The Fun Doesn’t Have to Stop for Dinner

One afternoon last week, Chris miraculously made it home before 6:30.  He found us sitting in the front yard playing with sidewalk chalk and bubbles that the Easter Bunny brought last weekend.  It is such a rare thing for Chris to be home early enough to hang outside with us.  Normally, we are already inside cooking dinner by the time he gets there. As we played, we were joined by a little friend.  A duck casually waddled into our front yard.  Now, we’ve seen this duck before.  She and her boyfriend have been hanging around in our yard quite a bit lately.  Probably because the first time they showed up, we fed them bread.  I think that’ve been disappointed in their subsequent visits that we haven’t offered them food again.  But, they don’t complain, and they keep showing up. On this particular day, it was just the female and she was in a moseying mood.  She sort of sashayed into our yard and kind of made herself right at home. IMG_9393 Gracie named her Neighbor, which we thought was kind of funny and weird. But, actually, it’s an awesome name. “Hideeho, Neighbor!” IMG_9408 “Here comes the Neighbor!” IMG_9404 “Don’t scare the Neighbor!” IMG_9394 The kids thought it was the best thing ever. Neighbor never got TOO close to them, and if they came too close to her, she would quack and waddle farther. Even when they got their cars out, though, she still hung around. IMG_9400 It was such a funny afternoon. The kids were having so much fun and Chris and I were laughing so hard the last thing I wanted to do was stop and go inside to cook dinner. And then I remembered that I had a Stouffer’s Lasagna with Meat & Sauce in my freezer! I quickly ran inside and threw it in the oven for 70 minutes and – voila! – dinner was ready! IMG_9391 Having small kids, unexpected adventures come up all the time. Things like ducks hanging out in your front yard become monumental memories, and I love having some store-bought help from a company that was made for me to love so that we can still have dinner at home even on nights when we don’t want the fun to stop. IMG_9416 I like Stouffer’s products because they are made with quality ingredients like freshly made pasta by hand, real mozzarella, and vine-ripened tomatoes. We normally get their Lasagna with Meat Sauce and just keep it in the fridge for days just like these. But they have a new lasagna out that I can’t wait to try – Meat Lovers Lasagna! And I am definitely a meat lover. This lasagna is made with Italian sausage, ground beef, and pepperoni. Which is just how I happen to love my pizza too!  IMG_9425 IMG_9426 Mostly though, I like Stouffer’s frozen entrees because my family likes them. After a long day of fun outside, it’s nice to come in and know there won’t be any dinnertime battles to ruin the day. IMG_9424 Even Chris, who normally isn’t a fan of frozen meals, helps himself to a plate of Stouffer’s Lasagna with Meat and Sauce. He even took the leftovers for lunch the next day. Gotta love a frozen meal that you can get TWO meals out of! IMG_9430 Stouffer’s is sponsoring a $100 Visa gift card giveaway on my blog this month. Leave a comment below telling me about a day with your family when you didn’t want to stop the fun for dinner.Sweepstakes Rules:

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150 Thoughts to “The Fun Doesn’t Have to Stop for Dinner”

  1. Katie L

    The day we set up my 4 year old’s play set and didn’t want to stop trying it out!

  2. Jessica

    Every night! I can’t wait to get home and just chat withy husband!

  3. Chloe P

    We’re in the middle of home renovations, so on the weekends the last thing we want to do is stop to cook dinner.

  4. Julie

    Oh my goodness, this meal would have been perfect for us tonight! My 17 month old didn’t want to come inside when we got home, so I ran in to check the fridge/freezer for something to bake while we played and couldn’t find anything. Playing outside was more important so cold sandwiches it was. I’ll have to have one of these handy the next time this happens!

  5. Usually when we’re playing out back in the summer – so we usually just do simple food and bring it out back to eat! I just love summer (when it’s not too hot!)

  6. Simone

    I would die for that gift card right now. I just ate saltines and peanut butter for dinner. College student probs…

  7. Kim

    Every Sunday–we just relax in the afternoon. I never feel like cooking, but still want our family time to continue.

