The Thanksgiving Scramble

The Day of the Turkey is near, friends.  I can tell because the laundry piled sky-high in every room of our house is taunting me and the hairballs on our kitchen floor are actually laughing at me.  Clearly, family is coming to town.


Tomorrow, we happily welcome Chris’s family into our home for Thanksgiving.  And I do mean happily.  I’m one of those people you hate, who somehow managed to secure a lovely mother-in-law, and I am always happy when Jackie and Charles come to visit.  This year, we are hosting not just Jackie and Charles, but Jackie’s dad, John, and Chris’s sister, Annie, and her boyfriend, Justin.  It will be a full house, which is my favorite at any holiday.

The only downside to hosting at the holidays is that I have to prepare for all these people to be LIVING in my house for a few days.  And that will require extensive cleaning products and quite an impressive liquor store bill.


Yesterday, I stocked our fridge and pantry with food for their visit.  I spent an ungodly amount of money at the grocery store, came home and put hot pink Post-It notes all over the food that read, “DO NOT TOUCH THIS FOOD!  IT’S FOR THE GUESTS!” and then realized I had bought nothing to feed my actual family of four until the guests arrive on Wednesday.  So, I have to go back today and get something to make for dinner tonight.

Isn’t that a bummer.

Also, today I am on the hunt for cinnamon scented oil to put in my oil burner so that my house doesn’t smell like dog, like it normally does.

These are all very important tasks, let me assure you.

Actually, as much as I complain, it’s all in fun because I love hosting holidays.  I love to cook big meals (for people besides my children, who don’t eat a meal I prepare without a list of complaints – “What’s this red stuff?” or “I only like the circle noodles!” or “Why is it mushy?”).  Somehow, Chris and I have managed to host Thanksgiving at our house for the last few years, and it has been lovely.  I get to cook in my PJ’s all day, sipping on champaign, and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Which is a requirement for Thanksgiving in our house.

I make a big breakfast that will (hopefully)  hold us over until we eat around 3:00 in the afternoon.  Then, we’ll take long, lazy naps after lunch, and wake up just in time for a plate of leftovers and football.  And maybe after that, since we’re all well-rested from our naps, we’ll watch a Christmas movie and Jackie and I will plan our attack for Black Friday shopping.  Throw in some banana pudding that my sister-in-law is making this year, and I’m a happy turkey.


But for now, I’m off to The Walmarts to hunt for cinnamon oil and maybe an extra bottle of wine or two.  And maybe some Windex because I haven’t bought any since the year I got married.  And I should probably pick up something for dinner tonight.  And I need one more pillow for the spare bedroom.  Oh, and some more paper towels and toilet paper.  And I should probably get another turkey baster because Gracie recently used mine to suck an acorn out of a crack in the sidewalk, so now that’s stuck in there.  And maybe another bottle of wine…


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5 Thoughts to “The Thanksgiving Scramble”

  1. Ginny

    ‘Tis the season… and I’ll be doing it 8.5 months pregnant! 🙂

  2. Dyanna

    If Walmart doesn’t have the oil, and you see this comment, I know they have it at Yankee Candle because I just had to buy some as well.

  3. Shelley


    Save some $ and use a vinegar/water mix instead of buying Windex.

    Also, believe it or not, dogs don’t really have a natural “dog odor.” That familiar doggie smell is from Kibble. After the hectic holidays are over, look into raw feeding. You’ll be stunned to discover not only doesn’t Molly smell “doggie,” but yard cleanups will make you think you have a dog 1/3 her size. If the ick factor is too much, start with the pre-prepared frozen 5# logs of raw. Your dog will be healthier and lose a little of that Kibble weight.

    I’ve got a larger dog than Molly that doesn’t even smell when wet!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Amber

    I have to tell you something sad. I live in Utah and can’t get a bottle of wine at the Walmarts. How sad is that? I actually have to plan a special trip to the state liquor store to get any kind of alcoholic beverage other than watered down beer. Wish me luck, the liquor stores are always packed right before a holiday. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love reading your blog!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Easy tip to make the house smell amazing, and possibly saving you another trip out to a store. Pick up some mulling spices at the grocery store. Let them simmer on low for as long as you want. Makes the house smell fantastic. You might even be able to do that in crock pot, which I only now just considered. Hope you have the best time!

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