Keeping My House on the Up and Up

When Target asked if I would be interested in reviewing a few of their up & up brand products, I had to try my very professional best not to sarcastically shout, “WELL, I GUESSSSSSS SO…”  My love affair with Target has been well documented over the years, but perhaps the most dramatic representation of my relationship with Target was when I dropped Gracie at daycare one day last year and she cried when I left saying, “BUT I WANT TO GO SHOPPING AT TAHGET!” I have trained that girl well. Needless to say, this will be about the easiest review I’ve ever had to write simply because Target’s up & up brand is my go-to for just about every household need.  

My two favorite products are used so often at my house that Target didn’t even have to send me a product sample for the review, because I already had them in my hall closet! First, there are the disinfecting wipes.  I love these puppies just as much for their versatility as I do for their ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds flat!  Seriously!  If your house is anything like mine, speed cleaning is the only way to survive.  I can clean an entire room all morning and my kids can destroy it in about 15 seconds, so I appreciate a product that can operate at the speed of my children.


I use these wipes everywhere – on my kitchen counters, on the dinner table, in my car, on the glass table on the deck… – and the list goes on.


The most common place I use them these days are on my iPad. Gracie likes to play with my iPad, but when I get it back from her, there are sticky fingerprints in the shape of whatever letter she was practicing on her learning app. It’s pretty gross. But the up & up bacterial wipes save the day by wiping off the surface in one clean sweep.


The other up & up product I use the most for my household chores is the up & up brand furniture polish. We have several pieces of nice wood furniture and while I can’t keep them Cheeto-paw-print clean 24 hours a day, I do feel better when I give them a once-over with the up & up polish. Because it renews and protects wood surfaces, I feel a little less squeamish when my kids come running through the dining room with scissors.


Just kidding. I don’t let my kids run with scissors.

I feel a little less squeamish when my kids come running through the dining room with their swords.

Kidding again. I don’t let them run with swords, either.

But I do feel better because Up and Up furniture polish removes the everyday dust, dirt, and smudges that little fingers can leave all over nice furniture.


When keeping my house clean, I generally look for two criteria. Will it make my home cleaner for my family and is it cost effective? Target up & up brand products meet and exceed both of these criteria for me. They are a sure-thing in my shopping cart every week.

I am so happy to report that Target is sponsoring a $100 Target GiftCard® giveaway today! To be entered to win, leave a comment below telling me a favorite cleaning trick you use to make your house feel comfy and clean for your family.

To check out more up&up cleaning products, visit your local Target store.

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This sweepstakes runs from 9/8-10/22.

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229 Thoughts to “Keeping My House on the Up and Up”

  1. ariell

    I LOVE up and up’s version of swiffer pads!!!

  2. Brianna

    I love the sniffer for our laminate floors!

  3. Julia

    I always use the Target brand fabric refresher after I vacuum. Leaves the room smelling totally clean!

  4. Brianna

    Or swiffer rather.

  5. sam

    When the kitchen counters are clean! I also use the up and up wipes and love them!

  6. Becca

    Favorite cleaning trick? Clean when the kids arent’ home!

  7. Ashley

    Comfy and clean… my biggest trick is making sure everything smells fresh. Four dogs and a four year old (and a husband) create all sorts of odors,so even if everything is sparkling it may not seem very clean. Candles and light fragrances (carefully researched since I have awful allergies) are my savior! I also make sure our throws for our sofa and other linens are layered with fabric softener sheets so they always smell fresh no matter how long ago they were laundered.

  8. Oh my love for Target runs deep!
    As for quick cleaning I try and keep a container in the main rooms of our house so I can collect everything easily and then put it back in it’s correct place quickly. I have a basket in my living room and am able to throw all the toys, etc. in there and then carry it into each room to put it away.

  9. Sarah

    My Target obsession is new, and I already think I need a support group!