  8. Susan R

    I work late hours and love having something that I can (or my husband) throw into the oven is amazing. We also enjoy coming home and going for a run together so it is nice to have a quick meal on hand!

  9. Nikki

    Barrett was born to be in the outdoors. My favorite night so far was setting up his water table for the first time. He never wanted to come in! On another note, we use to eat The meat lovers lasagna once a week. Now that we know B has a dairy allergy, we haven’t cooked it. I sure do miss it!

  10. Brianna

    Every night!

  11. Mary

    That would basically be every worknight… After a long day all I want to do is cuddle on the couch with my husband and a glass of wine! Who wants to cook when you can be doing that instead?

  12. Dessi

    My two year old son LOVES to play baseball whenever and wherever we let him! So we spend a lot of time doing that (daily) and not a lot of time in the kitchen!

  13. Kate

    I work full time, am going to grad school and currently care for my disabled brother- whose favorite food is coincidentally Stouffer’s Lasagna- needless to say- quick, easy, and also healthy meals are right up our alley! I love summer nights when we are outside playing cards and enjoying the beautiful sun and being able to throw in dinner and know that it’ll be fairly healthy and delicious and the fun doesn’t have to stop for cooking!

  14. Alicia

    Whenever we’re cleaning! Especially my car in the late afternoon. My little guy LOVES “helping”.

  15. Sharlee

    Every day I don’t want the fun to stop for dinner right now. I have a 3 month old little girl and I love playing with her. Especially on the nights that dad is home. Dinner has been..uh..forgotten, quite a bit lately.

  16. Melissa

    Love their Mac N Cheese dinner!

  17. Amy VH

    I don’t want to stop for dinner during days that we are playing dress up or having a dance party. These are the moments that we will remember forever, not that mom made dinner.

  18. Jade N

    Time after work with my little one is so precious and valuable. I love a meal like this that let’s me just pop it in the oven and keep playing. It’s much more fun to spend time with my little lady than chopping, cooking and stirring. Perfect for those busy days too!

  19. Katie N.

    Every evening the past few weeks since the weather has finally become nicer! My 6 month old and I sit on the front steps in the evening and do lots of people watching and chatting with neighbors as we watch the city go by, all the while waiting for my husband to get home from work. Then once Daddy gets home, the three of us sit out there chatting and just enjoying the weather (sometimes with a glass of wine in hand). It is the perfect way to come together after a day of being apart, but it’s always a bummer when one of us finally says, “Oooooookkkkkkk, I guess we should go inside and get dinner started….”

  20. Tori

    Now that Spring has FINALLY sprung in Ohio, it’s so hard to go inside when the sun-warmed deck is finally warm enough for bare toes.

  21. Lindsay

    Every night during the spring and summer months. It doesn’t get dark until almost 9 now, so it’s so hard to come in and start dinner at a decent hour. Being outside is so much better!

  22. Nina

    When we were riding around the farm on a gas powered buggy thing and our almost two year old kept saying “more, more” every time we slowed down a little.

  23. Sometimes, more time outside or being with your kids is more important than anything else.

    Gourmet three course dinners on a weeknight can wait. Your kids can’t!

  24. love your new duck friend!! just ran across your blog 🙂

    my husband and i just started our own business so i loooove dinner time because that means we get to put away our work for at least an hour and enjoy a meal as husband and wife…not just business partners!

  25. Tiffany

    I hae so little time at home with my little guy int he evenings, that often times I am too busy planning with him and getting him ready for bed that I forget to do anything about dinner until it’s way too late.

  26. Lisa Brown

    The days when my son have baseball practice.

  27. There are so many nights that I do not want to stop playing with my kids to fix supper. Recently my 3 year old has really gotten into finger painting and she wants to do it all the time. Putting a quick meal in the oven while I am painting with her would make the evening so much easier.

  28. Angie

    This week “summer” officially arrived…the not wanting to stop for dinner has been the story every night! On the plus side…my little 2 year old has had so much fun playing with our water table and eating dinner (shirtless by this point, thanks to being soaking wet from the water) at her outdoor picnic table. Love it!

