Similar, But Very Different

This past weekend, Bean was helping Chris build a corn hole set in our backyard.  They had power tools and wood and they were all set to “man out” for a while.  Halfway through their venture, Chris accidentally cut himself on something.  He was bleeding a little bit, and he asked Bean to run inside and get the box of Bandaids he kept under the sink in our bathroom.

Bandaids are a hot commodity around our house.  We have several varieties for whatever mood you might be in.  Feeling like you’re running 90 miles an hour?  Try a Lightning McQueen Bandaid.  Feeling a little silly and whimsical?  Try a Disney Fairies Bandaid.  Feeling like you have to scale some massive buildings later?  Try a Spiderman Bandaid.  Feeling like no one understands you?  Try a minion Bandaid from Despicable Me.  We’ve got ’em all.

Chris, though, keeps his own box of plain Jane nude colored Bandaids under our sink in our bathroom.  He works with his hands a lot and is forever getting little nicks and scrapes, so Bandaids are just part of his life.  We all know where his Bandaids are, and, more importantly, we know that we are not allowed to touch them.  They are Daddy’s, which makes them holy.


For Chris to ask Bean to go get the holy Bandaids in the blue box…  well, that was almost as awesome as using the power tools.

So, Bean runs inside and grabs the blue box and comes running back outside.

“Here, Dad,” he says in his most serious voice.  He was, after all, on a holy mission.

And he hands Chris the blue box from under our bathroom sink.

Of tampons.

“Uhh… This is the wrong box, Buddy.  Can you take these to mom and get me the other blue box?”

“Oh, yeah, sure!”

And that, my friends, is what this new website is like.  Tampons and Bandaids.  It is very similar to the last website.  It has the same posts, the same comments, the same categories, the same information.  But it is very different.  It looks different.  (All hail my sweet Christopher!)  That little blue bar at the top of the page now lists the top categories for my blog.  So, if you’re looking for that post I wrote awhile ago about parenting that you just can’t find, you can click on “The Romper Room” in the blue bar and it will bring up all my parenting posts.  My favorite category is up there, too.  The “Bloom” category includes all my posts on blooming where you are planted.  Those are some of my most popular posts.


We have done away with the separate pages for this blog.  No more separate posts for Marriage Confessions, the Romper Room, and the (nonexistent) Man Cave.  It was too much for me to keep up with two different blogs, so now we are down to just this one.  You’ll know which is my most recent post because it will be at the top of the homepage.

And speaking of the homepage, I love it!  I am able to highlight pictures or quotes or videos or anything, really, from my posts on to my homepage.  I really love that.  It means my homepage will change every day, and I am so excited about that.  I also love that my Instagram pictures are shown on the toolbar on the right.  So, if you don’t follow along on Instagram, you can still see my everyday pictures right here on the blog.  Just click any of those images for the caption and to read the comments.

Another new addition to the new site is my Welcome page in the header menu. You should check it out, especially if you’re new around these parts. It tells why I have this website, how it started, and what I believe about marriage and family. It’s become my new mission statement for this blog, and I’m really proud of that.

Lastly, you’ll notice there are more social media buttons on this site.  You can share posts to Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest right from the posts.  So, share away!  You can also now comment on people’s comments, which will hopefully create a more homey community around here because you’ll be able to talk to each other.  Just be sure you’re playing nice in the sandbox, friends…

So you can see how this website is a lot like Bandaids and tampons, right?  The whole similar but different thing?  Same blue box but very different functions?

Anyone following that analogy?



Whether you get it or not, I hope you enjoy this new streamlined, downsized blog.  It was time for me to scale back a bit, and I’m so glad I was able to do that while still offering some new things here.  A big, ol’ fat thank you to my sweet husband who taught himself all kinds of weird computer things to make this site work.  He’s a keeper.


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24 Thoughts to “Similar, But Very Different”

  1. Sarah H.

    Love it! And it seems much nicer/easier to read on my phone so that’s awesome!!

    1. Martha

      It is a LOT easier to read on my phone. Thanks Chris!

    2. Erin R.

      Yes this is a lot easier to read on my phone!! Thanks Chris 🙂

    3. Erica

      Yes! So much easier to read on my phone! It’s fantastic.

  2. Katie

    Fantastic!! I love the new look.

  3. I love it – very streamlined and I love that you kept the bows. As I read this post, though, my overriding thought was, “There are minion bandaids??? Must find!!” 🙂

    1. You have a photo in the corner! I want one. How does that work?

  4. I love the new look too and only having 1 blog to keep up with is great.

  5. I love the social media aspects, the bloom section (it’s my favorite), the interactive commenting, and the instagram posts on your homepage. It’s amazing how much you’ve grown up right along with your website! I love how it looks on my IPad too. I’m so excited that I might even blog!

  6. Congratulations on you new website! I am always very impressed on how handy Chris is…around the house, with power tools, he cooks and he knows computer code too? wow! he is a keeper. I will keep coming back to read you! my favorite blogger. I am so very happy to see that you are keeping this blog for now (things can always change). I also wanted to tell you that since my son is a little bit younger than Bean I go through your past postings to look for ideas, advice, etc. For example, the ball pit that you showed years ago, we did it for our son and he loved it for some time until he got to walk and didn’t want to be there anymore. Thank you so much for being so honest and sharing your ideas with us…

  7. Ginna

    I love it, it looks incredible! Great design and layout, and I think the shift to the categories at the top is fantastic – it seems to be a better reflection of the diversity of topics you write about. You both did an amazing job!

  8. Love the new look! I got way too excited when I logged onto Blog lovin today and saw it had launched.

    Oh and I totally get the analogy =)

  9. Bec

    Why do kids think tampons are bandaids?!
    A couple of weeks ago in Walmart, I was going down the tampon isle and my 2 1/2 yr old kept yelling, “Momma, bandaids!” And kept saying it and saying it until I finally agreed with him. There was another lady shopping for the same thing who of course thought it was hilarious.

  10. Susan R

    Love the new look!!!

  11. It looks great! Well done Chris 🙂

  12. P.S Why have I never heard the story of your prom date hitting Chris with a car?! Have you blogged about it?

  13. I love it! It looks great.
    And I love the keyboard you guys have. Any computer savvy people like y’all need a fancy keyboard 😀

  14. Nice job! I love that you can reply to other people’s comments too!

  15. LIssa

    AMAZING….so impressed with the upgrade. You did kind of miss the perfect photo: tampons shown side by side with the the manly bandaids. Male/Female 🙂

  16. LOVE the new site… So much easier to read onu phone… Which is where I read most blogs from these days!! Good job Chris and Katie!!

  17. Becky

    LOVE it…feels more relaxed too.

  18. catK

    cool new look!! I usually catch up on your blog through RSS readers (feedly), and I realized that I had to re-add you after the webpage change. Your posts weren’t coming through :'( …good thing I follow you on twitter to so I could see that you had new posts! but now all is good, i can keep reading without missing a post!

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