A Pampered Princess Party

This weekend, we had Gracie’s fourth birthday party. And, it might have been my favorite party we’ve thrown yet. We sent out invitations to just ten of Gracie’s girlfriends from school, and asked them to come dressed as their favorite princess. Gracie (along with about 90% of the other little girls) was Elsa.


We had the party at Sparkled Pink, a salon just for girls  about ages 3-13. It was the CUTEST!!!! Each of the princesses would get a manicure, pedicure, and a little glitter make up and lip gloss.



When we got there, they had the party room all set up for the tea party. When I came to see the place a few months ago, they didn’t have this room set up like this, so it was a completely wonderful surprise for us to walk back in and see the room! It looked like every dream a little girl could have!




The party started with splitting the girls up into stations – manicures, pedicures, and make up. Then, they rotated through the stations as they finished. Actually, it was just like a real salon!


Gracie absolutely loved every single minute of it. The salon girls gave her a special birthday sash, and she thought that was the greatest thing in the world.



With her manicure done, Gracie headed over to the make up chair. It was SO STINKING CUTE! This was another part of the party that I didn’t even know came with our birthday package! It ended up being such a hit. All day long, Gracie kept asking me, “Mommy, is my glitter still sparkly?”







After her make up, she went to get a pedicure, which is always Gracie’s favorite part.


All of the girls loved picking their colors.


Actually, I’m not sure who loved it more – the girls or the moms! We were all oohhh-ing and ahhhh-ing the whole time!


When they all finished getting their spa treatments, we went back to the party room and played a few games, ate donuts, fruit, and yogurt, and then sang “Happy Birthday” to Gracie. I felt bad giving the kids so much sugar so early in the morning – two dozen sprinkled donuts and 24 Elsa cupcakes makes for a pretty solid sugar high!


My big Bean Man was awesome. He helped take all the presents as guests arrived and put them on the gift table, and he handed out the napkins and cupcakes. When his services weren’t required, he entertained himself like a champ. He didn’t complain or whine or anything. I was really proud of him. I asked him after the party how many donuts he ate, and he responded, “Only four.”

Probably should have kept a closer eye on him…



It was such a fun day celebrating my sweet girl. She had such a good time with family and friends, and that’s really what mattered.




I don’t know how we’ll top this smile next year!


To read about what I put in the goody bags, click here!


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5 Thoughts to “A Pampered Princess Party”

  1. Janet

    What fun! Looks like Gracie had the same smile on all day.

  2. Kristen

    What a sweet smile!

  3. Oh… My ovaries are aching for a girl. That must have been magical for the kids. Im almost considering telling them im turning 13 and having my next bday there. Im just a really tall 13 year old with a toddler. Believable.

  4. What a fun birthday!! I can’t wait to have a girl!

  5. nicole

    So adorable! But seriously it seems like yesterday I was hitting refresh on fb, Twitter, or whatever it was at the time, waiting for Chris to give updates on your labor and delivery with Gracie!

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