  10. jenny

    Get the kids involved in cleaning by telling them NO you can’t touch that swiffer! lol Then they will insist they need to help so you can hand them a swiffer duster to dust while you clean everything else with those wonderful disinfectant wipes! Also purchasing a small broom and dustpan so they can assist with cleaning up crumbs from under the kitchen table! It works for me 😉

  11. Brandi Hadden

    I am obsessed with plug ins… I really love the Febreeze Gain scented ones 🙂 and I always buy them at Target! Even if the house isn’t spic and span, it sure smells like it!!!

  12. Oh Target! We have such a great relationship though my credit card doesn’t always think so. 😉 I would have to say that one of my favorite cleaning tricks is the Swiffer Dusters. They are awesome and the dust and dirt cling to them. Makes dusting (which I hate) just a little easier. It’s also fun now because my 2 year old likes to “help,” so I hand one to him as well and off we go. Will that last forever? 🙂

  13. Teresa

    Running the vacuum over the carpets often makes the whole house look cleaner.

  14. Dawn

    My favorite cleaning items are my swiffer sweeper wet mop AND Lysol disinfecting wipes. I use the wipes to clean up everything and I do mean everything from my house to the car. I will give the up and up brand a try!!

  15. jamie

    i have trained my granddaughter, kinleigh, well too! she loves shopping at target. i love the candles i buy at target to make my home smell great. i’m a huge fan of using a swiffer to clean up dog hair quickly!

  16. Sara

    What an awesome giveaway! Love target and their products!! As for keeping the bathroom and kitchen surfaces clean I use the up and up wipes to freshen things up quickly.

  17. Kristi

    My favorite trick is to not let (many) toys downstairs, in the main living area. Our playroom/family room is upstairs so by keeping toys upstairs, there is less mess to clean up when we have visitors over.

  18. Shannon

    Trying to enforce the keeping of toys in the playroom, the house seems cleaner that way.

  19. Danielle

    Up and up dryer sheets for every wash, which are also good for getting love bugs off of your car, if you live in Florida 😉

  20. maintenance is more important than trying to do it all at once so everyday i tackle one thing so i dont have to do it all on the weekends.

  21. Kristine Fletcher

    My favorite trick is to load the dishwasher while I cook/wait for water to boil/watch vegetables roast…then there’s less to clean up after dinner!

  22. Nina

    I keep disinfecting wipes in both bathrooms for a quick in-between-clean before guests come over.

  23. Amanda E.

    I keep vinegar in a spray bottle and I use it for everything! It kills bacteria and once the smell dissipates (which takes about 10 seconds) everything smells clean!

  24. Adrienne

    Doing some of the *major* cleaning each day! So 1 load of laundry, making sure 1 bathroom is scrubbed, floors vacuumed etc. it breaks it up so I never have huge amounts of housework on the weekends. Which is important for this working mama.

  25. Abigail

    I always use gloves when washing the pots and pans. They keep my hands from looking horrid!

  26. Laurie

    I love using my steam mop on my kitchen floor!

  27. Well the best cleaning trick is to get the kids to stay out of the house, but barring that, I do like a freshly swept floor.

  28. Kim

    My favorite thing is to keep a container of baby wipes in the kitchen. They make it so easy to quick-clean kids dirty faces and hands, spills, counter tops, etc!

  29. Pamela

    I try to load dishes in the dishwasher as they get used, rather than piling them up on the counter and then loading the dishwasher later.

  30. sarahk

    I am obsessed with the Method Pink Grapefruit All Purpose Spray

  31. Kristi

    Clearing off our coffee table and using wood polish on it always makes me feel like our house is much more organized!

  32. Sharon Faye

    disinfectant wipes in the bathroom, and trying to do at least one load of laundry a day to keep the huge pile in check…

  33. Erin

    1. Opening all the windows first thing in the morning/ candles on bad weather days. I can’t keep the baby/toddlers/cats/dog mess at bay all the time, but I can at least keep the house from smelling like whatever I cooked for breakfast. It gives me the heebie jeebies when the house smells of bacon!

