Christmas Recap and A BABY!!!!! (not mine…)

I have been trying to decide how to share our Christmas adventures on the blog without boring everyone to death with a ton of boring pictures and stories that you really had to be there in order for them to be funny.  Finally, I decided on a slideshow.

Some of the pictures are self-explanatory and some of them probably need a caption or two to help you understand what’s happening, but I’m skipping all of that because I think this video sums up our entire Christmas well enough without words.

We had so much fun just being together with family.  Laughing, sharing, cooking, giving, receiving, praying, and waiting for my sweet niece, Faith, to make her appearance.  Unfortunately, my family had to leave town before Baby Faith made her grand arrival. But she arrived this morning at 8:45am, weighing 7.9lbs and 19 inches long.


I am so disappointed not to be there with them, but Chris says it’s probably for the best because every time I see a new picture of her, I beg him for another baby. Which is physically impossible for us now (snip, snip), but Chris says he is more than willing to keep trying…



For now, I am just CONTENT (have you read my #oneword2015 post yet?) to coo at Baby Faith in FaceTime conversations.


Christmas was pretty great this year, but becoming an aunt again is definitely my best gift!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, GINNY AND JOHN MICHAEL!!!!!!

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9 Thoughts to “Christmas Recap and A BABY!!!!! (not mine…)”

  1. Jenn

    Surgery can be reversed you know 😉 haha. Congrats Ginny!

  2. myd

    Awe, she’s a doll baby!

    And We are in the snip, snip club swell… just FYI… if you are ever late, do not ever google “pregnancy after v-” – it will have you hiding under a table for the rest of your life!

  3. Awww a new baby for the new year! Precious! And how does Ginny look so awesome right after giving birth?!

  4. Congratulations! I love the picture of your nephew checking out his new sister.

  5. Janet

    Your sister looks absolutely fantastic in that picture. Congrats to all!

  6. Before reading the whole title of the post I was thinking, “What?! She was pregnant?” haha. Congrats on being an aunt again! The first picture of your kiddos in the slide show is adorable! It looks like your family had a wonderful holiday season with lots of memories made! Happy New Year!

  7. Jen

    So excited for Ginny and JM! Baby Faith is so sweet!

    Had to laugh at your snip snip comment. We’ve decided that’s the best route for us as well after this baby gets here but every time it is discussed, my husband acts like it’s going to be Dr Nick from the Simpsons coming at him with a pair of pliers or something. Was Chris that paranoid or just my guy?

  8. Michelle Kolwyck

    She’s beautiful! Congrats to your family on the arrival of their newest member!

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