First Day of School, 2013

Today was the first day of pre-planning for me, and the first day back at daycare for the kids.  I worried for weeks about dropping them off.  I was sure there would be tears and pleas to not leave them.  But when I dropped them off today, both of them kissed me goodbye and walked into their classrooms without ever looking back.  Not one tear was shed.



So, then I cried out, “DOESN’T ANYONE LOVE ME ANYMORE?!?!?”


And then the daycare receptionist told me I should step outside so that I didn’t embarrass my children.


To optimize our chances of back to school success (or heartbreak, if you ask me…), we prepped the kids by talking a lot about school in the past two weeks.  They were really excited because we had been talking about seeing their friends again and telling their teachers about their summer adventures.  They were also really excited because we bought their nap mats (we call them nap rolls in this neck of the woods) a few weeks ago, but I had put them up so they would be special for the first day.  They were so excited to take them to school this morning.

But what they were the most excited about were their shirts…


These little gems were sent to me by a blog reader named Jenn. Jenn owns a little shop called, “Sew Obsessed With Monograms.” Which is funny because I am “Sew Obsessed With Jenn!” I love these little shirts! When she sent them to me as back to school presents for the kids, I instantly created my own Christmas shopping list from her shop. I have so many plans for monogrammed goodness!


In celebration of the back to school season, Jenn is sponsoring an awesome give away to MC readers this week. Leave a comment below telling me which of Jenn’s products you love the most from her Facebook page, and be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to her shop! While you’re on her Facebook page, don’t forget to “like” it so that you get updates from her all throughout the year.


Thanks, Jenn, for making our first day back at school such a fun, successful event for the kids! Their teachers LOVED their shirts, and the kids showed them off so proudly to their friends. I think they are ready to officially start the school year again!

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53 Thoughts to “First Day of School, 2013”

  1. I love the red plaid truck!

  2. Diane

    I love the turkeys! Though it was really hard to chose just one. 🙂

  3. She has some cool stuff! I can’t choose my favorite between her shower curtain or what I would use as a book bag (I only use purses that are large enough for a book.) They are both cute.

    Some ladies get ALL the sewing talent. Le-sigh.

  4. jenny

    the peace, love and first grade shirt is ADORABLE!!! LOVE it! 🙂

  5. So many things are adorable! But my favorite is the one with a gold and an orange awareness ribbon that Miss Creative will make for me for Childhood Cancer Awareness and Leukemia Awareness (both are the month of September) to support my daughter and all of her friends by raising awareness and funding for childhood cancer research.

  6. I’m probably a bit old to wear monogrammed clothes, so I guess I’ll give it to my new nephew instead 🙂

  7. I would LOVE a monogram pocket tee… I am monogramming anything and everything with my new, married monogram. Love her stuff!! See a lot of it being ordered in the future for my new stepson. 😉

  8. Tiffany

    I love the school LOVE shirt that she made for Gracie. My 2.5 yr old would look really cute in it as well. Hope I win!!! 🙂

  9. Gracie and Micheal grew like weeds this summer. I’m glad everyone had a great first day back. In Seminole county, it was the first day of school and I’ve seen first day back posts all over facebook. It seems so early to me!

  10. jamie

    {jumping up and down} i would totally pick a big {K} with {kinleigh} under it for my granddaughter

  11. I really like the matching family shirts she made with the whales. Although everything is really cute. My kids don’t have anything monogrammed yet!

  12. I love the Thomas the train shirt!

  13. Jenny E

    I love the turkey with the pilgrim hat monogram.

  14. Heidi

    I would love onesies with my girls’ name under their age. Cute idea! As a runner, though I loved the running shorts with monograms 🙂

  15. Michelle

    Oh these are adorable! I love chevron print ANYTHING so she’s my girl. Because we live at the beach, I’m parcel to the sand bucket and cute crab with the shovel. I mean, really? Could it be any more adorable??? 🙂 Thanks for sharing- a fan now for sure!

  16. Sandy

    Since the cutest things are for the wee ones, I would have to let my niece choose something for my great nephew…the cutest baby in the world!

  17. Tori S

    I love the running shorts!! The Peace Love 1 st grade shirt is also fabulous!

