Stitch Fix #1

MY STITCH FIX CAME!  MY STITCH FIX CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know what Stitch Fix is?  Because I wasn’t sure about it until I did it.  Stitch Fix is a personal shopping website.  You go online and sign up, telling them all about your body type, size, style preferences, and even a little bit about you so they know who they are shopping for.  Next, you sign up for how often you want to receive a shipment.  I chose once every other month because it is a little pricey for my budget, but I figured I could splurge every other month without breaking the bank (…or ending my marriage).

Stitch Fix assigns you a personal stylist who then takes all your information and puts together your “fix.”  She will send you five pieces of clothing and/or jewelry that she believes fit you and your style.  Then, when your box arrives, you try it all on in the comfort of your own home.  You keep what you want to keep and mail the rest back in a prepaid envelope.  Stitch Fix just bills you for what you keep!

SO EASY!!!!!!

My first box arrived last week and I was AMAZED!  Everything in it looked just like something I would have bought myself!


(Before I begin, let me apologize for these crappy pictures. I can explain. I was feeling HORRENDOUSLY fat on the day I went to take pictures of myself in these clothes for my blog, and I ended up deleting all the pictures of me, crying in the bathroom, and then putting myself on a massive diet. True story. I’ll blog about that later.)

So, here are the pieces, one by one.

The first thing I tried on were these black stretchy, amazingly awesome MAGIC pants. These puppies made me look SKINNY. Well, from the side I looked skinny. If I walked around sideways for the rest of my life, these would have been my pants.

Ignore the highly confused face in this picture. I was wondering where the hell my thighs had gone.


I went back and forth on these pants for two days about whether to keep them or not. Ultimately, I decided that a) I couldn’t walk around sideways for the rest of my life and b) I already have a few pair of black pants. I just couldn’t justify buying another pair.  Magic or not.

The next thing they sent me was this really cute striped top. It looks like something I would own! Sadly, it was snug around my midsection (DAMN THE OREOS!!!!!) and so I passed on this, too. But I really liked it, and will keep my eye out for something similar when I look like a supermodel one day. With a black pencil skirt and a mustard colored cardigan… Super cute!

They also sent me this chunky, maroon cardigan. I loved this one. It was oversized and really comfortable. But it fit me a little broad in the shoulders (I’ve discovered through Stitch Fix that I am fat, but narrow…). The real kicker, though, was how heavy it was. It was way too hot for Orlando weather. I wouldn’t get to wear it very often, and that wasn’t worth the money to me. So, I wore it around my house all day because it was a chilly afternoon and then packed it up to send back.

The necklace on that cardigan was my fifth piece. It was an oversized pearl in a gold setting on a really long gold chain. It was gorgeous and I would have worn it with the black and white striped shirt OR the cardigan OR the dress (coming up next), but I own a bajillion pieces of jewelry and so I decided to save my money for something I needed more.

The piece that I AM keeping is absolutely perfect. It is just my style, fits me like a glove, makes me feel pretty, and is very versatile. It’s this gray chevron dress.

I mean, really. How cute is that??? I wore it yesterday to work with black tights, black round-toe heels, and a black cardigan. I got so many compliments!


But in the spring, I can also pair it with this pretty coral colored cardigan I already own and a pair of nude heels. Or a navy cardigan. Or a pink one. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!!!! Plus, I already own this gray multi-strang of giant pearls that I bought at Neiman Marcus a few years ago. It matches perfectly!


I can’t remember the prices of all the pieces, but when you sign up, you choose your price range per piece of clothing. I’m in the $50-$100 per piece category and I was really pleased with everything I got.

I really like that they don’t send you complete outfits. That way, you can pick and choose what you want without feeling like you have to buy everything. I loved all of my items, but only kept one and I feel really good about that. I would never have found something like that dress shopping on my own (because I am a terrible clothes shopper), so this service works perfectly for me.

Another thing I like is that your stylist writes you a personalized note and sends you a style card with ideas for how to wear each piece. She specifically chose things that were easy and comfortable to wear while teaching and with my own young kids at home, and her style cards were very similar to a lot of the looks I like on Pinterest. Oh, that’s another thing! You can link your Pinterest board to your style profile on Stitch Fix and your stylist can see what kind of things you like. She nailed mine. It was like my Pinterest board walked into my house!


This is not a sponsored post – other than the stylist who sent me my fix, no one at Stitch Fix even knows who I am. I just wanted to share my new addiction with you, in the hopes that some of you might become addicted and then I wouldn’t have to face my addiction alone. So, if you want to try it out, use my referral link:

And then have a pep talk with your bank account and your husband.

It’s worth it.

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9 Thoughts to “Stitch Fix #1”

  1. Amy

    I received those same magic pants in my first fix and sadly sent them back as well. It was a huge internal debate because they really were amazing. Love the dress and can’t wait to see your next box of goodies!

  2. Valentina

    What a perfect website and service!! Could you tell them to open the same service in Italy?? I surely want be their client!!!!

  3. Jen

    I love stitch fix! I’ve just cleaned out my closet so I can get another fix. You know…after this baby gets here…and I lose the weight…so in like a year. I hope they still have that dress! It looks fabulous on you!

  4. Kate

    Got my first “fix” yesterday and no joke it was like Christmas! Soo fun! I ended up keeping two shirts. Then I signed up to get a new fix every 2-3 weeks cause if I don’t like it I don’t pay for it! Why not?!? LoVE your dress/ too cute! (Btw you’re sooo not fat!)

  5. Meghan

    I want to try Stitch, and I just realized they will ship to APO addresses. SCORE! Might sign up through your link today. 🙂

    On another note, I have noticed (and have been told by my sister/your friend) that you are great at picking out jewelry and always have really cute accessories. I, however, stink at it…..would love to glean some advice from you in that category. 🙂

    On a final note, if you are trying to start a new routine, I just learned about this website that could help you:

    You can set up a goal and earn money for yourself after your achieve it OR you can even set it so, if you don’t reach your goal, your money goes to an “anti-charity” (someone/group you don’t like and would hate to support).

  6. What a great first Fix! You are way too hard on yourself, you look amazing!

  7. M

    Thanks for this – looks great, I just ordered my first box! Can you tell us where the pearl necklace is from/what brand? I love it so much, but am unsure if I’ll get it in any of my boxes …

  8. Brie

    I signed up through your referral link! So excited for my first box to come 🙂 love that dress they sent you!

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