A Conversation with Bean

“Police nabidab… Police nabidab…”

“I think you mean, ‘Feliz navidad,'” I said.

“No, it goes, ‘Police nabidab,'” he said, as he continued to sing in the backseat of my car.

“Where’d you learn that song?” I asked.


“Nowhere,” he replied.

“Well, then how do you know the words?”

“It’s just in my head,” he said.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” he said, nonchalantly.  “I keep lots of important stuff in there.”

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6 Thoughts to “A Conversation with Bean”

  1. Haha, he is so cute! 🙂 And it’s “feliz”.

    1. Katie

      I’ll fix it now!

  2. What a cutie! He says the funniest things. lol

  3. That is just plain adorable

  4. Sarah

    So cute! My 3yo son has been wanting to listen to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck all the time in the car and right before bed (what a lullaby)… Thanks Disney!! It was in Planes: Fire and Rescue and since there isn’t a soundtrack out, that’s the only song we found and he’s just obsessed. I was worried that he’d sing along something not so nice, but then I realized that even I can’t even tell what most of the words are. He makes it up as he goes along, so as long as he’s making up something clean, he’s free to sing.

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