The Time Out Fail

This morning, Gracie was in time out for who-knows-what.  We have two designated “time out spots” in our house, which makes it easy to enforce when there is a discipline issue.  The kids know if they get sent to time out when we are downstairs, they have to sit on the bottom step of the staircase.  If they get in trouble upstairs, they have to sit on the bench in our bedroom.  They’ve had these time out spots for years, so it’s pretty easy to give a time out.

Nowadays, we aren’t giving nearly as many as we were when they were both under four.  I feel like for a year there, someone was ALWAYS in time out.  Lately, though, time outs have become the last resort since they both generally respond well to correction the first time we ask.  But if there is habitual discipline issues, then time out is used.  Basically, if you bother me for an extended period of time, you need to go to time out to save your life.  And time outs are ALWAYS used for hurting someone.  Hitting, kicking, pushing, spitting (that would be Gracie…) will get you in time out right away the very first time, every time.

I think it was pushing that had Gracie sitting in time out this morning.


I had laundry all over the bench in our bedroom, though, so Gracie couldn’t go to the regular time out spot.  Instead, I had sent her to the rocking chair in my bedroom, with strict instructions NOT to rock, but to just SIT STILL, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

So, I walk by her a couple minutes later, and she is all curled up so comfy cozy in the rocking chair, humming a song, and tapping her feet to the beat.

When she saw me coming, she straightened right up in the chair and called out happily, “Mom!  ‘Dis chair is so COMFY!”

#timeoutfail #graciewins #graciealwayswins

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3 Thoughts to “The Time Out Fail”

  1. Suzanne

    Gracie girl! Oh kids, they are such wonderful little creatures 🙂

  2. Heather

    This is random, but do you send them both to timeout if they both hit or just the one who hit first?

  3. jamie

    gracie spits? i sorta laughed.

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