Happy Birthday, Gracie!

Happy third birthday to our sassy, spirited, spitfire, Gracie Girl!  What a gift you are in our lives, Gracie!  You fill each day with excitement and laughter and joy.  What more could a parent want in a child?

We love you so much, Sweet Pea!

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5 Thoughts to “Happy Birthday, Gracie!”

  1. Michelle

    Wow, those three years have sure flown by- Happy Birthday, Gracie!

  2. Happy birthday Gracie!! Thank you Katie for sharing your life with us and give us the opportunity to witness one of the most incredible things in the world…how children grow…

  3. I seriously cannot believe how far your family has come in the last 3 years. I feel like you and Chris are professional parents now in addition to being professional professionals (which is hard enough). I’m so proud of you guys which is crazy since you are imaginary internet peoples. You give me hope!

  4. Verity

    What do you use for your montage videos? I’m a computer novice and love all your birthday reviews!

    1. Katie

      I used the slideshow feature in iPhoto for this one. I’ve also had a lot of fun with Animoto before, but that account costs money. 🙂

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