Family Life in the Chevy Traverse

I was fortunate enough to test drive a Chevrolet Traverse a few weeks ago. As an on-the-go family of four, we need a vehicle that is able to keep up with the demands of our family, and the Chevy Traverse did just that and more! We started the week out with some back-to-school shopping for Bean. He started kindergarten last week, and I needed to make sure he was decked out with every possible pencil and two-pocket folder known to man. And, let me tell you, pencils and folders take up a LOT of room!  So, it was a good thing that we had the Chevy Traverse, which we packed to the gills. The back two rows of seats fold down for best-in-class maximum cargo space. This meant we could fit the entirety of the three school supply aisles of the store plus my giant double stroller. And we didn’t even need to lay down the seats for the extra storage! 3 copy Later in the week, I was able to take the Chevy Traverse out all by my lonesome to go grocery shopping. When you are a working mom, like me, there just aren’t many luxuries in your day-to-day life. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. Most extra money, time, and resources go to our kids. So, to have an ultra-comfortable and luxurious car to drive around was a thrill for me. Every time I got in the car — whether for a girls’ night out, a family adventure, or just a solitary trip to the grocery store — I felt like I was being pampered! 4 copy One of my favorite luxuries in the Chevy Traverse was the Bluetooth® connection feature. My current car has Bluetooth, so the concept was not unknown to me. But the Chevy Traverse seemed to have a much more intuitive Bluetooth system. For example, when you use the Bluetooth to call someone, the car is smart enough to lower your air conditioning if it is blaring (as it always is in August in Orlando) so that the sound doesn’t interfere with the phone call. HOW STINKING SMART IS THAT?!?! The Bluetooth in the Chevy Traverse was also much better when synced up with the music I played through my smartphone. Even if the car had been turned off, it was still smart enough to remember my music from the previous drive and it automatically synced up with whatever I was listening to before. This saved me from having to go back into my phone every time I got back in the car and set up my music all over again. Those may not seem like major reasons to purchase a car, but they are such timesavers! I love any good feature that saves time and makes life easier. 3 copy 4 My solitary grocery trip that week was wonderful with the little luxuries that the Chevy Traverse provided, but it was once again the cargo space that saved the day. Without a doubt, I ALWAYS forget to take my big honkin’ stroller out of the back of my car when I go grocery shopping. This means I have to then balance my enormous carload of groceries strategically around the stroller to make sure everything is safe and secure. No one likes broken cookies, after all. brown.MC.IMG_0530 But this time, my groceries fit right beside the stroller. And, once again, I didn’t even have to lay down the second row of seating. In fact, I went all week without having to use the second row of storage — and we haul around a LOT of stuff!  Take our family trip to the beach, for instance. We hauled the four of us, plus my sweet mother-in-law, Jackie, and every beach item we own in the Chevy Traverse for a day trip to the beach. Chris was able to fit everything in the car without even having to lower the third row of seats! I was shocked! Anytime we head to the beach, we take up the entire cargo area of my current car — and that doesn’t even include beach chairs. But we fit it all and still had room to bring sea shells home, too! brown.MC.IMG_0645The beach that we go to allows cars to drive on it, which I love. It saves you from having to walk all the way up to the parking lots when you have two small kids with you. I was really excited to roll up in the Chevy Traverse! She looked so perty in the sand! brown.MC.IMG_0662 brown.MC.IMG_0675  I am a firm believer that a family car should make family life easier. It should literally be the vehicle of ease and comfort for your family adventures, and this is exactly what the Chevy Traverse was for our family. It made our time together easier and more comfortable, which left more time for us to enjoy each other. brown.MC.IMG_0698 brown.MC.IMG_0733 brown.MC.IMG_0739 Also, driving around in a vehicle with an NHTSA 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for safety** had me resting easy, whether we were on short trips or long ones, knowing that my family was safely taken care of. The kids really appreciated the safety score of the Chevy Traverse, as well. They just didn’t know it…. brown.MC.IMG_0744 brown.MC.IMG_0745 The week that I test drove the Chevy Traverse was also my first week back at school as a teacher. Talk about highs and lows that week! This was the week of pre-planning, so we had no students. And things always get hairy when there aren’t any students around. One day, we celebrated (and/or mourned) our return to school with a celebratory lunch off-campus somewhere, which is a luxury teachers do not get during the school year. I was so excited to actually be the one to drive our group! In my current car, there is only seating for four. And we have two car seats in there, too. That means, I can normally only take one other person in my car at any given time. But not this week! I was able to fit six of us in the Chevy Traverse — with room to spare! 3 copy 2 I had a great week test driving the new Chevy Traverse. It is definitely a car made by family people for family people. You can tell how much thought was put into family life when this car was created. From room to seat up to 8*** of your family and friends, to the cargo space for hauling the essentials for family adventures, to the small conveniences of everyday luxuries, this car is a treat to drive. But don’t just take my word for it. See for yourselves….




*Go to to find out which phones are compatible with the vehicle.

**Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program (

***Seating for up to 8 is standard on LS and 1LT. Available on 2LT. LTZ seats 7.

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5 Thoughts to “Family Life in the Chevy Traverse”

  1. Kristi

    We have a Chevy Equinox right now (with one child) and love it! It was just a more comfortable driving experience than the other ones we drove. We talk about getting a Chevy Traverse when we have more kids- thanks for the review!

  2. I can’t see the video at the end of your post. I saw it on your other Chevy post and I was wondering if you could loop the clip of the teachers dancing around the car and turn it into a .gif because the internet. Thanks.

  3. jamie62 now

    Love to hear you all love this car!!! We are looking to buy me a little SUV, so I can feel safe and also, pick up our Grand’s! ( I am still driving my 2001 Malibu…but it still runs, and I still Love it)!!!

  4. Catherine

    Glad you like the vehicle but you have to start using re-usable grocery bags! You’re killing the environment!

  5. A car like this is a thing of dreams for us. Over the pond here we just don’t DO “big cars” well at all. There isn’t as much of a demand for them, so they’re just not available. So I’m stuck with my teeny tiny mini (and I mean mini!) MPV trying to shuttle two boys in car seats, a double stroller, grocery shopping and whatever else. Shuttling luggage too for a holiday is a nightmare! Something like this would be a dream – I’m jealous of you getting to test her out!

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