  29. Elena

    Every Sunday we like to walk around the lake and we usually don’t have time to cook dinner. We just get eat out or heat frozen dinner

  30. Stephanie

    My 2-year-old loves to play on the slides behind our house. One late afternoons was playing with him (instead of my husband, who normally takes him out there) and his smiles and laughs were so sweet that it was hard to make myself go in and make dinner. Despite having to break for dinner, times like that are the best 🙂

  31. Amy

    Everyday during the summer! After work my husband and I walk the dogs and then play with them in the backyard. We never want to go in!

  32. Sharon Faye

    My kids are teenagers and very active. I also work about 60-65 hours a week between a full-time day job and a part-time evening/weekend job. Any time I don’t have to worry about dinner and can instead go watch one of their ballgames, or ride bikes, or go to the pool with them, and NOT have to worry about spending the entire evening in the kitchen cooking a meal… I love that!

  33. steven weber

    When we all go around and tell jokes and reminiscence about funny events that have happened.

  34. Suzanne

    I had to stop the fun a couple of nights ago while sitting in the front yard, enjoying the beautiful afternoon with my daughter by stopping to cook dinner and it totally ruined my fun! I wish I would have had a frozen dinner at that point 🙂

  35. jenny-bird

    When my final class paper is due the next day… Oh, wait, you said fun, not work. Let me get back to you after I finish law school…

  36. farrar

    All summer! We hate to get out of the pool to come in and cook!

  37. Karin

    The Mac and Cheese is my daughter’s favorite. Good for fun times and it’s my typical go to when she is under the weather. Mac & cheese will cure a sick child anyday!

  38. Mami2jcn

    Pool time during the summer is a time we don’t want to stop for dinner.

  39. Mami2jcn


  40. Anna Mary

    I never want to stop to cook dinner! I let my husband do that 🙂

  41. Last year on our first full day of summer I got out the sprinkler for the kiddos and as soon as daddy got home he put on his bathing suit and joined the boys running through it! It was so fun we both hated to interrupt the great time we were all having. =)

  42. Jessica To

    We never want to stop for dinner when we go to the water park!

  43. deannab1

    Having a 2 year old and a 3 month old, there is rarely a night I want to actually stop and make dinner.

  44. courtney b

    If we’re having so much fun we dont want to stop for dinner, we will simply order a pizza or make some quick mac and cheese.

  45. nicole dz

    When we all pitched in and made dinner together. My husband, the kids, and me all had so much fun, being silly. We also had game night the same day. It was a blast.

  46. nicole dz


  47. heather

    We love to go down the river it is so much fun and we don’t want to stop the fun for dinner. So we love Stouffer’s lasagna just add side salad and garlic bread fast and great dinner.

  48. Katie

    My little guys have just started to understand hide and seek- but need a parent to help. The giggles are too hard to resist and way more fun than cooking dinner

  49. Ginna

    Enjoying the sun and playing with the puppy at the park always beats making dinner!

  50. Mindy

    We have a 2 year old, and when it rains (which is rare in OK) we play outside in mud puddles. Those are my favorite evenings that I don’t want to end!

  51. We have those days a lot this time of year. The weather is nice and planting is in full swing. The kids just want to stay outside and play and I want to be helping in the field. Supper definitely takes a “back seat”.

  52. Laurie

    Summer days out by the pool I never want to get up and come in and cook!

  53. Amy S.

    Pretty much every weekend!

  54. If we’re having a nice time at the park on a gorgeous day, it’s hard to pack up and go to eat!


  55. Susan Smith

    If we having a nice time at the pool or park.

  56. On a warm afternoon, we head down to the cul de sac, the neighbors sit and chat, the kids play and play and before we know it, it’s 8pm!! We quickly grab something for dinner and it’s a fast bath and everyone sleeps SOUND.

  57. Nicole T.

    I think it’s days when I’m just outside and soaking up the sun!

