Long Weekends, Happy Hearts

Friday was a teacher planning day for me.  I originally planned to send the kids to our daycare because they offer an extended day program on days when the public schools are closed.  But Bean has figured out that if HE doesn’t have school, then I don’t have school either.  So, he was like, “Can’t I just come with you?”

And then when Gracie squeaked out, “Me, too?”

Well, how could I say no?

So, Friday, we ran some errands and worked in my classroom together.  And it was way better than doing all those things by myself.


We spent the weekend close to home, as I prefer all weekends to be when I have the choice. We had movie night (while Chris watched the Rangers game on the iPad with one eye…)


We stayed in our jammies all day long, even when we went out to the backyard to play.

We vegged out on Disney Junior and My Little Pony episodes on Netflicks.

We cuddled on Sunday morning instead of going to church. Sometimes, I think God likes when we do that.

We went to ballet.


And we did a lot of nebulizer treatments for Bean’s chest cold.

On Monday, we all had the day off for MLK, so we played with Nana all day long!

Sometimes, we need weekends to get things done. And then, sometimes, we need weekends to do a whole lot of nothing. Those really are the best.



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2 Thoughts to “Long Weekends, Happy Hearts”

  1. Ruhh Belle

    Aww, how beautiful your kids are! Yeah, sometimes do nothing is great hahahah But, I really love do something fun with my parents and sisters. Good times together =)
    God blesses you!

  2. Those are the kind of weekends, when you did absolutely nothing huge or major, that you wish would never end. They’re the best!

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