The Easiest Pinterest Make-Over Ever

Saturday night was a real rager around here.  After the kids went to be at 8:00, I sat up until 11:00 under my favorite blanket on the couch pinning everything Pinterest had to pin.  Seriously.  I actually reached a point where there was nothing left to scroll through, and then I stood up, stretched, and declared, “I HAVE REACHED THE END OF THE INTERNET!”

In the middle of my pinning craze, I came across the most brilliant, simple pin I’ve found yet. The pin is here and the original post about the idea is here.  The idea was so awesome, that I got up off my couch at 10:00 at night, made the craft, and then went back to pinning only 10 minutes later!  That’s my kind of craft, kids.

Here’s the deal:

You pop up your old pack ‘n play that your kids have outgrown. Choose the side you want to make the entrance of your fort, and then cut the screen out!



I chose to only cut three sides of the screen so that the screen could still hang down as a “door,” if the kids wanted. I just rolled it up over the top piece when they wanted the door open.



Next, grab two old crib sheets that are currently taking up space in your linen closet simply because you can’t bring yourself to throw them out yet. Put one on the mattress and put another across the top of the pack ‘n play, like a lid.


Arrange a few pillows and snugglies in there and – VOILA! – it’s a fort!!!!!  I mean, really, it took me longer to pop up the pack ‘n play than it did to make this entire project.  I finished it in less than 10 minutes.


My kids haven’t gotten out of it for two days now! They sometimes put a blanket over the top to make it a SECRET fort. And sometimes they leave it open so they can watch TV or read books in it. We even took it outside to use as a clubhouse in the front yard. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!!!!





Pinterest wins again!


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3 Thoughts to “The Easiest Pinterest Make-Over Ever”

  1. Diane

    That’s my kind of project. Quick and easy. The kids look like they’re having a blast with it. Maybe I’ll do that to ours once we know for sure we’re done having any more kids. 🙂

  2. J

    could be great at the beach for some shade too! Might get sandy but easy enough to clean!

  3. Oh wow, so simple and brilliant!! Looks like the kids love it 🙂

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