She loves castles, doll babies, and tea sets.

She loves her brother even more.

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She squeals when she sees a butterfly and screams when she sees a lizard.

She is deathly afraid of love bugs.

She loves to cook.

She loves babies.

She loves jewelry.

She loves shoes.

She REALLY loves tutus.

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She has a laugh that brightens up the room.

She is slow to anger.

She believes every bump, bruise, scrape, or blow of the wind requires a bandaid.

She hates to eat.

She loves to drink apple juice.

She does whatever she wants and is never apologetic about that.

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She can spend hours on a swing and she laughs the whole time.

She would always rather be naked.

She wants to be in kindergarten so very, very badly.

She has the sweetest little singing voice and she loves to use it.

She wants her hair to be as long as “Weepunzel” and she asks me every morning if it touches the floor yet.

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She is a good friend to her classmates.

She is the teacher’s pet.

She has her name put on yellow or red at LEAST once a week for not listening.

She carries books everywhere she goes.

She loves the library as much as I do.

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She is impatient.

She is so much fun.

She will be incredibly successful one day, but only by doing something she loves passionately.

She loves to hold her daddy’s face as close to her own as possible.

She kisses me on the nose and then on the lips every night before bed.

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I cannot imagine the world without her in it.

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Photo credit:  Jenn Hopkins Photography


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12 Thoughts to “She.”

  1. Vicki

    omg…. this so describes my 27 year old Caroline when she was Gracie’s age.
    Prayers that she grows into the wonderful human being Caroline is.
    ( Caroline is a sorority sister of Jenny)

  2. Nikki

    So beautiful! You have captured her spirit and personality beautifully.

  3. Valentina

    Sara S best friend ever 🙂

  4. Nydia Nelly

    This entire post (pictures and all) would make a beautiful keepsake book for Gracie. Great gift for when she’s older and can treasure it 🙂

  5. Bean, Gracie & Tillman's Nana

    She melts her Nana’s heart!

  6. Laura

    So glad you “take her laughter and her tears, and make them all [your] souvenirs.” What a beautiful post and even better portraits… and now you’ve got me humming some Elvis Costello, too…. ! Bless you, Katie and Gracie!

  7. Grandma Barnes

    My beautiful great granddaughter, Gracie. So lovely!

  8. Maren

    She is a doll!

    That’s all I have to say. The end.

  9. She sounds pretty darn awesome!

  10. Jenna

    I am a boy mama already and sometimes feel unsure about “how I’ll do” as a soon to be girl mom too. This makes me sooo excited for my baby girl (due right around Ginny’s!) and getting to know her new little personality. Love!

  11. Rachel K

    This is wonderful post. Beautiful daughter!! So sweet!!

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