Busy Doing Nothing Important

I was going to sit down and write an apology for my sudden disappearance from the blog world.  I was going to explain how busy I have been and how much I have been doing.  But then, I realized… I haven’t been busy at all.  And I’ve loved every minute of it!


The past two weeks have been full of deliciously unimportant-important time spent with my kids and Chris.  Afternoons are low-key and slow-paced for once.  I’ve been leaving work on time instead of staying later, which means afternoons with my kids are longer and much more enjoyable.  Weekends have been just as relaxing.  Laundry gets done load at a time, in between movies and long bike rides and errands to places like bookstores and playgrounds, instead of grocery shopping and Home Depot trips.  (Though, there have been a fair amount of Home Depot runs lately as we renovate the kids’ bathroom… More on that later.)


We’ve had pizza nights with friends, trips to the park, movie nights, family renovations projects, tea parties, math night at preK, forts in the front yard, forts in the living room, forts in the kids’ rooms, baking adventures, and kindergarten paperwork.


March 1st brought about a whole new set of goals for my happiness project, too.  I have been waiting anxiously for this month’s goals!  Starting yesterday, I begin walking the dogs every single day, participating in some kind of physical activity every single day, and running three days a week.  I’m ready to get up and get moving!  So is Big Molly.  We’re getting ourselves ready for bathing suit season!

February goals were hit and miss.  Here’s what I decided:

Goal 1:  Drink a breakfast smoothie every day – This was the overwhelming winner of February’s goals.  I love making my frozen smoothie packs on Sundays and then throwing them in the blender on weekdays before school.  I have really felt a difference when I drink them, too.  I haven’t gotten sick or even felt crummy in a month now.  Well, except for that little stroke thing…  But the flu and a stomach virus has run through my school all month, and I didn’t cough once!

Goal #2:  Replace all snacks with vegetables – FAIL.  This didn’t happen.  Like, at all.  But, I did realize that I didn’t snack a lot in the first place.  I have one mid-morning snack while I’m teaching, but it’s a Koshi bar and I didn’t feel the need to replace that.  Plus, the whole idea of replacing my snack was so that I would eat more veggies, but I’ve made a conscious effort to add veggies in other places instead.  My smoothies have spinach, carrots, and other various veggies thrown in.  And our dinners have been fresh veggies lately as they begin to come into season here in Florida.  So, I didn’t really care that this one flopped.

Goal #3:  No sweets.  This one was a win/lose.  I learned that I need a little sweet in my life.  But I did try to be more aware of when I had sweets and how much I had.  So, a cookie or two after dinner?  No big deal.  An entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting?  Bigger deal.  Moderation was the key to cutting way back on the sweets.  And it was key to my happiness, too, which is the goal, after all.

So far, my year is going better.  I do feel happier, despite a little medical blimp on the radar.  I am still feeling incredibly tired.  Not sure what that’s coming from.  I have tried to diagnose myself medically, but I am finally starting to accept the fact that sometimes I get tired.  Sometimes my body needs to rest for no reason other than that it’s tired.  And so, I do.  I sleep a little later when Chris lets me.  I take naps when the kids nap on the weekends.  I lay around and read by book while the kids play.  And, miraculously, I feel rested!  Ha!  Who knew?!?!


Really, though, life has been pretty dull lately.  Not blog-worthy at all.  And, you know, I kind of like it that way.

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7 Thoughts to “Busy Doing Nothing Important”

  1. Good girl. I don’t know why we are so convinced that we are invincible, but sometimes we are forced to slow down. I am 99% certain that God does this so that come to the full realization that if we go down, thus will follow the entire ship.
    You are the most important person to take care of every day. To me it felt like being selfish, but it’s the exact same reason that they always tell you to put YOUR oxygen mask on first before you help anybody else. It makes logical sense.
    Take care of yourself, glad to see this post.

  2. HeatherM

    Glad to hear you are taking it easy! That is so important after everything you have been through this month. That little thing about persistent fatigue though- that is one of the known side effects of stroke. Make sure your doctors know about it. Most people think of after- effects of a stroke or TIA as those that involve speech, movement, cognition, etc. But there are a lot of other more mild after-effects of stroke and TIA like fatigue, mood changes, etc. Here’s a stroke recovery score card from the National Stroke Association to help you look for any other subtle after- effects you might be having: http://www.stroke.org/site/DocServer/card.pdf?docID=901 It is important to talk with your doctor about these. And here’s the National Stroke Association’s list of fantastic fact sheets in case you are looking to share these with family or friends: http://www.stroke.org/site/PageServer?pagename=factsheets (I work with these resources every day in my job, and I know a lot of people appreciate them, so I figured I would pass them on). Hope you continue to feel better and better!

  3. Trish D

    Sometimes you just have to do what your body is telling you! How is Lucy doing? A week or so ago you were talking about her…then nothing else.

  4. Melissa

    Ha! I love that it was a medical “blimp” instead of “blip.” Glad you’re doing better!

  5. Jenna

    Sounds fantastic … And inspiring that this is how life should really be!!

  6. Katie – did you get my email? I hope you’ll consider blogging about judgment free motherhood tomorrow (march 4th) for #moms4moms day. Here’s the info: http://ctworkingmoms.com/moms-for-moms-day/

    So glad you’re feeling better!

  7. kat

    Yay for happy. I find that the happier and less anxious I get the less I blog. LOL. Is that weird/bad??

    ps- Jon was always tired, like more tired than norm and ended up being a vitamin B (I think??) deficiency.

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