Stitch Fix #2

I have been debating about how to do pictures my Stitch Fix posts.  I know I should probably take pictures of myself wearing the clothes.  That’s what a good blogger would do, I’m sure.  But I can’t do that because that would require Chris taking pictures of me wearing the clothes, and Chris takes the most unflattering pictures of me EVER.  Seriously.  It’s like he TRIES to make me look terrible in every picture he takes.

And if it’s not Chris’s terrible photography skills, then this happens:


A small child bolts through the middle of my fashion shoot.  Usually, muttering something like, “You look funny!” as they run by.

In short, I don’t feel pretty when I have to pose for pictures in clothing.

So, you’ll have to settle for these pictures of the clothes hanging on hangers.  Or, the occasional Instagram picture I post (which is taken from above, making me look skinny and petite, like any decent photographer will tell you… CHRIS…).


Moving on…  I LOVED my last Stitch Fix.  LOVED IT!  In fact, I loved it so much that I kept all five pieces.  Which is great because if you keep all five, you get a 25% discount.  Everybody wins!


The first piece I tried on were these adorable light blue ankle pants.  They were the perfect length for a short-legged person like me.  Capris are just too short and make me look frumpy, but this length hit right above my ankle and was much more flattering.  And they fit perfectly.  I think that’s the part that has impressed me the most about Stitch Fix.  I don’t know how they get everything to fit so well.  I can’t even do that when I’m dressing myself in a store, much less dressing a stranger by mail!


I happened to have this really cute blue-toned cardigan to pair with these pants.  But the little fashion card my stylist sent me suggested that I could wear these pants with the peach tunic I got, too.  I wore that together last week, actually, and it was so pretty!


Speaking of the peach tunic, let’s pause here for dramatic effect to gaze adoringly at this peach tunic.


As a redhead, I have a very critical eye when it comes to peach.  In some cases, it can really wash out a pale-skinned redhead.  But if the peach is just peachy enough, it can be incredibly flattering.  This is the correct color of peach, in case you were wondering.  Rich enough to be lovely, but pale enough to be demure and feminine.


Plus, look at the detailing.  The sleeves and the top of the back of the tunic are actually quilted.  And I love the petal sleeves.  I also really like that the bottom has a thicker band around it, which makes the tunic stand out away from my body a little bit when you wear it.  That keeps it from being clingy in all the wrong places, and makes the fit very flattering.  I immediately put this in the YES pile.


I paired it with this scarf that I ordered from Zulily a few months ago, and it matched perfectly. I also wore it a different day with a teal statement necklace, and that was pretty, too.


The second tunic I got didn’t impress me very much at first.  The color was gorgeous, but other than that, it seemed a bit plain to me.  Until I put it on.  This sucker fits like someone tailored it for me.  And it is so flattering in places that are never flattering for me.


It has these little cap sleeves, which I normally avoid like the plague.  Sooooooo horrible on my arms.  I look like the Michelin Man in cap sleeves.  But these stop at just the right spot and they kind of stand up on their own, without really standing out awkwardly.  I love that about them because it keeps them from fitting my arms too tight (which my arm flab really appreciates).


I have worn this several times already, too.  I paired it first with a denim jacket, statement necklace, and black pants for church last Sunday.

(This was the only somewhat decent picture out of 500 that I made Chris take.)

(Also, ignore my sunburn. It’s tee ball season.)

(Also, I look like I’m scared and slightly drunk in this picture.)

(I was neither.)


And for work one day last week, I wore it with skinny jeans and sandals (sorry, snowy people).  I also wore the necklace that I kept from my Stitch Fix, too.  You can’t see it very well in this picture, but it is a long, gold chair with a skinny triangle and skinny circle on the end.

My students kept asking me if I was in the Illuminati.  I told them yes and they believed me.  Now, they think I’m friends with Jay-Z.  And possibly Tom Hanks, since he was in “that one movie.”

And these are the students whose academic performance determines my paycheck…  (sigh…)


The last item was this gorgeous, navy and white cardigan.  This girl is super light-weight and perfect to take the edge off a chilly classroom.  Plus, it goes with anything!  I’ve worn it with the plum shirt from above, and I wore it with jeans and a white tee shirt to one of Bean’s tee ball games.  I already had a cardigan very similar to this and so my first instinct was that I didn’t need another.  But it fit so well and was the softest material!  I couldn’t send her back!  She belonged with me!  And my other 362 striped cardigans!


All in all, Stitch Fix #2 was just as fun and good as Stitch Fix #1. If you aren’t Stitch Fixing yet, get over there and sign up! Who wouldn’t love a personal stylist who sends you clothes based on your Pinterest board?!?!? It’s like your Pinterest board comes to life! (Here’s the link to my Pinterest clothing board, if you want it, by the way…) But I will warn you, ’tis an addicting habit to form, this Stitch Fix.

And you may need to find a good friend who will let you send your purchases to her house so that your husband doesn’t see your Stitch Fix box show up only weeks after your first Fix and then he starts start investigating how much this little habit of yours is costing and then he has the “let’s reevaluate the family budget” conversation with you and then you say “but it’s no more than you spend golfing every month, Sweetie,” and then his face turns really red and his head explodes.

Not that this has happened to me.


I have to go.

I’ve said too much.

Being in the Illuminati and all.


(Oh my goodness.  I just went to the Stitch Fix website to grab my referral code link and I saw on their header that they are now offering MATERNITY clothes!  Well, now I need another baby!)

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4 Thoughts to “Stitch Fix #2”

  1. Jen

    Love your fix! The cardigan is perfect. I saw the maternity post today too and am bummed! I’ve only got 8 weeks left so no use buying more clothes but man I wish they had that sooner. I’m so ready to be back in my regular clothes again. You know, right after baby. Or in a year, whatever.

  2. Erin S.

    Best line of this post:
    “In short, I don’t feel pretty when I have to pose for pictures in clothing.”

    I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. 🙂

  3. Kristen

    Great Stitchfix! Would you post your card with the names of the items?

  4. Katy

    They must have gotten sick of people like me who cancelled orders when they got pregnant!

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