St. Jude’s Trike-a-Thon

Bean and Gracie’s daycare is participating this year in the St. Jude’s Trike-a-Thon.  Each of their classrooms has a goal of $400.00 in donations.  So, we figured rather than bug our family and friends (which we’ve already done), I’d ask you kind folks to open your wallets instead.

Hey – at least I’m not trying to sell you wrapping paper…


Bean and Gracie will ride their bike and scooter down to the end of our very long street on Friday as part of this trike-a-thon.  How much will you pay them to do it?!?!?  $5.00?  $10.00?  $20.00????  $50.00??????  $100.00??????????

I mean, they are pretty good bike riders.  They definitely could be professionals.  But it’s okay if you don’t donate.  I’ll just tell them no one believes in their dreams…  No biggie.

If paying a three and four-year-old to bike down the street doesn’t sound appealing to you (can’t imagine why…), then know that every penny you donate will be given directly to St. Jude’s, who provide healthcare for families who may not normally be able to afford their services.  God forbid you or I ever need their services one day, isn’t it wonderful to know there is an organization out there doing good just to do good for our children?


Thanks for your donations!  I’ll be sure to video Bean and Gracie’s GREAT TRIKE-A-THON and post a recap next week.

Click this sketchy “Donate” button below.  I know it looks fake, but it goes to my MC PayPal account, and then Chris and I will transfer the money into our account and write a check to St. Jude’s.  I promise we are legit.  Though, I make no promises for Gracie…  Good thing she can’t work a computer mouse yet.  

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5 Thoughts to “St. Jude’s Trike-a-Thon”

  1. I clicked the link but it just sent me to the main PayPal page. What’s the email name to send a gift to?

  2. Kelly

    I might have considered it had you linked directly to your kids fundraising page on St. Jude. But you’re right, putting money right into your paypal is sketchy.

  3. Carolyn

    Could you provide a P.O. Box or something where we could write a check to St. Jude’s and mail it to you? If we use your PayPal link, then we don’t benefit from the corresponding charitable tax deduction.

  4. Alice

    If we put it in your Pay Pal account would you have to pay income tax on the amount. I think you should re-think this.

  5. Tressa

    I tried to click on the link as well, and it took me directly to the login page of Pay Pal. I will donate to your pay pal, cause I trust you and Chris!! So as soon you show me where or how, I’m ready to donate to Bean and Gracie! 🙂

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