  58. The first real warm day we had, we just wanted to be outside after being cooped up all winter. My husband grilled some burgers, and I packed a picnic dinner. We took the kids to the town park which has a beach, and they played in the sand while me and my husband watched them play, and went home way past bedtime. It was great!

  59. Kathy Z

    A couple weeks ago, we had our first really nice day after a long long winter of snow and cold. The whole family was outside and I did not want to come back in at all.

  60. Aydee

    When the day is nice out, gardening and enjoying the evening with the dogs.

  61. Just last week the weather was so warm and wonderful, we were all hanging out in the backyard, talking and relaxing. It was a very rare moment where my husband was not working late. I did not want to stop that moment to make dinner, not at all. Sometimes dinner seems like such a monumentally giant task, can’t it just make it self??

  62. Cindy

    When it’s a beautiful day outside and I just want to sit on the front porch, instead of cooking dinner

  63. When we were at the zoo all day.

  64. Becca in WA

    I didn’t want to stop for dinner during a particularly rousing game of Thomas the Train – we had the tracks covering our entire living room, and it seemed like a shame to walk away before we could make full use of it!

  65. Any day that we head to the playground after my son wakes from his nap.

  66. Mae

    In the summer months when it stays light out past 8 pm, we like to swim after school/work. The kids also just got a new play set last month and they are always asking us to play and push them in the swings. A quick, easy, yummy meal is def what we need when we don’t want to stop and cook dinner.

  67. sharonjo

    We recently got engrossed in playing a movie trivia game, which was lots of fun. Time got away from me and when dinnertime rolled around I would have loved to have had something quick and easy (like a Stouffers Lasagna!) to stick in the oven. Thank you!

  68. HeatherD

    The day we were trying to get our first garden ready and planted–it was too hard getting the kids (and all of us) out of the dirt and into the house to cook!

  69. Cathy C.

    Sometimes, after work and daycare, we just want to have some time to play! That can be hard with trying to get dinner on the table. With the beautiful weather in Florida right now, I feel like this EVERY night. 🙂

  70. Unfortunately, I have to work 10-12 hour days, so once i’m home all time with my babies is precious. I hate spending their time at the stove. We love Stouffer’s and have tried all of their meals. Our favorite is the chicken lasagna. So delicious! Thanks for the giveaway.

  71. Jessie C.

    We usually have outdoor activities going on during weekends, either biking or skiing depends on the weather. The last thing I want to deal with is cooking from scratch, here comes quality frozen meal rescue!
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  72. Jessie C.


  73. Heather Miles

    We always love to have something easy at home when we know we have a day of travel and adventure ahead of us. It’s part of the great reasons for coming home and resting after the fun 🙂

  74. Oh man, anytime with my family is like that! I didn’t want our mother’s day dinner recently to end, actually. It’s so nice to catch up!

  75. When we were having game night.

  76. rachel

    Going on a long walk with my family on the first glorious day of spring!

  77. jenny

    The day we had all the neighbors and their kids playing in our driveway on the perfect warm spring day!

  78. Kristen

    Recently we had fun cleaning out our garage….yes it was FUN…we got rid of a bunch of stuff we don’t use and now we have room in there and can find the things we *do* want!

  79. susie king

    My family didn’t want to stop the fun for dinner when we were swimming.

  80. Any day is a good day for a quick and easy meals because it means more time spent with the lovely hubby.

  81. Jen S

    With a 10 month old who is constantly learning new things, I never want to stop playing to make dinner! I love Stouffer’s lasagna 🙂

  82. Heather

    I have picky eaters so I dread dinner time because I never know what to make

  83. Sarah

    Any time savers are welcome in my home! I love to cook, but sometimes I run out of time or ideas. Then, like you, I have a lightbulb moment and remember I have Stoffers in the freezer!

  84. Lauren E.

    EVERY time we go fishing. We’ll stay fishing until the sun begins to set and by the time we get home its LATE. Usually, we heat up something quick at home, pick up food, or better yet – make a pizza because its so quick with premade dough.

  85. LAMusing

    Sometimes we go to a movie and I hate to have to hurry home to make dinner.

