It’s Under the Log

Some of my favorite conversations are the ones I have with the kids while driving around.  It’s pretty funny to hear what they think about things.  They are even getting to the age now where they have real conversations together, without me having to prompt them.  Those are even funnier.

However, conversations between a kindergartener and a preschooler can spiral out of control pretty quickly…


After school today, I picked the kids up from daycare and we headed over to Bean’s tee ball coach’s house to pick up his uniform.  As we were driving, we passed a police car on the road.

“Mom!” Bean said urgently.  “Did you know that you can’t speed in a car?  It’s under the law.”

And before I could correct the “under” with “against,” Gracie chipped in.

“It’s under the log?”

“Yeah,” Bean said.  “It’s under the law.”

“Under the LOG?”

“No, under the LAW!”

“What is?”

“The LAW!” shouted Bean.

“The LOG?” and then before Bean could answer her, Gracie turned quickly to me.  “Mom, does Beanie’s coach live under a log, too?”

At this point, I was so confused, I said yes, and then turned the radio up louder.  Now I know what Helen Keller’s mother felt like…

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5 Thoughts to “It’s Under the Log”

  1. haha I’ve gotten myself in trouble with just saying yes, though but I still do the same thing.

  2. Becky

    lololololololololololol still lololololol <3

  3. Ha!!!! Kids conversations confuse and entertain me 🙂

  4. Its amazing how they come up with things like that. The other day we were all the car, and my husband was driving. My son told me that I was no longer allowed to drive because daddy drives faster, and he knows how not to get in trouble with the police officers. All I could do was laugh, and my daughter told him mommies car mommies rules. lol! What they come up with at these ages!

  5. I am CRACKING UP. I can only imagine…

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