Spiders, Bugs, the Hulk, and Rain Puddles

Lately, we’ve been dealing with something I like to call “Bean Fears.”   Topping the list of Bean Fears today are spiders, bugs, and the Hulk.  He likes the toy versions of each of these things, but is not a fan of real-life versions.

Not that we see many Hulks around here.  But, according to Bean, you just never know.

This past weekend, we went to a sports bar and grill with our friend, Gary, to watch the Gators basketball game.  After dinner, we were walking back to the car, and Bean was taking advantage of the rainy afternoon to jump in as many puddles as he could.

Chris and I were loading Gracie into the car when we noticed that Gary and Bean were huddled together outside the car door, gazing into a big puddle and whispering quietly.  All I could make out was Gary saying, “…and then you fall in and end up on the other side of the world.”

Bean’s eyes were as big as saucers.

“What are you guys talking about?” I called out.

“Oh,” said Gary, now buckling Bean into his car seat.  “I was explaining that you have to be careful about jumping into puddles because some puddles you can fall through…”

“Yeah!” Bean exclaimed.  “And we could end up on the other side of the WORLD!”

“Oh, great, Gary,” said Chris.  “Now we have a fear of puddles, too.  Thanks, dude.”

UNDO IT, GARY!” I whispered urgently.  “UNDO IT!”

“We could just FALL THROUGH the EARTH, Mom!”  Bean said, eyes wide in wonderment and fear.  “We could just be walking along and accidentally step in a puddle and then just fall through the world!”

“Yeah!” Gary egged on, “like to China!”

GARY, YOU ASS!  UNDO IT!” I whispered.  “Uncle Gary is just kidding, buddy,” I said to Bean.

“Oh, yeah…I mean…,” said Gary, trying to not laugh.  “We can’t REALLY fall through puddles.”

Satisfied, Bean nodded his head and relaxed back into his seat.

“But wouldn’t it be cool if we could and we just didn’t know it yet?!?!?!” Gary whispered to Bean.


So now we have a fear of spiders, bugs, the Hulk, and rain puddles.

Thanks, Uncle Gary.

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7 Thoughts to “Spiders, Bugs, the Hulk, and Rain Puddles”

  1. Kimmiejo

    My 3 1/2 year old has bedtime fears and often wakes up with nightmares. To help him sleep, we pray for God to protect him every night. My mother in law was helping out with bedtime and during the prayer she prayed for angels to come down and to watch over him as he slept. He had never heard of angels and when she described them it terrified him. So now we have to pray that God keeps his angels in heaven and does not send them to my son’s room.

  2. Diane

    Its always amazing to me what random things my little midget is suddenly afraid of or not afraid of. She is scared to death of a tiny spider but tonight was randomly talking about someones arm being ripped off and eaten by a zombie. Still not sure where she’s ever heard of or seen anything about zombies. She did however think that it was pretty cool.

  3. It’s funny what sticks and what doesn’t. When I was little I saw Superman 3 and was terrified of earthquakes! I was SO, SO relieved when my dad told me that our area doesn’t get earthquakes. That was a close one!

  4. Cece

    When my nephews would wake up with crazy hair my sister (their mom) would tell them the Wackado fairy came and messed up their hair. So when I was a nanny I told the 3 year old that one time when he woke up. YEARS later his mom told me he was still worried about the Wackado fairy who apparently now stole toys and scared you in your sleep. My nephews always thought it was funny but I scared that poor kiddo with a silly made up story!!!

  5. Aw, Uncles are the best.

    He knew what he was doing lol, also knew he doesn’t have to deal with the fear. Can’t wait until my little dude is old enough for random fears.

  6. I hope Uncle Gary gets called during the next 2 a.m. nightmare.

  7. jenny-bird

    Oh no! Would it help if you take Bean to the library to learn about spiders, bugs, and rain puddles? That way instead of imagining scary things he can recall ordinary facts. Regarding the Hulk…I think you’re out of luck. Good thing Halloween is several months away!

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