Giveaway Winner and Bedtime

It was the first day of school for me today. I welcomed 120+ students into a new school year, and, let me tell you, that is some exhausting work! I am BEAT! And I wore super cute shoes, but I am not used to being in wedges again so my feet are swollen and blister-y tonight. A small price to pay, though. I needed the coral shoes to tie in my coral cardigan… duh!


Bean had his first day of preschool today, too. He was so excited to start. Chris and I both took him in this morning to get him set up in his new classroom with his new teacher, but he didn’t need either of us! He walked right in like he owned the joint! I think he is going to LOVE school this year!


After our big days, we came home and ate leftovers, too baths, and now we’re all heading straight to bed. We are exhausted from excitement and I know we will all sleep really well tonight. Contentment and happiness will do that to you, you know….

Before I sign off for the night and head to bed, I wanted to announce the winner of the “Sew Obsessed With Monograms” giveaway. The winner of the $50 gift certificate is… Comment #2: Diane! Congratulations, Diane! I’ll contact you via email to work out the logistics. And a special thank you to sweet Jenn at SOWM for sponsoring such a fun giveaway, and personally for providing my kids with their adorable back to school t-shirts! Thank you so much!!!


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One Thought to “Giveaway Winner and Bedtime”

  1. Katie,
    All the kids went back to school here locally today. I use to teach kindergarten. However, this year I am staying home to work out our business. This is the first day of school that I have not started with everyone else. Seems a bit odd really! But I say that to say I know what the first day of school is like for a teacher and even those first few weeks. Hang in there!
    And I have to say your first day of school outfit was way cute!

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