Race, According to a Four-Year-Old Girl

“Gracie,” Bean said. “Your skin is Caucasian color.”


“No, it’s not,” replied Gracie thoughtfully, looking at her arm. “It’s pink.”

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5 Thoughts to “Race, According to a Four-Year-Old Girl”

  1. jill hundley

    My son calls it “skinny color”. Took me a long time
    To figure that one out!

  2. (Back in the late 1980’s) When my daughter was about 3 she went to a daycare that had two Ms. Kathleen’s, one white and one black. One day as I was picking her up she announced loudly “I know the difference between the two Ms. Kathleen’s mama!” I think everyone held their breathe until she said, “One has long hair and one has short hair!.” Little ones do not see the issues we learned as small children, they see how much their caregivers care.

  3. Jaymie

    My first born- Brendan was watching basketball one night- I think he was four- asked seriously do you have to be brown to play basketball? Of course I wanted to use this as a teachable moment and I went on how color doesn’t matter you can do whatever you want. Color doesn’t matter. He asks what color am I- my husband the joker said “cracker”. I swear he was in third grade before he realized he wasn’t cracker colored. So not politically correct but it was so funny.

  4. Beanie, Gracie, Tillman & Faith's Nana

    Once Grandma asked your sister, Ginny, if her new friend in kindergarten was black. Ginny thought for a minute and then replied, “No, she’s sort of brownish”. I love the total color blindness of children!

  5. All I can see is Gracie’s dress…it’s adorable!!!! She looks like a Little House on the Prairie girl! 😀 <3

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