The Truth Prevails

My girlfriend, Danielle, and I made plans weeks ago to stay one night at a Disney resort over Spring Break.  We decided that instead of breaking into a Disney resort pool (which is becoming increasingly harder with those darn MagicBands…*waves fist at sky*), we would become legit guests for a night and have a little one night staycation.  We booked our hotel and were going to check-in today, hang out by the pool all afternoon, play at the resort tonight, wake up, and play in the pool all day tomorrow, too.  It was going to be spectacular.

And then we woke up this morning to find it pouring down rain, and the forecast full of those taunting little rainclouds all day long.  Shoot.

Danielle called Disney to see what we could do.  We considered lying (I said to blame it on sick kids), but Chris convinced us that we should just tell the truth – we are locals, we wanted to come for the pool, and the weather has not cooperated.  We hung our heads in shame for thinking of lying, kicked the dirt with our hands in our pockets, and (…sigh…) told the truth.

AND THE TRUTH PREVAILED!  Disney didn’t bat an eye!  They changed our reservations to tomorrow night instead, all without a fee or anything.  I heart Disney.

While this was awesome, it still left Danielle and I with three bummed out kids.  This was nothing a movie and a sugar high couldn’t fix, so we went to the movies today to see Cinderella.


YOU GUYS.  It was everything I ever imagined Cinderella being!  It was magical!  It was beautiful!  The Prince was the dude from “Game of Thrones” who I believe to be a lovely specimen of the male gender.  IT WAS PERFECT!

Oh, and the kids liked it, too.

Before the movie, I took the kids to CVS to buy candy and water bottles because I didn’t want to mortgage my house to buy popcorn that no one would eat anyways because it wasn’t candy.  But then, I made this terrible mistake.  I told the kids in the car that we needed to put the candy and water bottles in my purse on the way into the movie.

“Why?” asked Bean.  (Darn that inquisitive mind!)

“Well,” I floundered.  Then, I decided to be truthful.  About lying.  “Because we aren’t really supposed to bring in other candy.”

“Why?” asked Bean again.  (No more school for that dude.)

“Well, because they want us to buy the candy at the movie theater, but it is really expensive.  So, we are going to bring our own instead.”

Bean considers this for a minute, clearly thinking this through.  (I mean, really.  What are they teaching kids in school these days?)  “Oh,” was all he said.

So, I stuffed the contraband into my purse and we headed to the movie.


At the door with the ticket taker, Bean whispers in this awful stage whisper, “MOM! DON’T TELL THAT GUY ABOUT THE CANDY IN YOUR PURSE!”

To which I turned bright red and melted into a pile of shame right there in the movie theater lobby.

Lesson of the day for the 32-year-old mother of two?  LYING IS BAD.  THE TRUTH PREVAILS.  YOUR CHILDREN WILL RAT YOU OUT ANYWAY.

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2 Thoughts to “The Truth Prevails”

  1. Sarah S

    Once we left on a road trip/ camping trip and at lunch on the way at a fast food place, we realized we forgot the salt and pepper shakers. My husband grabbed the tiny plastic ones on the table at the fast food place (not the most honest thing) and we left. That night while prepping dinner, my 7 year old (very rule-abiding) daughter found them and looked at us with a look of horror like we were all going to be in big trouble. We lamely explained that it was ok but it sounded thin and felt bad as we were doing it, She accepted our explanation and that was that. On the last night of our trip we stopped at a nicer restaurant for dinner and as soon as we sat down she looked at the glass salt and pepper shakers on the table, turned to my husband and said “daddy, are you going to steal those too?” like he was some kind of habitual theif. Oh my goodness. We died laughing and still die laughing telling that story. Honesty is the best policy for sure!!!!!!!

  2. Kids will always rat you out! Mike and I have friends that have the same first and last name so we differentiate by saying little one and big one. Sullivan finally picked up on it and the next time we saw the shorter of our two friends he loudly exclaimed “Is that the little one? He is a little guy!” then started to laugh hysterically. I was mortified.

    I really want to see Cinderella but neither one of my guys wants to go….I’m surrounded.

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