First Day of School, 2013

Today was the first day of pre-planning for me, and the first day back at daycare for the kids.  I worried for weeks about dropping them off.  I was sure there would be tears and pleas to not leave them.  But when I dropped them off today, both of them kissed me goodbye and walked into their classrooms without ever looking back.  Not one tear was shed.



So, then I cried out, “DOESN’T ANYONE LOVE ME ANYMORE?!?!?”


And then the daycare receptionist told me I should step outside so that I didn’t embarrass my children.


To optimize our chances of back to school success (or heartbreak, if you ask me…), we prepped the kids by talking a lot about school in the past two weeks.  They were really excited because we had been talking about seeing their friends again and telling their teachers about their summer adventures.  They were also really excited because we bought their nap mats (we call them nap rolls in this neck of the woods) a few weeks ago, but I had put them up so they would be special for the first day.  They were so excited to take them to school this morning.

But what they were the most excited about were their shirts…


These little gems were sent to me by a blog reader named Jenn. Jenn owns a little shop called, “Sew Obsessed With Monograms.” Which is funny because I am “Sew Obsessed With Jenn!” I love these little shirts! When she sent them to me as back to school presents for the kids, I instantly created my own Christmas shopping list from her shop. I have so many plans for monogrammed goodness!


In celebration of the back to school season, Jenn is sponsoring an awesome give away to MC readers this week. Leave a comment below telling me which of Jenn’s products you love the most from her Facebook page, and be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to her shop! While you’re on her Facebook page, don’t forget to “like” it so that you get updates from her all throughout the year.


Thanks, Jenn, for making our first day back at school such a fun, successful event for the kids! Their teachers LOVED their shirts, and the kids showed them off so proudly to their friends. I think they are ready to officially start the school year again!

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