    2. We load dirty clothes straight into the washer, then run it as soon as it’s full. Much better than looking at overflowing hampers every week!

  34. Amy S

    I’ve gotten to simple…..baking soda and vinegar are my most used products. Though I do love the antibacterial wipes!

  35. I like the swiffer wet jet refills and the different scents that they have. I put the wipe in the microwave and add a little water and it’s really great for spot cleaning in my kitchen and leaves an awesome scent. It’s kind of a jerry-rigged Shark mop.

  36. We love the hurricane mop. With all hardwood floors, it’s so nice to get a dry mop to clean up after the kids.

  37. BeccaK

    My best cleaning trick is to have company come over – my house gets its cleanest in the half hour before guests arrive 🙂

  38. lNora Cash

    I surface clean when I am in a hurry.

  39. Alicia

    I learned that if you clean with good smelling products your house feels cleaner bc it smells cleaner… Even if you only clean the top layer of grime. 🙂

    Lemon scented furniture spray works great for that!

  40. Erin

    I use microfiber cloths to dust! Washable, reusable, and they suck up the dust like no other.

  41. Christy

    Baby wipes! They are in every room of the house anyway, so I use them to wipe or clean pretty much everything!

  42. Jenny Carson

    Their up & up diapers and wipes are great!

  43. Erin S.

    Okay, first of all, I LOVE your table runner! Where did you get it? Of course, I love all things Target, but agree that the cleaning products are great. Love the wipes but never thought to use them on the iPad! Thanks for the tip!

  44. Santina

    I love the up and up brand refill pads for the Swiffer.So cheap and easy!

  45. Lauren

    Oh target!! My trick is using vinegar & water in a spray bottle for most of my cleaning needs. Super cheap, no chemicals, and works great on all surfaces!

  46. Katie R

    Lemon scented furniture polish makes the whole house smell cleaner!

  47. I try to pick everything up at night – and make sure the dishes are all done (or loaded in the dishwasher). Those two little things make a big difference in waking up to a clean(er) looking home!

  48. Erin

    I load the dishwasher as we dirty dishes so that I don’t have a sink full of them by the end of the day!

  49. Mindy

    Love the Up and Up brand! I keep wipes in the cabinets of each bathroom that way I can use one to quickly go over counters, etc after using a lot of hair product that might land on the surface or before guests come over.

  50. Erin

    My favorite trick is to keep all the toys OFF of our main floor. My girls play in the basement play room and upstairs in their rooms. Then the main floor stays pretty tidy!

  51. I love the Up and Up brand for everything from diapers and wipes to cleaning products. I also love the Cartwheel app on my phone that helps me get even more savings at Target. My cleaning trick is to use my vacuum cleaner on the hardwood setting to vacuum my hardwood floors. It saves a lot of time over sweeping and then getting out the dust pan.

  52. Jade N

    I love the up & up brand swiffer products as well as their ziptop baggies! Same quality as the name brand but a lot cheaper (especially when there’s a mobile coupon and/or a cartwheel deal for them)!

  53. Anna S

    We do a sweep of the downstairs every night after dinner and make the kids take up their stuff. We also have a basket for all the shoes – everyone takes off their shoes wherever they are, but the basket keeps it all contained in one place.

  54. Tanya B.

    Cleaning is most definitely not my forte. But I do always rinse out the dishes when I put them in the sink. It makes the washing a lot faster!

  55. Rachel S

    I too have a love affair with Target, and was just there yesterday! I love the Windex Multi-Surface Disinfectant Cleaner. Being able to use the same cleaner in the kitchen, bathroom, windows, etc. makes it go much faster!

  56. Laurie

    I can’t stand the clutter so every night after the kids go to bed I spend a quick 15 minutes running around like crazy cleaning up all of the “stuff”. Then when I sit down to watch tv for the night I can relax.

  57. Le

    We use a rug or a mat inside and outside every exterior door. It slows the dirt down.