  18. Kim

    Oh my goodness, it is all so cute! I especially love the Fall and Christmas designs, and the big letters out of the zigzag fabric.

  19. Jamey Crocker

    I love the monagrammed tees or a football shirt for my 4 yr old. Roll Tide!

  20. Joanne

    I love the beach pail with the crab! so cute!

  21. Amy

    I love the monogrammed shirts and the blue/white shorts. Such cute things!

  22. heather

    Those are so adorable!

  23. alison

    So much cuteness!! I love the elephants.

  24. Emily Becnel

    I LOVE the monogrammed running shorts and the pocket tees….perfect weekend lounging outfit for a southern woman!

  25. Megan Bee

    I love the little pink hippo!! And the shirt that Gracie got 🙂

  26. Mindy

    I love everything! My favorite would be the truck in red plaid

  27. I love the t-shirts with the little pockets. So cute!!!

  28. I would love to get a t-shirt like Michael’s for my son Graham.

  29. Kristinia

    I love the monogramed running shorts!! I love anything momogramed.

  30. Suzanne

    I’m not usually a fan of monogrammed stuff but I think this is super cute! Especially with a baby girl on the way. I like the little t-shirts and the smocked dress.

  31. Elisabeth A.

    I love the christmas truck with the tree in the back.

  32. Katie

    I LOVE the turkey shirts but I would probably get something Christmas themed with a gift certificate as I order my kids Christmas shirts each year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Laurie

    Ok that peace and love t-shirt is ridiculously cute. It was hard to narrow down a favorite though as everything is adorable.

  34. C

    Awesome. New obsession while I wait for my lil one to arrive lol! I want monogrammed everything after Bump arrives & we know boy or girl lol. Kinda hard to monogram for the surprise gender lol

  35. Meredith

    I love the back to school and the turkeys. Too cute for words

  36. Melissa

    Love the Mickey Mouse! They would be perfect for my boys’ first trip to Disney in a couple of weeks.

  37. Paige Taddiken

    Anything holiday, of course!!

  38. Leah

    All of them are adorable. I’m torn between the disney (Mickey, Belle, etc) and the pumpkin with the polkadot/gingham pattern. So sweet for the kiddos.

    But how fun are those running shorts me!? 😉

  39. Adriane Long

    I love the Easter shirt appliques. It’s so hard to find cute little boy Easter stuff! She has so many cute ideas!

  40. Sam

    The monogrammed running shorts!! So cute.

  41. Katie

    I’m kind of obsessed with all thing monogrammed and I love those running shorts!

  42. Brittany Stubbs

    I love the turkey shirts and shoes with monogrammed pockets 🙂

  43. Nikki

    I just clicked to her page and immediately saw the adorable crab shirt. I buy anything crab for my son. He just fits that personality so well, because you know, he’s crabby. Even if I don’t win, I will be ordering from her!!

  44. Kate

    I love the ABC Truck for back to school! And the pink hippo for my littlest one. And really any of the holiday stuff is great! Love monogramming!!

  45. Cindy

    I love a lot of her stuff. My favorites are the Monogram tshirt with the blue and white chevron, the girl’s shirt with the big Monogram in the middle, and the thanksgiving and Christmas themed monogram pictures…. it’s hard to pick just one.

  46. Alyssa P

    I would love the T-Rex shirt for my son!

  47. There are so many awesome ones to choose from!!!! I love me anything monogramed and secretly wish I was crafty enough to do it myself. From Henn’s pictures I really like the shirts with the letters and then name embroidered over the letter. I also love the three little beach shirts. And i really like the shirt with the chevron patch that has a polka dot ‘m’ on it. I told you there were too many great ones to choose from! I’m sure your cute kiddos had a great day in their awesome shirts. That’s why it was so easy for them…they were wearing shirts with super powers. 😉

  48. Kristen Stabler

    It’s so hard to choose my favorite, but I love anything with chevron!

  49. I liked the pumpkins in the little wagon!

  50. Michelle M

    Those shirts are SO cute!! I love all the fall pumpkins…too cute to choose just one!! 🙂

  51. Erinn

    I love the little girls monogram initials. Does she do onesies? 🙂

  52. Courtney

    I love the simplicity of the monogrammed hand towels. I’d also love anything orange and blue. Go gators!

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