Lessons I Learned This Week

This week has been a doozey, imaginary friends.  I had a bad reaction to a medication I was put on and have been shaky, dizzy, and fatigued all week, for about 24-hours we thought we might have to put Lucy down, I was basically eaten alive by a parent at a conference this week, Bean had a terrible stomach bug and threw up for two days on every linen and car we own, work has suddenly imploded, Chris has missed work so much in the past two weeks that he may forget where is office is if he’s gone anymore, we got an unexpected $400 power bill, and I ate my last box of Girl Scout cookies.

It’s been rough.  But in the midst of all this chaos, I’ve tried to be a student of life.  Don’t you feel like that’s what we are?  We’re just students learning from everything around us.  Everything we go through can teach us something if we’re willing to learn.  And so, this week, I’ve learned a lot.  Feel free to stitch any of these on a pillow.

1.  Sometimes people blame you because there is no one else to blame, and that doesn’t mean it’s your fault.

2.  When something is wrong with your body, listen.  You know it better than any doctor.

3.  Having children makes any emergency 1,000 times scarier – their emergencies because you just can’t imagine and your emergencies because you are someone’s mother.


4.  Good husbands hold your purse when you’re shopping, your face when you’re kissing, and your hand when you’re hurting.


5.  Resting doesn’t always have to mean sleeping.  Sometimes it can mean laughing with people you love.

6.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed, sometimes the best thing you can do is give up.

7.  A good friend is there for you whether you want them to be or not.

8.  When your child says his stomach hurts, don’t bring them into your bed unless you lay down a towel first.


9.  When you teach, work IS personal.

10.  Prayer does.  Whatever it is you need, prayer does that.  Every time.  All the time.

11.  I’m pretty sure I could medal in Olympic bobsledding.

12.  My own mother has no faith in me as an Olympian.  And she said so on Facebook.

13.  There really is no place like home.

14.  A good family is there for you whether you want them to be or not.


15.  Our bodies are beautifully and wonderfully made, and sometimes the best thing we can do is let them take care of us.

16.  When you’re fed up, let it out.

17.  Bodies need cookies, man.

18.  If you can’t say something nice, then say something not nice in as nice of a way as possible.

19.  Leave the thermostat alone, and wear a sweater.

20.  Happiness is easiest during happy times, but sweetest during hard times.

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14 Thoughts to “Lessons I Learned This Week”

  1. HeatherM

    What a week! Praying things get better quickly!

  2. Hilary

    Totally feeling you on this. Something happens right before a mid-winter break, I swear. The last two weeks have involved a number of recent deaths – a family member, a student’s friend’s suicide, a student’s mother’s passing from cancer, and a good friend’s student athlete who also passed from cancer. I couldn’t handle any more death or sadness, especially when it’s associated with people who go too early. What have I learned? To remember that God is in control, no matter how overwhelmed we are. That He knows what to do, even though we don’t. That our every breath is a gift to be cherished, whether we recognize it or not. Hang in there. I try to remember that the enemy often hits the hardest at those who are doing the most good for the kingdom of God. If he can make you believe you can’t handle something or aren’t as competent at it as you thought, it means he is afraid of the good you are meant to accomplish. God bless! 2 Corinthians 12:10, Romans 5:3

  3. Meredith

    You’re awesome. Keep on keeping on. I hope things are in the up and up soon. Keeping you and you fam in my thoughts.

  4. Ruth

    what a week!! I hope the worst is over, you have earned some good times 🙂
    I had to laugh with your remark of put a towel in the bed. I will try to keep that in mind.
    Lots of hugs.

  5. I’m so sorry it’s been such a tough week!

  6. We got a $400 power bill too!!! I had a contractor come look at our central air and heat. He essentially told me to wear a sweater and use a blanket. What a week..ugh. One day at a time. I agree with the, “student of life attitude”.

  7. Stefania

    I’m not sure what the deal is cosmically or what but the last two weeks have been crazy for me too. My mom went into the hospital, my daughter and I were both sick with a cold, the water heater broke, my back is out, my husband fell on the ice and his arm is swollen… nuts! Feel better.

  8. Michelle

    #8 is very profound- and quite true!

    What a rough time you all have had lately!. I identify with the parent-teacher conference problem; having worked customer service for a company that provided an off-site service and said service losing the customer’s property frequently, I was unfortunately the one who had to take all the verbal abuse and blame. At first it really bothered me and then I realized that it wasn’t me personally- they just needed someone to blame and place their anger on and unfortunately, I was it. It allowed me to reflect on how we treat others who provide services to us every day and ever since, I have always tried to be as courteous as possible.

    I also had a bad case of vertigo hit me in December and I was scared to death because I’m a parent now and I have a little guy who relys on me.

    I think everyone is going through a bit of a shock over their energy bills this Winter! We had a really bad bill a few years ago and since then, we’ve made good use of the programmable thermostat and wear bundle up in sweaters frequently. It sucks, but it’s easier to do that then shell out that kind of money.

    I sure hope things start to turn around for you soon! Perhaps with Spring coming (eventually, right?), happier times will bloom as well. Hugs for you!

  9. Carla

    #8 Is SOOOOO true. I learned that lesson the hard way when my son was four years old. It is a leasson I have NEVER forgotten.

    Sending prayers your way in hopes that the upcoming weekend is a 180 degree turn around for you and your family.

    God Bless!

  10. Nikki

    # 18 speaks to me! I’m starting to master this, which is great! Learning to be more tactful. I’m so sorry you all have had it so rough. You are definitely due for some good times!!

  11. Our power bill was much higher than normal last month, too! I think it was just so darn cold. 🙁

  12. Love the list of things you’ve learned. 🙂 Praying that it’s a much better week for you and that you’re starting to feel better!

  13. Suzanne

    That’s a rough week! Hoping and praying it gets better for you! 🙂

    and I LOVE this “Prayer does. Whatever it is you need, prayer does that. Every time. All the time.” LOVE.

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