Camera Dump

I finally downloaded some pictures from my real camera to my computer tonight. First time in an entire month. I used to dump my pictures every night, but that was getting to be a little too time consuming since our computer runs at about the pace of a Macintosh circa 1985. Tonight, though, I poured myself a big mug of hot chocolate, put on my stretchy pants, and decided it was time. And boy was it worth the effort.

Here now, I present to you: THE ENTIRE MONTH OF DECEMBER, 2013…

We decorated for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving this year. It was our first year getting a real tree, and we will never go back! Our tree is so wonderfully blemished and natural. I just love it! Although, we did accidentally let it dry up and now it poops pine needles all over my presents every day. Rookie mistake.


This year, we added a few new ornaments from our tree. These were from Chris’s tree when he was growing up. Gracie loved the little one of Santa’s workshop because there was a tiny Santa hidden inside…


Also, this year I debuted my new terra cotta nativity. I found this at an after-Christmas sale last year at a little boutique in Mount Dora, FL (one of the world’s most quaint towns, by the way…). You put a little tea light in the back and the stars in the heavens light up. It is beautiful and petite and understated, and I just love it.


Right after Thanksgiving, we celebrated my 31st birthday. I still can’t believe I’m 30. But every morning, I find a new wrinkle or joint pain and then I believe it.


Next on my camera were pictures from when Gracie had an ear infection earlier this month. She thought ear drops were the funniest thing in the whole world! She laughed hysterically every time we put them in her ear! What a nut case!






A few weeks ago, Bean had back-to-back Christmas performances. First, he sang with his Wee Choir at our new church. (Watch the video here.) Before we left that morning for the service, I got a few pictures of the kids. And now I need about 500 picture frames to put them in.




(I think Gracie looks a lot like my dad in this one…)


A week later, we were gearing up for another festive event as Bean’s preschool had their annual Christmas pageant. We tried to get a few pictures before hand at the house, but my two turkeys would not cooperate…




Eventually, Gracie cooperated. That girls loves to strike a pose!



And I even got one really great one of Bean. Someone get me another frame!


That night at the concert, Bean and his best bud, Elle, gave us a glimpse into the future. Welcome to Prom, 2025…


The last pictures on my camera were from this weekend. This is the second year that I have had a baking day to make cookie boxes for my neighbors. I spent Saturday afternoon baking peanut butter blossoms, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate gooey butter cookies, chocolate peppermint cookies (which I call “melted snowmen cookies”), and making mint puppy chow.



I boxed them all up in these adorable little boxes that I found at Michael’s, and today the kids and I delivered them with Christmas cards to our neighbors. It is such a nice way to wish them a merry Christmas, and we spent a few minutes at each house catching up and talking about the holidays. What a great start to the Christmas week!


We have so many fun things coming up this week. The kids are so excited about Santa coming, and I can’t wait to see Michael in his first living nativity at our church on Christmas Eve. We will get to see all our family on both sides in the coming two weeks, and Chris and I are both really excited about that.

I hope you all keep checking in because I’ll be here all week, but if you’re heading out on the road in the next few days, then safe travels and happy holidays to all of you!

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3 Thoughts to “Camera Dump”

  1. Monique

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Katie! I have most of my December photos on my camera too, but I’m afrid they will have to wait until after Christmas……

  2. Casey

    Merry Christmas, Brown Family!

  3. Jenna

    I love all the pictures, but especially can’t get over the cuteness of Bean and Elle!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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