The Center of Our Home

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the work week is the hour after we get home from school.  Usually, the kids and I are either outside in the front yard or getting dinner ready.  It’s so nice to just hang with them after a long day of teaching.  And they are great sous chefs!  We made cupcakes today after school because it was too gross outside to play.  They love to pour and stir and sometimes I even let them crack an egg (which was a total failure today, by the way… I dug shells out of the cup Bean broke it into for fifteen minutes…). IMG_9029 Usually, while I’m cooking dinner, the kids are underfoot. There’s just something about a kitchen that brings the family around, isn’t there? We have this whole house for them to play in, but they insist on bringing their toys and games right into the kitchen where I am cooking dinner. Sometimes it drives me crazy and I yell out, “EVERYONE OUT OF MY KITCHEN!” But then they just stand at the doorway, asking over and over, “Can we play in the kitchen yet?” IMG_9030 And why not? That’s what kitchens are for, aren’t they? To supply nourishment to our bodies? Why not let them supply nourishment to our hearts, too? IMG_9036 Around 6:00, Chris gets home from work and he immediately joins our kitchen party. He sorts the mail while we talk about our days. Kids are running around, dogs are waiting for me to drop food, and Chris and I pass each other up and down our small galley kitchen, dancing the dance of domestication. IMG_9039 About a year ago, Chris and I installed a new GE Appliances oven and range and a new GE Appliances microwave. I have to say, I never thought something as sterile as kitchen appliances could make our home so warm and cozy. GE Appliances products are made with families in mind. Microwave buttons are easy to find, stovetops are reliable, and ovens are the same consistent temperature every time. Which has been a major problem with past appliances! Ever had an oven that got hotter on the right side than the left? WELL, I HAVE AND IT’S AWFUL. For the whole first year of our marriage, Chris thought I was a terrible cook! And, I might have been, but it was also a terrible oven! Now, though, my kids can watch their cupcakes baking, knowing their baked goodies will come out perfect every time. IMG_9033 IMG_9027 Having kitchen appliances that I can count on is so important to me. Convenience and efficiency in the kitchen assure that I have time to ice cupcakes with my kids and talk to my husband about his day without constantly worrying that I’m going to burn dinner. It’s what let me enjoy baking with my kids at the same time I cooked dinner for my family this afternoon. GE Appliances says that obsessive innovation drives them forward, and I believe that wholeheartedly. Come stand in my kitchen and you will believe it, too. IMG_9046

By the way, GE Appliances is also offering rebates and promotions (GE Artistry begins 5/15/2014 – 5/28/2014). For more information on GE Appliances, visit the GE Appliances website and re-imagine your kitchen!


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