  86. Norma

    When we play cards with friends I hate the fun to end to go home to make dinner.

  87. Tina M

    when we play volleyball with all the family. i don’t want to stop

  88. Rebecca Graham

    When the weather is pretty outside and we are all outside enjoying the sunshine, I hate to come back in the house and cook and miss the fun outside.

  89. Kelly D

    When I take my kids to the amusement park we never want to stop the fun for dinner.

  90. Gina M

    I think everyday it is hard to get my son to want to stop playing and eat dinner. This meal just might get him to the table easier!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  91. Gina M


  92. Elle

    When we put up the swing set in the backyard – we were outside for hours and didn’t want to come in to make dinner.

  93. Barbara Montag

    I remember turning on the Wii and all of us dancing with Just Dance 2 – we forgot all about supper!
    thank you

  94. Janice Cooper

    Probably when we are in the middle of a home renovation or when I’m having a good telephone conversation with my friends

  95. sandra

    haven’t tried it yet

  96. Debbie B

    i sometimes fall asleep in my recliner when i get home from work – i really don’t want to get up and cook then! Stouffer’s meals are great meal without a lot of effort!

  97. we were all playing baseball for fathers day at hubbys dads house and the kids were all having a blast . We just didn’t want to stop but were so hungry

  98. That’s an every day occurrence here. I much prefer hanging out with my girls then spending hours cooking in the kitchen!

  99. Lee

    sometimes after tennis it’s nice to shower and relax together so a Stouffer’s Lasagna keeps it going calmly.

  100. Eugenie

    Stouffer’s is a real life saver when the late afternoon family games keep going.

  101. erica best

    when we play the video game sometime time just past

  102. Neiddy

    My husband and kids love having wrestling matches, my kids have so much fun jumping on top of daddy that don’t even get hungry. More than one time we have to put dinner on hold til they are done playing

  103. Neiddy

    shared on twitter -

  104. Lisa B

    Meal time in the summer needs to be fast and easy. Stauffer’s helps with this.

  105. RachelC

    Any summer evening when the sun doesn’t set until after dinner time – there’s too much fun to be had to stop & cook!

  106. Kerry

    My kids always want me to go out and play basketball with them when I get out of work. I always seem to have to tell them that I don’t have time, I have to go make dinner! That would be one of the times I would rather keep playing!

  107. ellen beck

    I didnt want to stop the fun when we were all out enjoying time feeding the ducks at the local park. We were all having a great time and dinner seemed like such a chore!

  108. WHITNEY

    Every night just talking with the boyfriend!

  109. Jammie

    I would have to say when we go hiking, we get home and are tired, I want something quick and easy for dinner. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  110. Melissa M

    Every day in the summer my kids don’t wont to stop for dinner.

  111. Nancy

    After a fun day at the park, no one wants to end the day so I can go home and start cooking. So easy to just put a Stouffer’s dinner in the oven, make a side and dinner is ready.

  112. Sarah L

    No kids. I took the Stouffers – Party Size Five Cheese Lasagna to a pot luck and it was a big hit.

    Thanks for the contest.

  113. Anna Pry

    usually feel that way when we go out to the lake or go hiking

  114. Sonya Morris

    The first day we let our Silkie Chickens run around their new home in our backyard. The kids had so much fun playing with them that it was almost dark before we went in. A Stouffer’s lasagna would have been perfect for dinner that night!

  115. janetfaye

    I did not want to stop the fun for dinner when our relatives visited and we had so much fun sightseeing with them.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  116. On days when I’ve several errands to run and the big grocery trip, I really need an “easy” meal for dinner. Stouffer’s lasagnas are perfect! We love eating them. 🙂

  117. Tabathia B

    When all the girls were home and we went to the park and played tag and softball

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  118. Amanda Sakovitz

    if we are just relaxing its hard to stop for dinner

  119. Betty C

    Any day that I can spend outside is a day when I want to avoid making dinner.

  120. Thomas Murphy

    One day we went to the beach and it was so nice out we did’nt want to leave for dinner.

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