Fun in the Sun With Capri Sun

Our family is a summertime family. We live for summer at my house. As a teacher, I look forward to spending time with my kids, and my kids are always happy to get a break from their daily daycare schedule. With Bean and Gracie being a little bit older now, we are able to be on the go so much more this summer than in the past. We play at the park…
UntitledWe play at the splash pads…

Untitled We play in our pool…

IMG_9612 Basically, anywhere there is water, we’re going to show up. It’s just the Florida way. It used to be when we went on adventures, I required an entire “mommy bag” full of everything we could possibly need for any kind of natural disaster – changes of clothes, Band-Aids, games, toys, crayons. You name it, and it was probably in my bag. But that darn bag was so cumbersome to carry around. Thankfully, my kids are big enough this year that I usually opt to leave the bag at home altogether. Now, I throw a snack and two Capri Suns juice drinks in my purse, and we are out the door.

Untitled Usually, I always have a box of Capri Sun Roarin’ Water Flavored Water Beverages in our fridge on any given summer day. I like them because they are fruit-flavored water based beverages, so I know my kids are staying hydrated while we run around in the sun all day. Plus, Capri Sun uses no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in any of their juice drink products, which means I love Capri Sun just as much for what is INSIDE the pouch as what they leave OUTSIDE the pouch. And now, with the new clear bottoms on the pouches, you can see the goodness right inside the pouch!

Untitled We spend a lot of our summers at the theme parks in Orlando, and Capri Sun offers a much more affordable and wholesome beverage alternative than most snack counters. I usually freeze a handful of the pouches the night before we leave and then throw them into my backpack frozen when we go the next morning. By mid-morning, they have partially thawed into a refreshing slushy. I just tear the top of the pouches open, and my kids scoop out the ice with their straws. Later, in mid-afternoon, the other Capri Sun is usually complete thawed, but still cool, so they another little afternoon pick-me-up without me having to choose from a counter of sugary juice drinks or sodas.

Untitled I also always keep Capri Sun juice drinks at home for those last minute play dates that occasionally pop up. For a very affordable price ($1.99 at my Target usually), Capri Sun juice drinks are easy to hand out to kids when they come to visit, and moms approve of the wholesome qualities in those shiny pouches. Capri Sun is good for moms and awesome for kids. It helps keep my family fun going long into the summer!

What are your favorite family activities for summertime fun?

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18 Thoughts to “Fun in the Sun With Capri Sun”

  1. Heather

    Pool and park

  2. Danielle Flynn

    Like your family, anywhere there is water is where we like our summertime fun! We live about 40 minutes from Lake Michigan though, so we’ve made due by making our backyard into “Flynn Beach” with my son’s water table and kiddie pool…when we can’t make it to the beach. And I’m so glad that Capri Sun has now made their pouches so you can see inside them!

  3. K

    “…which means I love Capri Sun just as much for what is INSIDE the pouch as what they leave OUTSIDE the pouch.”

    In about 3 minutes, that pouch is emptied by a thirty kid. And then that trademark pouch will head for the landfill where it will stay–and nearly every single pouch has stayed–for decades. An estimated 1.4 BILLION are in landfills.

    “…nearly every Capri Sun pouch has been wasted or littered since they were introduced in the 1970s. These single use products have to be constantly manufactured from scratch, requiring more energy use and extraction of virgin natural resources.”

    Also: “Food and beverage containers, like Capri Sun pouches, are among the top 5 items found on beaches and coastlines.”

    Please check this out the source of those quotes:

    A preschooler’s 5 minutes of juice = plastic and metal forever in a landfill. I hope people seriously consider an alternative (reusable water bottle filled with water/juice) before jumping on the Capri Sun bandwagon with its layers of unrecyclable packaging.

    I hope you’re able to let this comment stand despite the fact it’s a sponsored post. I love your blog and hope your many readers are able to have access to both sides of the Capri Sun story. 🙂

  4. Cindy

    The pool, the splashpad, and the beach

  5. Tanya B.

    Swimming, going to the movies, and avoiding bedtime!

  6. Anywhere we can stay cool!

  7. Beanie, Gracie and Tillman's Nana

    I love to see that you are giving my grandchildren Capri Suns. I kept them in the refig year round when you and your sister were growing up. They were so great to hand out when you had friends over to swim and I paced one in your lunchbox everyday of middle school.. A great family tradition continues!

  8. We love spending time in our garden: I show the kids how to plant flowers and take care of them. Oh, and sometimes we hang out in our tree house. 🙂

  9. Sara

    Reading a book in the hammock

  10. Kristi

    Watching my kids play on the beach!

  11. Is there a giveaway for this post? On twitter it said there was, but I’m not seeing it mentioned here? I want to win! 🙂 Anyhow, my kids don’t get much juice in their world but I love an occasional Capri Sun, now that they are 100% juice! : )

  12. Our beach vacation, pool time, and any fun outings in air conditioning!! =)

  13. Alyssa

    Hangin outside in our yard. We have a 2 year old and he’s really into his water table these days.

  14. JenniferLO

    I throw one of these in the birthday bags I give out to my students at school! Budget-friendly and delicious!

  15. Sarah

    Love that I can toss pouches in my bag and they won’t squish & leak like a juice box! The freezer idea is brilliant, I would have never thought of that.

  16. Nicole T.

    Right now, it’s just my dog Wynston and I. We love going on adventures in the woods and hanging out at the dog park.

  17. Sara R.

    Anything with water…slip and slide, local pool, sprinkler in the yard, etc.

  18. Colleen

    Our favorite summertime activities are going to the beach and pool in town. Love to have water fun in warm weather!

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