  58. Anna Mary

    Laundry on Sundays makes me feel accomplished throughout the house. Up & Up detergent is not only effective in cleaning, but on the checkbook too. It actually won top pick on Consumer Reports a few years ago so it’s a BIG winner in my house!

  59. My “go to” cleaner is also the disenfective wipes. Finding the time to clean when I work 12 hours a day and have two small children is absolutely impossible. The wipes help to do a quick clean and i know that they are killing the germs, so I don’t feel as guilty about not doing a deep clean often enough. And Target is my “go to” store for shopping. I live that place! Seriously, I was there twice this past Saturday!

  60. El

    I keep a set of cleaning supplies in each bathroom so I don’t have to run around trying to find things. That way if I have a couple of minutes I can clean the sinks or the toilet since everything is right there.

  61. Tori

    My favorite tip is about the garbage disposal! If you throw some ice cubes in there and grind them up, it helps keep the blades sharp and helps prevent an icky build up in there.

  62. Sandra

    Those wipes are a life-saver. I use them all the time

  63. Rachel K

    I love cleaning wipes. I use them all the time. I use different brands, whatever is the best price at the time. They are wonderful and I don’t know how I lived without them!

  64. Amy S.

    I try to keep dirty laundry contained in our laundry room/pantry.

  65. The Swiffer and squirt and mop solution are my lifesavers!

  66. Laura

    Love Target! We’ve started keeping the dog (and sometimes my boyfriend) in the basement to avoid dog hair (and dirty plates/empty beer bottles) from accumulating in our living area on the main floor.

  67. Katie N.

    I totally agree with the Up & Up Disinfectant Wipes – I use those bad boys on everything! They’re definitely the best (and some days the only!) cleaning tool I have in my repertoire 🙂

  68. Jenna

    I like the Method granite cleaner!

  69. Jen M

    Wiping down your light switched and walls. You’d be amazed at how much cleaner your house looks.

  70. Marie

    oh man I use up&up for everything! Love their stuff!

  71. Cassi

    I use up & up products whenever I can! I love their magic erasers. With white stair risers, I am constantly removing scuff marks!

  72. Alissa

    Keeping the clutter picked up makes everything feel so much better!

  73. AlliB

    I use the wipes on base boards. It makes it so easy.

  74. Stephanie

    Up and up is the best! I also like their disinfecting wipes. Plus I have to have carpet spot cleaner for the messes my little boys make.

  75. Kelly D

    My favorite cleaning trick is to keep disinfecting wipes in every bathrooms for touch ups between cleanings.

  76. Suzanne

    When I don’t have time to deep clean, I’ll do a quick clean and make sure that the visible areas of the house are clean. I dust, vacuum and mop those areas and clean the bathrooms. Then I can breathe better 🙂 I also use the Up&Up furniture polish and love it! I use it on my wood, granite, and even my ottoman. I grab a cloth, spray it on and wipe it off. Looks 1000x better afterwards!

  77. Erin

    I love to vacuum & sweep, I like to run around in barefeet!

  78. Mary Ellen

    I use vinegar and baking soda for everything! It is so cheap and it works great for all kinds of cleaning jobs!

  79. Kelly S

    My cleaning trick is to break up jobs. Some people like to do everything all in 1 day but I find it more manageable to do 1-2 rooms at a time and it’s easier for me to maintain.

  80. Mami2jcn

    My tip is to have my 11 year old vacuum. He thinks it’s fun and I get a break.

  81. Mami2jcn


  82. Jessica To

    I use old socks to wipe down my baseboards. If they are old and don’t fit my son anymore, I can just throw them away.

  83. Shannon R.

    Target rocks! I use the Up & Up laundry detergent, hand soap, disinfectant wipes, etc. My favorite easy quick microwave cleaning trick is to microwave a mixture of vinegar and water for 5 minutes and then all you have to do is wipe down the inside with a rag or paper towel… all of that food grime wipes right off.

