An Athletic Upgrade

Bean had his first tee ball practice this past Sunday, and it was pretty much as cute as you can imagine.


I think Bean will like tee ball. It seems to fit his personality well. It gives him the experience of a team sport, but it has very individual components to it, too, and I think Bean does better with individual instruction and attention.



Plus, we have discovered over the past year that Bean has a KILLER arm. He can throw a ball clear across our backyard and hit his target every time. He’s also super fast, and can outrun all his classmates. And he’s built like a baseball player, too. Long and lean. And, yes, it is awfully early to say, “Bean will be a baseball player!” but it’s at least worth a season to tee ball to see what he thinks.




For now, it’s enough to know that he is having a great time, is meeting new friends, and is leaning a lot about responsibility and teamwork.



Gracie and I are excited because the tee ball fields are definitely a step up from the soccer fields. We get actual STANDS to cheer in for tee ball! And I haven’t even told Gracie about the CONCESSION STAND yet! Her head might explode!


The downside of tee ball? It’s not a game, it’s a damn LIFESTYLE in our neighborhood. He has two games a week, plus a practice night (not to mention ballet for Gracie one night a week and my ESOL class I am taking for my teaching certification two nights a week…Oy.). I grumbled along with all the other parents about the time commitment at the field today, but secretly in my heart, I was squealing, “THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!”

Check back with me around mid-March and see if I feel the same way…


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6 Thoughts to “An Athletic Upgrade”

  1. He is so cute!!
    We have three in ball and it gets hectic to say the least, but it is so much fun.

  2. Kelly H.

    Ha! You are just starting. Two 10 year olds that play multiple sports = no life. Seriously, though, I would not trade our crazy schedule for the world because they love what they are doing (and I love sports).

  3. Jenna

    How does he already know how to sit like a baseball player? I love it! Have fun!!

    1. Katie

      Actually, the coach TAUGHT them how to sit like baseball players! It was one of the first things they learned! hahahaha!!!!

  4. Mary Ashleigh

    Little ball players are sooo cute! I can hardly stand the little baseball pants. I think I love watching the LLWS more than the regular world series 🙂

  5. Hilary

    The concession stand got me through three seasons of my brother’s Little League games!

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