We’ve Got Ourselves a Screamer

For as dainty and girly as Gracie is, you would probably be surprised to learn that she is a screamer.

Actually, that may not surprise you at all, in fact.  Screaming has come naturally to Gracie all her life.  Sometimes, I think she might still have colic.


Let’s not talk about colic. I’ve done my best to drink that stage of my life away…


Lately, though, she has added a little “umph” to her screams.  She now screams like she is about to murder someone.

She turns red in the face, throws her head back, and lets the rage flow.

On a positive note, she will never deal with repression issues. I should note that for her future therapist.

Now, she is smart enough to know never to scream at me or Chris. She’s always been a smart child. But she does let it loose with Bean a fair bit. And then she gets in trouble, no matter who or what is truly at fault. If she screams, she gets herself a one-way ticket to time out.

But here’s the thing that I am not supposed to admit as a good parent. The screaming is HIGHLY entertaining to me. I mean, HIGHLY ENTERTAINING. Like, if I am in another room, I burst out laughing every time. Seriously. It’s the funniest scream in the entire world. She sounds like those screaming goats from YouTube.

The best was this past weekend. Chris’s sister, Annie, had given Gracie a gift card to Toys R Us for her birthday, so I took her last week to pick out a toy. She picked out this set of five baby dolls, which was already a steal for $20.00, but it ended up being on sale for only $15.00! She’s a thrifty shopper.


Anyway, we were home later that afternoon and she was playing with her dolls in her room. She had them laying all over the floor, each with a baby blanket covering them and a bottle close by. And she was sitting with one baby in her lap, rocking her, and cooing sweet whispers in the baby’s ear.

“You’re such a pretty baby.  Good baby.  You’re so sweet.  What a good baby,” she says in this high pitched, sweet little voice of hers.  Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she drops her voice to this deep, resounding boom, and screams at her quiet, resting baby doll, “NOW GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I mean, it was out of NOWHERE, people. And it was LOUD. And it made me jump. And then laugh so much I almost wet my pants.

Ahhhhh… my Gracie Girl.  Such a complicated little flower.

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7 Thoughts to “We’ve Got Ourselves a Screamer”

  1. Make an Instagram video of the goat Gracie screams and maybe I’ll try to figure out how to make a remix.

  2. Jen

    This made me laugh. I’ve done my best to drink away the colic memories too. Ugh.

    She’s going to be a fun teenager 🙂

  3. Kailie

    I’ve been reading about your family for years and tonight I just laughed so hard I have tears in my eyes. See my oldest daughter who is 3 is just like Gracie. When you began sharing about her strong willed personality I thought you were talking about my daughter. Just the other day she was playing with her dolls and like Gracie was loving on them. Until one of them made her mad and she shouted 1,2,3… Timeout!!!!! I’ve had enough of that behavior!!! I still cry, laugh each time I think of it. Thanks so much for sharing your Gracie. It makes me smile each time!

  4. Mae

    Omg! I think you just described my daughter. Avery has done this even as a tiny toddler…she will quietly watch her brother put together his train tracks or set up his Hot Wheels and once he is all nice and situated she will run in, arms flailing, legs kicking and with a battle cry she will scatter everything all over the room. She doesn’t do it as much bc her brother will now smack her (bad parenting, but I typically look the other way while trying trying not to laugh). She’s crazy! I read somewhere the terminology “three-nager”. My husband says he’s moving out when Avery hits puberty bc he won’t be able to handle both of us in the same house.

  5. Katie M.

    Too funny! I literally lol’ed!

  6. emily

    VIDEO please!!! I, too, enjoy the screaming of my children… girls are fun….

  7. Have you seen Blended? (Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s latest) All I can picture is the little girl doing her monster voice. Hilarious 🙂

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