    Also tweeted:

  84. jenny-bird

    Making sure all the little things are in their place. (e.g. keys in the entryway box, glasses in the sink, papers on the desk, etc.)

  85. Christina

    Sentsy (generic or brand name) I find that if it smells good people are more likely not to notice that it is not totally clean 🙂

  86. Sarah M.

    No shoes jackets bags or anything gets left at the door. That first lug up the stairs makes things so much easier.

  87. Michelle

    Scented candles…if a room smells clean and inviting, people will think it is. 🙂

  88. vicky s

    I have two boys and I’m two miles from the nearest Target. That means I’m a Target junkie. My trick is to splash my bathtubs, sinks, and toilet floors with the Target brand lavender bleach. I come back ten minutes later, scrub it down and I’m done. No more pee smell… for now! 🙂

  89. Victoria

    Swiffer, Fabreeze, and scented candles help keep my house smelling clean and I try to run through in the evenings and pick up all the odds and ends which make it look relatively straight and clean.

  90. Kelly P

    My trick is to do a little bit every day before I go to bed, so that I don’t have to do it all on Saturday/Sunday (which is a huge bummer.) It’s almost like I’m not doing it at all.

  91. Elena

    I use desinfecting wipes for a quick daily clean up

  92. Tabs

    I like lighting a candle! Yankee candle in God Bless America is my absolute favorite and I’m sure my husband thinks I have an addiction. (smell it, I bet you’ll love it too!) Anyway, lighting a candle makes the place smell good. So even if it isn’t clean at least it smells delicious and inviting. I also bought a sign for our living room that says “This house is messy because we LIVE here.”

    On a more serious note, I haven’t tried the Target brand (but I’m about to!) but I do LOOOOOOOOOOVE my disinfectant wipes and use them EVERYWHERE!!! A couple of swipes and things good as new. I have containers in my bathrooms and kitchen. Other than that I don’t have a whole lot of cleaning tips because…well…I hate cleaning. :/

  93. Nicole

    My favorite cleaning trick I use to make my house feel comfy and clean for my family is using air fresheners to give them home a nice scent and keeping disinfecting wipes out.

  94. PJ

    My cleaning secret is to not let it pile up. That way it’s not overwhelming. Also, I love to do a quick 5 minute (yes I set a timer) clean focusing on the main areas – kitchen, living room, and bathrooms – each day.

  95. Renee S.

    We love our swiffer vac! It not only swiffers but sucks up little pieces of dirt and dog hair galore!

  96. Natalie Yarbrough

    My best cleaning tip is to clean a little each day to avoid spending the entire weekend cleaning!

  97. I am not ashamed to tell you that my favorite cleaning tip is using baby wipes to clean everything… I have tons and they do the job when things need a quick wipe-down.

  98. heather

    My favorite cleaning tips to keep the house looking and smelling fresh is to vacuum a few times per week and put lemons down the garbage disposal to clean it out and it creates a nice natural smell.

  99. Maria

    My Great-Aunt always told me to make sure my bathroom and the top of the ketchup bottle were clean at all times. She said people would always think I had a clean house based on those two things. ha!

    Thank you!

  100. Angie

    I love the wipes too – I will spare you the details but a tube of those wipes is required in everything bathroom thanks to the potty training we are currently doing with our 2 year old! 🙂

  101. Rachel

    My favorite cleaning trick is Linda, the lady I used to pay to clean my house. =) But, she left the cleaning business, so now it’s just me (and my teens & husband). I love the up & up wipes for the bathroom. Another favorite trick is microwaving a cup of water (with lemon added if I have it) for a few minutes, then wiping the inside of the microwave… spotless & smells great! I also put a few drops of liquid dish detergent & some water in my blender, then turn the blender on to wash it out. Quick & easy peasy.

  102. My fastest approach is to wait for my son to go to bed and then I time myself for 5 minutes to see how many toys I can put in a bin, then my husband liked the idea and now we make a competition out of it. We time 5 minutes, whoever picks up the most toys, wins!

