The Yin and Yang of Parenting


Michael got Student of the Month today.  First Student of the Month in his class this year.



Gracie went time out for throwing mulch at kids on the playground.  Twice.



You win some, you lose some…


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3 Thoughts to “The Yin and Yang of Parenting”

  1. Yep, all 3 of my kids looked exactly alike at birth (saved on birth photos), had the same two parents and YET they are night and day and night! I look at my 5 siblings and wonder how in blue blazes are we related! Interesting stuff.

  2. Suzanne

    HHHAHAHAHAAA! Yep, that’s about right 🙂

  3. Beanie, Gracie and Tillman's Nana

    In all fairness, Gracie deserves to win “Cuddler of the Month”

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