Oh, man.  The fever has hit our house.

There’s nothing I hate more than a fever in one of my kids.  They are so darn scary!  Neither Bean or Gracie run fevers very often, but when they do?  Wow!  Those suckers are HOT and HIGH!


November, 2014 – Asthma flare

There’s a little fever virus going around the daycare, so I’m sure Gracie has brought it home from there.  Thankfully, this time, both kids are sick at the same time, which is nice because it will mean that once it’s gone – it’s really gone.  When one gets sick and then the other gets sick, we pass it back and forth for WEEKS, and we’re all miserable.

I feel like standing up on an orange couch and screaming, “It’s a FEEEEEEEEEEEVER!  YOU get a fever!  And YOU get a fever!  EVERYBODY GETS A FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER!!!!!!!!!!”


December, 2013 – Strep throat

Having this little fever bug in the house has reminded me how much we have NOT been sick this year, though.  This might be only the second something to come into our house this entire school year.  It’s been amazing.  I actually used my days off this year for FUN things!  Like field days and vacation!  Who knew you could do such things?!?!

I remember when the kids were BOTH in daycare, and it seemed like we ALWAYS had something in the house.  Someone had a cold or a runny nose or a tummy ache or strep throat or an ear infection or… Shall I keep going?  Gosh, it was all the time.  For the past two years, I used all of my time off, plus a few non-paid days even because my kids were home sick!  And you just feel like a terrible mother.  Like something you’ve done is wrong that your kids would be sick so much.  You are embarrassed to say that someone in your house is sick because your friends say something like, “AGAIN?????” and you have to hang our head in shame.


Easter, 2013 – Stomach bug.  Gracie puked all over her Easter dress.

If you are in this place, hear these words, friend:  It gets better.  And it’s suddenly, too.  Like, one day you wake up and realize that you haven’t taken a day off in over two months.  It just stops.  Your kids still get runny noses and things, but they don’t pass it around every single time.  And their illnesses don’t last as long as they used to when they do get sick.  I promise you.  It does happen.  You’ll have healthy kids one day soon.  And when you do, you’ll look up to the heavens and sigh in relief, “Thank you!”  And then you’ll take a random Tuesday off of work just because you can!  CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?!?!?!

Hang in there, momma.  That day is coming when your kids getting sick will be so out of the normal swing of life that you will stay up and fret over them like little puppies because you can’t even remember the last time they were sick.  It sounds like it’s so far away, but it’s really not.


 January, 2011 – Respiratory infection

And when that healthy day comes, you’ll kind of be sad because you know they have outgrown that phase of their life when all they wanted was to snuggle on your lap and eat popsicles until their fevers break.  And so you’ll snuggle them while they sleep instead, when they can’t groan and say, “Come on, Mommmmmm…”

And now, if you’ll excuse me, both of my hot, sicky kids are sleeping and I am going to go put cool washcloths on their heads and cuddle them until they wake up and start violently kicking off the covers (and me in the process).

It’s how I cope with my kids growing up.


 March, 2011 – Stomach bug.  About two weeks before Gracie was born.

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6 Thoughts to “FEVAH!”

  1. Sarah H.

    Ahhhh perfect timing! Just got back from the ER with our youngest after a febrile seizure brought on by a fast temp spike from a virus he’s been fighting for 2.5 days. Tomorrow will be another day of unpaid leave….but at least I didn’t feel as bad calling out when an ambulance ride was involved.

  2. Katy

    OMG I needed to read this today! I hardly ever leave comments, but the sicknesses!! My oldest has had strep throat 4 times in the last 3 or 4 months!! And he gave it to his baby sister 2 of those times!! The throwing up and the fever and the sleepless nights are so draining!! I’m so glad to hear that there are better, healthier days ahead. Thank you!!!

  3. Mine are much older than yours, and I swear that those years of daycare were a lifesaver once they were in school. Their immune systems were in much better shape then some of their friends. And now that they are in middle and high school, sick days are used for things like dental appointments, orthodontia and physicals. It’s nice to be able to plan ahead for them 🙂

  4. Kelly H.

    Daycare was rough for the first two years. My two 10 year olds now have immune systems of steel. We average 1 sick day/year per kid.

  5. Rita

    I’m glad to read this. We’re on our 3rd ear infection in as many months (plus pinkeye) and I hate that my son is on nonstop antibiotics. I can’t wait until we’re past this phase!

  6. I hate it when my little guy is sick. It’s so rough to see them like that. On another note, the tiny bean pics are so sweet, especially that last one. I figure with as much as Sullivan has caught in daycare, his immune system will be badass when he hits kindergarten. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

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