  103. I love target, but don’t get there often. It’s out of the way since it’s about a 45 minute drive and that’s not even a super target.

    1. I forgot my favorite cleaning trick. I would say that would be my kids’ chore chart. Dividing up the chores amongst the whole family definitely makes it easier. I also do the boiling water in the microwave before wiping it out. That helps a ton.

  104. Nicole

    Speed vaccuuming and putting laundry away just before guests come over always helps the cleaning cause! I’m also obsessed with the Up and Up surface wipes!

  105. Lisa Brown

    I dust a lot and use febreze on the carpets after vacuuming

  106. Katie

    I keep a pack of disinfectant wipes under the bathroom sink. Now even my 3 year old can help with everyday bathroom tidying.

  107. Katie L

    I don’t know about tricks but the up and up diapers are the BEST brand I have ever used. I rely on the super size boxes shipped right to my house!

  108. Jaymie

    I try to at least clean the bathroom and make sure the kitchen is not a total wreck when I go to bed. It helps me start my day with a clean slate. I love target and I live where walmart is hq.

  109. sandra

    hire a maid 🙂

  110. Mae

    LOVE the swiffer pads. We’ve got a German Shepherd and there are tumbleweeds of dog fur everywhere. These pads grab all those tumbleweeds like glue! My whole house is tiled so I just get the swiffer vacuum, stick an up and up pad on it and give it to one of the kids. They actually fight over whose turn it is to vacuum! Win for Mommy!

  111. I use the disinfecting wipes as well, especially in my classroom. And I LOVE up&up diapers!!!

  112. Cindy

    We use Febreze noticeables.

  113. Amy P.

    I love using Mrs. Meyer’s counter spray to clean my kitchen! It gets the counter tops clean and leaves my entire house smelling great!

  114. I put my son in knee pads and let him crawl around.

    Is that bad?

  115. Kelly H.

    Coincidence that I’m heading to Target this afternoon for more Up & Up disinfecting wipes?! I think not! Up & Up brand is cheaper, even compared to buying name brand on sale and with a coupon!

  116. Ashley H

    I spray febreze after I vacuum to give it a fresh feeling.

  117. Jennifer Belleville

    I love the disinfecting wipes for my baseboards. My daughter can help with the cleaning too and I feel the product is safe for her use.

  118. Tori S

    I love the disinfecting wipes too. They are great for spot cleaning or cleaning up big messes.

    Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but Target has a coupon for $10 off a $40 purchase of Up & Up products starting tomorrow in the weekly sales flier.

  119. Your clean blog gives your post about cleaning credibility! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity.

  120. This link will go live at 9pm on Friday, September 18th; it’s my blog post that includes a link to your giveaway. Thanks again!

  121. Jessica

    My tip is to set a timer and clean for 15 minutes at a time… Lifesaver!

  122. Janice Cooper

    I love using Febreeze plug ins! They make the house/rooms smell so good! You would think I sprayed some perfume.

  123. Bekah

    I love the disinfecting wipes! And my best house cleaning “trick” is having my kids help by doing daily chores! Seriously sounds silly but it helps SO much!!
    And have you tried the store pickup at Target? LOVE. Shop online and pick up at customer service. Seriously awesome.

  124. D Schmidt

    My best tip is to use Up&Up disinfecting cleaning wipes to freshen up rooms, its a quick and easy way to clean.

  125. Jessie C.

    I like to use baking soda for carpet deep cleaning and squeeze some lemon into wipes while cleaning around the house.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  126. Jessie C.


  127. I love those wipes! They make my life so much easier, especially in the bathroom!. I also use them in my car a lot

  128. Amy

    I love the up&up antibacterial wipes too! I have them in my kitchen and in all the bathrooms

  129. I wouldn’t say that it’s a trick but I always feel most calm when my kitchen is in order. I can relax in the evening and it’s so nice to wake up to a clean kitchen in the morning. I do run my kitchen sponges through the dishwasher to keep them from getting gross and smelly.

