Don’t Bother Me. I’m Relaxing.

Ohhhhhhh, imaginary friends.  I cannot tell you how wonderful our Christmas vacation has been so far.  We have seen family and friends, eaten until we are about to pop, slept late and napped often, and I have read three books already!  Now, that’s what I call a vacation.

Right now, we are in our hometown of Pensacola, Florida, and have spent the past three days with Chris’s family.  It has been a really great visit, with the perfect amount of relaxation that staying with my fabulous mother-in-law always brings and excitement that visiting loved ones promises.  We’ve been bowling with the kids, out to eat with family, shopping for things we don’t need (Yankee Candle is having their semi-annual clearance sale!  Run!  Don’t walk!), and Chris and I even had a date night at the movies last night, which we never do.  We saw “American Hustle,” and it was fantastic.

photo 5

Bean and Gracie are having a blast.  They love visiting Grandmomma and her partner, Charles.  Charles plays catch with them longer than any normal adult should and Grandmomma has the perfect balance of healthy meals and devilish treats in her kitchen.  They have also loved seeing Chris’s dad, who is so great with the kids.  He is playful and approachable, without being overwhelming or loud, and the kids really respond to that.  Plus, he lets Bean win every game of tic-tac-toe, so there’s that.

photo 7

I am so excited to see my own family in a few days when we leave Pensacola and head to spend the second half of the week with my sister and her family at my mom’s house.  But I am almost just as excited to see my sweet friend, Sarah.  She and her family moved from Orlando back to our hometown this past summer, and I have missed her so.  Well, truth be told, I’ve missed her a lot, but I’ve missed her sweet Love Bug of a baby even more!  Sarah has been out of town the entire time we’ve been here, but she will get back to town just a few hours before we head out again.  We have a 2-3 hour window to hug, gossip, and kiss each other’s babies on Tuesday morning, and I can’t wait!

I hope you all had blessed, joyful, and momentous holidays, too, full of all the things that make you happy.  I can’t wait to show you all the pictures from my real camera, which I have suddenly figured out the secret to operating after almost five years of ownership… Come close and I will whisper it into your eyeballs as you read…

If you have small, wiggly children and all of your pictures tend to come out as blurred streaks, set your DSL to the SPORTS setting!  Duh!  It’s the setting made for wiggly children and athletes.  

You’re welcome.  

photo 6

I also can’t wait to tell you about my happiness plans for the New Year, which I have been contemplating for a week or so as I have read the book, “The Happiness Project.”  Some of you have asked about me hosting a virtual book study on this book, and that is definitely something I am looking into, so if you are looking for something to read, pick up a copy and join our virtual book study in January!

photo 8

For now, I’m off to start my next book, “The Art of Racing in the Rain.”  Has anyone read it?  It seems like everyone else has except me.  I’m still skeptical.  Isn’t it about a dog????

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17 Thoughts to “Don’t Bother Me. I’m Relaxing.”

  1. Pati

    You will LOVE the book. Its kind of about the dog but more. That’s all I’m going to say.

  2. I have read The Art of Racing in the Rain and The Happiness Project is on my list!!! The Art of Racing in the Rain is in the voice of the dog. It was a lot different than I thought it would be. Not one of my favorite books, but a very unique perspective! Enjoy 🙂

  3. Milisa

    The Art of racing in the rain is from a dog’s point of view, but it’s absolutely incredible and will break your heart! Have a box of tissue nearby at all times!

  4. Erin

    Get out your tissues for Art of Racing in the Rain. So good. I cried so much.

  5. Amber

    Art of racing is one of my all time favorites! I hope you love it. I heard they are making it into a movie with Patrick Dempsey. Enjoy!

  6. Bessiebelle

    I bought myself the Happiness Project as a Christmas present to myself so will be reading it in the New Year! A book study sounds a great idea. Enjoy the rest of your holiday 🙂

  7. Sarah

    The Art of Racing in the Rain is phenomenal. Bring tissues.

  8. Whitney

    Just be prepared to cry when you read The Art of Racing In The Rain… and you’ll never look at your dogs the same again. Loved it but it’s absolutely heartbreaking!

  9. MJS

    I loved “The Art of Racing.” What other books did you read? I’ve been reading YA books during Christmas break. “Wonder” was absolutely fantastic and now I’m enjoying “Eleanor and Park.”

  10. The Art of Racing In The Rain is one of the best books ever written, in my opinion. Part of the story is TOLD by the dog, but it’s about LIFE.
    I hope you will love it as much as I did!!!!!

  11. Wow, two different ends of the spectrum there. I read both and didn’t love either. Happiness project made me feel like a depressed, slacker ass. The auther/writing felt way too cheery. The Art of Racing in the Rain is fascinating, lovely and heart-wrenching, which is why I didn’t love it. So sad. Neither one made me happy after finishing but both were interesting to read. I hope you enjoy them! Then you need to find a light hearted lovely happy book to read.

  12. I am constantly intrigued by that book everytime I see it too! let us know how you like it

  13. I read the book years ago and loved it! You will too. I also recommend “A Dog’s Purpose” followed by the sequel “A Dog’s Journey.” So good! 🙂

  14. I’m in the minority, but I was so NOT a fan of THe Art of Racing in the Rain. I just hated it and I can’t even remember why.

  15. I am finishing up Happiness at Home, which I’m reading for the From Left to Write book club ( ). Loving it so far, and I think it would be right up your alley, so put it on your list!

  16. Oh, two of my favorite books! We had a great vacation in our hometown in Florida too – Happy New Year!

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