tinted lipgloss, bootcut jeans, wedges and summer blouse

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  146. Sarah Klare

    I’m obsessed with lip gloss! These will be my next to try

  147. Amanda Sakovitz

    I get my weekend look my straightening my hair and darkening my makeup a little

    pokergrl8 at

  148. Christine

    My weekend look is sunscreen, citrus-smelling lotion, and a sunhat! Would love to add the lip balm.

  149. Mihaela D.

    my favorite weekend look is my fav pair of jeans and a tShirt

  150. Mari

    I use argan oil on my damp hair and on my face, too. Use coconut oil on my skin also.

  151. thischickwins

    i get my favorite look with colorful eyeliner and graphic tees

  152. Starr Greenwell

    I get my favorite summer look by using a really good mascara, foundation, great lip gloss and a favorite outfit.

  153. Thomas Murphy

    I get a fresh haircut and some new clothes.

  154. Brenda Elsner

    The weekends are my down time and spend with the family. I dress pretty casual and throw my hair in a ponytail.

  155. Sand

    My favorite weekend look is casual, comfortable clothing that still looks nice.

  156. maria cantu

    I put on a bright colored sundress and sunscreen.

  157. kolpin

    my summer look are flip flops in a variety of colors and a flowing wrinkle-free maxi dress

  158. Sarah L

    My favorite weekend look is sunscreen and a hat.
    Thanks for the contest.

  159. Karina Lee

    i like to wear dramatic eyeliner

  160. Francine Anchondo

    wear my hair down with some eye shadow and mascara and lip gloss

  161. Shea Balentine

    Casual look for weekends… still use concealer and mascara tho =)

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