First Swim of 2014!

Last Wednesday was a really crappy day.  I woke up late, got into a stupid argument with Chris over bounce houses (don’t ask…), left my cell phone at home, forgot my morning snack, taught a crappy lesson to kids who are completely OVER school right now, and then locked my car keys in my classroom on my way out that afternoon and had to find a custodian to let me back in.


I picked the kids up from school, and when we walked in the house, I took one look at the pool and shouted, “LET’S GO SWIMMING!”

We haven’t been in the pool yet this year.  Truth be told, it’s still a little too cold to be swimming.  But it isn’t THAT cold.  Besides, I love cold swimming pools after a long, frumpy, grumpy day.  And my kids?  Well, they love a swimming pool any time of day.  Chris was miraculously home early that day, and he opted to be the official photographer instead of a swimmer.  Pansy.

The kids ran up to their rooms and put their suits on (another thing this year I am not used to!  How freeing to not have to wrestle them into suits!), and we headed out.

In my opinion, the only way to get into the swimming pool is to jump.  Especially when it’s cold.  You just have to DO IT.  So, I did.


Bean was not far behind me.




Our kids haven’t been swimming since last year, so I wasn’t sure if Bean would remember how. But he was right back at it again like a pro.


Gracie was able to float last year on her own without swimmies, but she didn’t learn to swim on her then. This year, she will learn to actually swim, not just the survival skills.



We practiced floating and swimming to the sides of the pool that afternoon, and we talked about the pool rules (no being outside without mom and dad, no touching people while they swim, no running around the pool, no throwing things in the pool, etc.). The kids will start swimming lessons next week, and they are really looking forward to those again. So am I! Summers are awesome when we’re all able to enjoy the pool.



We haven’t been back in the pool since then. It’s too cold, and the kids really need to start their swimming lessons before we are out there playing. But just that one afternoon gave us a taste of summertime, and we are all ready!

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  1. Fun!
    Meanwhile, here in Minnesota, we are supposed to get more snow this weekend…

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