New Friends. New Pins.

This past Saturday, I took the kids to an Easter party that was hosted by one of the parents from Gracie’s class in school.  Chris and I have gotten to know a lot of the parents from Bean’s class over the past few years as the kids have grown up.  We’ve seen the same families at birthday parties and trick or treating and Christmas pageants, and we’ve gotten to know people pretty well.


But Gracie is just now getting to the age where we are having social events for her.  Birthday parties and Sunday school lunches and things like that are just beginning, and suddenly we have a whole new group of parents to meet.  Some of the families have kids the same age as ours, so we still see familiar faces no matter whose event we are attending.  But it has been nice to meet new children and families this year, too.


There are a group of mom’s in Gracie’s class who have taken it upon themselves to become sort of the “room moms” of daycare.  They got all the parent’s email addresses, and we get little emails every week or so announcing a time to meet at a park or some fun little play date activity.  We didn’t have this in Bean’s class, and I wish I had thought to do it back then.  It has been such a nice way to meet people and make friends for our kids and for our families together.


This past weekend, Gracie’s class had a Easter party, complete with an Easter egg hunt.  It was a beautiful morning, and the home we were in was gorgeous!  She had these giant paper-looking flowers attached to a few of her trees.  They looked fabulous and very expensive.  But when you got close, you realized they were made from brown paper bags that you get at the grocery store!  She said she found the idea on Pinterest!  I am definitely copying this this summer out by our pool.  It was so cute and festive without being an over the top party decoration.



(In case anyone wants to try, I think this is the pin that gives directions.  This is the one I found and the one I’ll probably try this summer.)


The kids had a blast at the egg hunt, too!  Gracie didn’t get too many eggs because every time she picked one up, she wanted to open it and immediately eat the candy from inside.  That took a while.




I was busy trying to keep Gracie from eating her body weight in chocolate, and when I finally got around to Bean, I died laughing.  For some reason, he had decided to only collect the yellow eggs!  He had a whole basket of yellow!  He said it was because he wanted the golden egg, which in our family means there is money in it.  He was bummed to find when he sat down to open his eggs, that there was only candy and Easter stickers inside!  All that work and not a quarter in sight!


He told me later to make sure the Easter Bunny knew the golden egg rule at our house.


I love spring.  It’s the beginning of so much goodness and fun.  It’s just a little sneak peak of all the fun that summer will soon bring!


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3 Thoughts to “New Friends. New Pins.”

  1. jessica

    Where did you get Gracie’s dress?

  2. Jenna

    That is the perfect description of spring. How fun!

  3. How adorable! I know what you mean! There are times where I’m thinking what am I going to do with my kids and then other times of the year come and I’m just like ooohh….it’s so busy! It is amazing to watch their social skills develop and learn how they interact with others!

    It looks like it was a beautiful and fun day!

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