  130. I like their baby wipes!
    onefrugalgirl AT gmail DOT com

  131. De-clutter….that is what makes my house feel more comfy. Each day I try to pick up all the clutter that accumulates before my hubby comes home from work so he will be able to relax in a house that at least “appears” to be clean. (ha).

  132. Kimmy Ripley

    Not really a trick but I try my best to stay on top of cleaning and never fall behind on it. It’s overwhelming to clean a filthy house. It’s best to do a little cleaning every day so it stays clean.

  133. Katherine

    Sweep the floors daily cuts down in dust

  134. Cheryl

    Whenever I have soapy water in the kitchen I was a few extra surfaces, cupboards, drawers or a shelf or two in the fridge — that way it is always almost perfect and I never need a time to deep clean the kitchen.

  135. Sara

    My favorite cleaning tip is using dryer sheets to clean base boards

  136. Vincent

    I always sweep up the carpet (mostly dog hair!) before vacuuming.

  137. Kristyn Appel

    OH how I love Target!!
    My favorite cleaning trick is to buy lavender cleaning products.Makes everything smell so good and clean! I also use Target’s disinfecting wipes and put a container in every room where it is easily accessible 🙂

  138. anna pry

    i find that leaving shoes at the door, and daily sweeping the floors helps

  139. Febreeze and candles always help!


  140. Debra C

    Always keep things picked up and put back up when finished and clean kitchen as soon as finished and not leave it for later.

  141. rachel

    I love to sweep our kitchen floor. It’s the most used room in our house and knowing it’s clean makes me feel better.

  142. Samantha Daleo

    My favorite cleaning tricks are to always have the dishwasher empty and clean so no dishes land in the sink, to do a load of laundry every day so no one is ever in search of that one outfit and to wipe the counters of the kitchen and the bathrooms with disinfectant wipes every day to keep things clean and my family healthy.

  143. Angel Jacklyn


  144. Tina M

    i use Baking soda to clean the house. i also use it as deodorizer.

  145. Sarah

    Target is a weekly stop for us and I can definitely relate to the need to clean as fast as a room can be ‘undone’ by kids. Wipes have become a necessity for us!

  146. Rebecca

    When my carpets start to smell from the dog, I sprinkle with baking soda before vacuuming. I also love candles. They make a home more inviting.

  147. Melissa

    I just love Target!

  148. Amy VH

    I LOVE Target and their up and up brand. I use it for almost all of my cleaning. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  149. Mara

    I love Target!! I like to use “found” time to handle little cleaning tasks. Like when I’m waiting for water to boil, I wipe down the kitchen counters. Keeps me moving and gets things done more quickly.

  150. Deb Anderson

    Clean those ceiling fan blades! It’s easy to forget them, and sometimes a hassle to clean them, but they get absolutely filthy and then start slinging that nastiness all over the place. After a good cleaning, those rooms just seem healthier and cleaner to me. 🙂

  151. Brendy

    Just an fyi: You shouldn’t use disinfectant cleaners on granite. Granite doesn’t harbor bacteria. Soap and water is the recommended cleaner for granite.

  152. Susan Smith

    My favorite cleaning tip is to clean up my kitchen as I’m cooking so I don’t have a big pile to clean after dinner.

  153. Stephanie Phelps

    I use vinegar to pull bad smell out of the air and then I use air freshener hidden around to keep it smelling great.

  154. Gina M

    My favorite tip is to use lemons in the garbage disposal to clean and make the kitchen smell nice.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  155. Gina M


  156. Cheryl W

    I love to melt wax tarts to make my home feel comfy and clean. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  157. Denise L

    Doing a quick clean of surfaces like the kitchen counter, coffee table, and bathroom sink seems to freshen up the house without taking a lot of time.

    1. Denise L

      Please disregard that first tweet link. Here is the correct one:

  158. Norma

    Use lemon rinds to wipe down faucets and chrome handles – makes them look shiny and new!

