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I went to visit a sweet friend of mine last week who has just had her first baby.  The little pooper slept the whole time I was there (the baby; not my friend), so I haven’t gotten to snuggle him up yet.  But I’m waiting to pounce on him the next chance I get!

I love going to visit new moms, but I never like to go empty handed.  Of course, food is always a welcomed gift to bring a new family, but I like to really do something nice for the new mommy.  Being a new mom is a crazy adventure.  You often spend much of the time so worried about the new baby and family that very seldom do you get to spend any time focusing on yourself.  Which, really, is the way motherhood goes, isn’t it?  But in the beginning, that can be a tough adjustment.

For Kellee, I decided to bring everything I carried in my own “mommy bag” when I was a new mom.  When I had Gracie, I realized it was so hard to carry around my purse, a diaper bag, a baby carrier (or whatever mode of transportation I was using that day), and Bean.  So, I downsized my purse.  I put everything I really, really, absolutely needed into a small make up bag.  Then, I moved that make up bag from my purse to my diaper bag, depending on what I was carrying that day.


Play date?  Throw the bag into my diaper bag and go.

Grocery shopping with the kids?  Throw the bag into my diaper bag and go.

Dinner out with Chris?  Throw the bag into my purse and go.

Sitting beachside by myself drinking a mojito and reading a book?  HA!  That’s a good one.

For Kellee, I bought a nice make up bag from Target.  You can get the 99 cent ones in the travel toiletries section, but I spent the $10.00 and bought her a really nice, sturdy, cute one from the beauty products section.  Be sure whichever you buy is on the larger side.  The new mom will need to fit a cell phone, keys, and a debit card in there, too.


Next, I threw in things that I remember being such a luxury when I was a new mom:

Nail polish – I hadn’t seen my toes in MONTHS!


Face masks – I got her several different scents, so she could choose based on what she needed that day.  Rejuvenating, energizing, or relaxing.  You can find these for $1.00 in the beauty products section, by the face wash.  They are single use and smell heavenly! These were great little pick me ups to use while the baby was sleeping.


Those new hair ties everyone is using these days – They are supposed to be AMAZING, but I haven’t been that impressed.  Regardless, they are a fun little something different to put your hair up with.  I remember being a new mom and even the smallest extravagances were luxurious!


Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – I love this stuff!  Smells good, tastes good, and makes you feel human again in one swipe!  Plus, it’s kind of minty, so it is really freshening when you haven’t brushed your teeth in a few days…  Or so I hear…


I packed all these treats up inside the make up bag, and wrapped it up in a gift bag.  When I gave it to her, I made sure to explain what it was for so that she didn’t think I just bought her a bunch of random stuff.


And that’s it!  Just a little somethin’ somethin’ for a new momma to make her feel special and cared for.  What about you?  What’s your go-to new mom gift?

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9 Thoughts to “New Mom Bag”

  1. Amy

    In the past I’ve just brought meals, but having just been the new mom (baby is 3 months old!) I would still lean towards food, but more snack items. A friend brought me some run of the mill granola bars and I still remember how they were a lifesaver when I forget to eat in those hours of feeding, pumping, rocking, diaper changing, napping cycle. So my new go-to would be a goodie bag of easy to eat, your-husband-isn’t-home-to-heat-it-up food: granola bars, snack mix, chocolates, dried fruit, maybe a couple of those Go Picnic kits from Target. Add in a couple magazines and maybe some DVD’s (I did a lot of baby care/napping with the baby from the couch).

    1. Hilary

      I love the idea of a snack bag for Mom! My MIL works at a warehouse store and brought us boxes of snacks like granola bars, small bags of trail mix, mini bottles of orange juice, etc. They were awesome to grab and eat or drink because there was no prep!

  2. Ruth

    Wow you are so thoughtful!!

  3. Kellee

    This is why I love being being friends with awesome moms–I would have never thought of this!
    You are such a thoughtful and kind person. Thank you <3

    1. Kellee

      Oh! And love all the little goodies. You’re right, as a new mom, we forget to take care of ourselves, so it is so nice to have done luxury items just for me 🙂

  4. donna

    You are really freaking sweet!

    Will you make one of these for me? 😉 I think you should sell these little goody bags… 🙂

  5. jenny-bird

    What a great idea!

  6. Marci

    In the past I’ve just done meals… but now that I have an almost one year old, I absolutely want to do something like this! I have a friend having a baby any day now… guess I better head to Target once nap time is over! While I’m there I may need to grab some of these things for me… you are so right that new moms don’t have much time to focus on themselves.

  7. Suzanne

    Wow, This is such a wonderful idea and so sweet! I’ve never thought of it before as I normally think of food but this is great! 🙂

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