A New Take On Classroom Valentine’s

This year, I have done something a little different for Valentine’s Day.  You know how kids bring classroom Valentine’s to their schools, all addressed out to their classmates and friends?  I have always loved that.  Well, this year, my kids have something slightly different than those boxed cards from the store.


PERSONALIZED VALENTINE’S!!!!!! I am so stinking excited! Bean picked out these superhero ones…


And Gracie chose the pretty mermaid (who she believes with all her heart is Ariel, so go with that if she mentions it to you). I am secretly so glad she picked these because how cute is that tag line? “You MERMAID for me!” How original!


Where did I find these paper gems, you ask? Well, MINTED, of course! If you ever need creative, unique stationary of any kind, I am convinced that Minted has it.

minted 3

Right now, they are running a Valentine’s special with some of the cutest Valentine ideas. Did you not make the cut this year to send out holiday cards? Happens to the best of us. Why not send out Valentine’s to your family and friends instead? Isn’t that such a sweet idea?!?! I sort of want to forgo the holiday cards next year in lieu of these. Or even send these out, too! We don’t send enough Valentine’s through the mail in our house, and I just love them.

minted 2

For my kids, I ordered them each a classroom set of Valentine’s cards, which comes with 25 cards each. They also come with white envelopes. The cards themselves are small. They are the same size as the boxed ones from the store, only they are a little sturdier and personalized with their names on the bottoms.


I also ordered a set of Valentine stickers to put on each envelope. I think we might stick a lollipop on the envelopes with these.


I can’t wait to take these to school! It’s these small little things that make a difference. For my happiness project, one of my goals later in the year is to set traditions for my kids. I want them to have little things about each holiday that they look back on and say, “My mom did that for me and it was really special.” I think these little personalized Valentine’s cards might become just one of those tradition. Just a little something different that makes them feel special.

I know it seems last minute to order, but if you order soon, it’s not too late to personalize your Valentine’s Day, too! Visit Minted and take a look at their Valentine collection. I’m sure you’ll find something that makes you say, “Well, that just makes me happy!”

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2 Thoughts to “A New Take On Classroom Valentine’s”

  1. so sweet! they’ll feel so proud 🙂

  2. Hilary

    Our daughter’s school discourages candy for holidays and celebrations so in place of lollipops – me being the geeky teacher – we taped sparkly pencils for the girls and superhero pencils for the boys! Now I’m off to help her make a “100th day of school” t-shirt . . . 🙂

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