  159. LAMusing

    Use baking soda in the fridge to keep it smelling good and rotate products on the shelves frequently to avoid spoiled food in the back of shelves.

  160. Mara

    I use “found time” to complete small cleaning tasks. For example, I’ll wipe down the counter while I’m waiting for my coffee to reheat in the microwave or fold a few towels while waiting for E to use the potty. Keeps things from piling up.

  161. Christina

    I LOVE up&up disinfecting wipes too! So quick and easy. I also do a quick pickup every night after the kids are in bed to have a “fresh start” every morning.

  162. Justine

    i keep baskets everywhere to minimize clutter and I can sort through them later.. I also use the up and up wipes and disinfectant spray daily ..

  163. Anne

    Ugh–I did not inherit the housework gene, so none of it comes easy for me. One thing I’ve found that helps me keep up (somewhat) is to make sure I have supplies where I need them, which means duplicates of everything–a full set of cleansers and wipes in both the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms, for example.

  164. Anne

    Here’s the link to my tweet about your blog post and the Target promotion:

  165. Dee

    My trick is to do everything at the start of the day that way I don’t worry about it! 🙂

  166. Lee

    I rub an apple or a fresh potato wedge on wooden carving board to remove odors from chopping garlic or onions.

  167. shelly peterson

    I like to used disinfecting wipes for cleaning many things like the bathroom, the walls and kitchen counters.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  168. Aurelie Red

    Hi Katie, my cleaning trick is to use disinfectant spray and wipes, a very quick way to clean up !
    Thanks for the giveaway 😉

  169. maria cantu

    Clean when no one is home.

  170. Barbara M

    I diffuse Purification essential oil for a clean scent.
    thank you

  171. Eugenie

    I use lemon rinds from used up lemons to clean surfaces.

  172. Debbie B

    it’s always nicer to deal with cleaning the kitchen a little bit at a time rather than blowing a whole precious weekend day on a deep-clean

  173. Kerry

    I don’t have much for tricks – I do like to get the kids involved in helping cleaning….makes things go faster.

  174. kjasus

    i clean my sink with baking soda. cheap and easy!

  175. Erica Best

    i love used simple green cleaner to keep my from get sick from Strong cleaners

  176. Kayte CookWatts

    I really try to clean as messes happen. Just 5 minutes of cleaning each day can make a big difference. I feel like I do better if I do one room each day.

  177. Rebecca Graham

    I use baking soda to clean everything.

  178. Betty C

    My favorite trick is one I learned from my sister-in-law many years ago. Never leave a room empty handed if there are things there that don’t belong. It takes no time at all to pick up a glass or cup or a child’s toy and deposit it in the right room.

  179. My fav cleaning trick is to have removeable couch covers that I can throw into the washing machine. I have three cats, so this keeps the couch hair free for company and is also a protectant against accidents. If they get dirty, you just wash them! SO much easier than cleaning upholstery!

  180. Carmen N

    My favorite trick is to hint to my hubby that something needs to be cleaned … and then he does it (no, he’s not for rent) LOL

  181. Amanda Sakovitz

    I use a lot of cleaning wipes

  182. Thomas Murphy

    I clean my house weekly so it stays clean.

  183. Tabathia B

    I use an old tshirt as a dusting cloth

    tbarrettno1 at

  184. Birdiebee

    One of my favorite cleaning tricks for cleaning glass shower doors is use a damp dryer sheet to remove the scale and hard water spots from the shower doors. This is an awesome way to clean them.

  185. Sonya Morris

    I make my own floor cleaning spray with water, alcohol, and little bit of my favorite scented essential oil. It leaves my house smelling great and my floors look amazing!

  186. Shannon

    Wow great tips! I just try to clean up as I go so it’s not so overwhelming to tackle it all at once.

  187. Rebecca Thomas

    I like to use frebreeze on everything!!! it makes it smell REALLY clean!

  188. Ashley Tucker

    My favorite tip is to clean a little at a time to keep up with it all.

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