Christmas Card-ing Like a Boss

A few weeks ago, I ordered stationary for my kids from Minted.  I raved about it here.  I was so impressed with the quality of my order that I decided to order my Christmas cards from Minted this year, too!

Okay, that’s half of a fib.

I was totally impressed with my order, but what really sold me on Minted for my Christmas cards was that some of you mentioned you had ordered wedding invitations from them before AND THEY ADDRESSED YOUR INVITATIONS – FO’ FREE!  I have to tell you, that made me swoon a lil’ bit.  Worrying that it was too good to be true, I went back to Minted and did indeedy confirm that one of the services Minted offers is FREE address printing on your envelopes!  FOR FREE!

And did I mention that it’s free????  Sign me up!

minted 2

I spent this afternoon browsing through 35 pages of holiday and Christmas cards today trying to find the perfect one for our family.  Not surprisingly, I found eight perfect ones for our family, so Chris has to break the tie tonight when he gets home from work.  But I think this is the one I’m learning towards…

minted 4

As I was combing through page after page of beautiful, unique designs from this awesome global community of indie designers (think Etsy for paper products), I found another feature I loved about Minted. You know how when you’re working with personalization websites, you have to select your product, upload your photo, edit your photo, and then preview to see what it is going to look like? And what is more frustrating than going through that entire process only to find that you don’t like it after all. Well, Minted has solved this problem. They have this feature called “Find It Fast.” You turn that feature on and upload your photo only once. And then, the preview of each card on the pages already has your photo loaded instead of showing you sample cards with other families in them. Isn’t that such a good idea?!?! It made the process so much faster!


The last feature that I loved about ordering Christmas cards from Minted this year was that they offered this super cute holiday ornament card. It’s your holiday card, but printed small like an ornament and strung with luxe linen ribbon so that people can hang your ornament on their tree. Can we just all stop and agree to start sending ornament cards every year from now on? I want one of these on my tree from everyone I know!

minted 5

minuted 6

All of this is to say that I am now officially in the Christmas spirit, thanks to Minted. And this year, I am looking forward to having someone else get carpel tunnel as they address my obscene amount of holiday cards.

Sorry, Minted. You asked for it…


If you’re still not ready to go back to work or caring for your family or whatever it is you are procrastinating right now, head over to the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” website and check out my article, “The Peaks and Valleys of Parenting Siblings Close in Age.”  While you’re there, take a look around.  They have tons of helpful articles by normal parents just like me.  And we all know how normal I am…

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4 Thoughts to “Christmas Card-ing Like a Boss”

  1. Say what? How I have not heard about this before? Address my cards for me?? My almost carpal tunnel wrist thanks you. This is brilliant!

  2. Love the ordainment card! I will have to check that out! I have a perfect use for it!!

  3. I love the ornament option! My husband and I dont really celebrate Christmas (we dont put a tree up or send cards) with the exception of traveling to see my family and exchange gifts. But I think we might actually send out ornaments like this!

  4. Brittney Armacher

    I’ve been an imaginary friend of yours for a few years now and I am sad to say this is my first comment 🙁 I got hooked on Minted per your blog and am now anxiously awaiting my Christmas Cards! My husband and I had our first baby in August! I am looking forward to putting your family advice to good use this next year. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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