Wee Choir.

Bean joined the preschool choir at our new church. It’s called Wee Choir, and I am a wee bit obsessed with that name. It is just so darn cute that it makes me a wee bit giggly every time I say it. But you know what’s a wee bit cuter than the name? Hearing Bean say “Wee Choir.”

It’s so cute that it’s a wee-ligious experience.

Too far. I took it too far there.

Anyway, here is a wee-diculously cute video of Bean’s Wee Choir debut at a performance this past Sunday morning…

After the performance, Chris and I were fawning all over Bean, telling him how proud we were of him and what a great job he did. I said to him, “I loved that you smiled the whole time, buddy!”

And without missing a beat he said, “I smiled because I saw you there, Mommy.”

So, then my heart burst out of my chest and rainbows and sunshine filled the sky.

It was a moment I’ll wee-member forever.

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17 Thoughts to “Wee Choir.”

  1. jamie

    HAHA wee-member…

  2. Heather in ND

    OMG! Soooo cute! 🙂

  3. Kat K

    Oh my! That was just all kinds of adorable!!

  4. Bean did great, but what I really enjoyed was the guy eating the jingle bells… 😉

  5. Josie

    I totally love the kid front and center who was chomping on his jingle bell. This whole video was too cute!! Wee-diculous!

  6. I love how Bean is front and center and so engaged. He’s such a smart cookie! And adorable!

  7. Way to go, Bean! And hats off to whoever created the holiday set for their performance. The bow on that giant package is so perfect!

  8. Ariane

    What a sweetie! That’ll heal the wounds from the birthday comment 🙂

    1. Erica

      My thoughts exactly!

  9. Cindy

    He did an awesome job!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. My heart burst out of my chest and he’s not even my kid. We’ve got my daughter’s first “sing-a-long” at her school tomorrow and I’m beyond excited!

  11. Peggy

    Love it! Nothing better than listening to and watching “wee” ones sing in church. Brings back many memories!

  12. So sweet! Gahhh! I love little kids singing!!

  13. […] Christmas performances. First, he sang with his Wee Choir at our new church. (Watch the video here.) Before we left that morning for the service, I got a few pictures of the kids. And now I need […]

  14. Lindsay

    Oh my goodness, that is just too cute! 🙂 And his comment to you about him smiling, so sweet!!!

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