Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Our goal for this weekend was to not be sad. I think we pretty much nailed it.


My sister, John Michael, and Baby Tut Tut came down for the weekend to celebrate Tut Tut’s first birthday with family (his actual birthday is next weekend, but since we can’t be there with him, we celebrated here this weekend) and to honor my Dad’s memory by just being together. We spent Saturday at our house and had a little pre-birthday party party for Tut Tut. We spent the day soaking up the sun, and had a blast!





After a full day in the sun, we headed inside for birthday cake and presents for the Big Guy. Ginny has this super cute birthday party planned for Tillman on his actual birthday next weekend at their house, so this was just a pre-game party. It was so fun to see what a big guy he has become. He really is the happiest baby!




Mom got Tillman a birthday cake and a little smash cake. He LOVED it!









After cake, we hung around while Ginny put together Tut Tut’s present from Nana… a Cozy Cab! Poor Ginny spent almost an hour getting this thing put together, including using Chris’s power drill. She was pretty impressive to watch! And so we all sat around and stared at her while she worked, and then we played with the Cab when it was ready to go.




We had a few other adventures this weekend, and I’ll be sharing some individual stories throughout this week. We had a really nice weekend. We talked about my dad a bit, but mostly we just enjoyed being together as a family. We had a lot of celebrating to do, too. I’ve said it before, but I love how God blessed us with sweet Tillman only a few days after my dad’s passing. It was such a saving grace the actual week last year, but it will continue to be a comfort that brings so much joy every year during this difficult time.

God is good. All the time.

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6 Thoughts to “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy”

  1. jamie

    so proud. so happy. so full of joy for your beautiful weekend. a year ago and today i get lumpy in my throat at how significant tillman’s name is. how his birth brought such joy in the midst of great pain. and god knew all along…

  2. Kim B

    I loved this post. It gives me hope for the coming year. My mom passed away one week ago and I feel like things will never be the same. It was not a sudden passing, she had been sick for a while and we knew it was coming, however it did not make it any easier. Prayers for you as you continue to walk the journey of grief.

  3. So glad you all were able to be together this weekend, and that you were able to find the positive even while acknowledging the sadness. Though I’ve never dealt with a loss so severe, I hope when I do I remember the grace with which your family has handled yourselves. You’re truly inspiring.

  4. Wow happy birthday T-man! Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Keeping your family in my thoughts as you keep moving forward in joy.

  5. Thanks so much for this, Katie. Your posts about how your family has dealt with your father’s passing give me hope for our family. My father in law passed away on December 29 last year, so we are going through our first year without him. It has been difficult at times, but we try to remember him with smiles and great stories and keep things as positive as we can. You all give me hope that we will be able to get through the holidays and the anniversary of his death this year. <3

  6. Such a sweet post. Love seeing these pics! What a comfort!

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