Half-Assed and Sassy: I’m Back!

(tap, tap, tap)


(tap, tap, tap)

Well, kids.  I just couldn’t stay away.  Turns out, when you’re a writer – even a kitchen table one – you miss writing.  Who knew?!


I stepped away for almost a whole year from this bloggity-blog and freelance writing, and what a wonderful decision that has been.  I have stretched myself into whole areas of my family’s life that I wouldn’t have been able to plug into if I had continued blogging.  I’ve become the Den Leader of Bean’s Cub Scout den, I’m now teaching Bible studies instead of just attending them, I’ve been able to take on more leadership roles at work, I’ve been able to shuffle the kids to and from all kinds of activities, and, most importantly, I have been spending every evening with Chris.  It has been a season of blooming for me, my family, my career, and my marriage.  


I have spent the past year not only plugging in, but teaching myself how to manage a household with two active, busy kids.  When your kids shift into new life stages, your family shifts, too.  And, to be honest, we really sucked at managing family schedules once we added Gracie’s schedule and my new obligations to the mix.  We were all running around disheveled, disorganized, and distant from each other.  Something had to change, and so I hung up my keyboard, so to speak, in order to get my home life back on track again.


And, for the most part, we have.  I’ve finally figured out what to stand firm with (we try to eat dinner together as a family every night…) and where to bend just a little (…but dinner doesn’t always have to be at 6:30pm sharp).  I’ve learned the art of saying no.  In fact, I said it to someone at church this morning.  TWICE!  Ha!  Look at me!  I’ve learned that I don’t have to attend every single practice, rehearsal, meeting, and class to still be a good mom.  And I’ve let go of that guilt that says, “If you can’t do it all perfectly, then you shouldn’t try at all.”


Basically, I’ve spent a year learning to half-ass stuff.  And it’s been AWESOME.


With all this half-assing lately, I’ve managed to make some time for myself and I’m ready to take on something just for me.  I miss writing so much that sometimes I ache for it.  I’ve sat down numerous times at the computer in the past year to write, but nothing has come.  I’d just sit here and stare for a while, then get up, walk out of my office, and go watch Netflicks. But in the past month or two, my mind has begun speaking in blog posts.  Like, I’d take a series of pictures and funny captions or storylines would just run through my head like crazy.  And I can’t show that crazy in real life.  I have to at least PRETEND I don’t hear canned laughter and sitcom scenes playing over in my head when I’m with real people.  But here, in my own little corner of the Blogosphere, I can.  I can vignette the crap out of my life.  That running commentary of stupid conversation that is always rolling in the back of my mind has a place to run free.  And I like that.


So, here’s how Marriage Confessions is going to work this time:  half-assed, baby.

Sometimes I’ll have pictures.  Sometimes I won’t.  Sometimes I’ll talk about my family.  Sometimes I won’t.  Sometimes I’ll talk about my marriage.  Sometimes I won’t.  Sometimes I’ll blog regularly.  Sometimes I won’t.

But whether I will or whether I won’t, you’ll always find what you’ve always found here – honesty.  Real life.  From snorting laughter to big, ugly cries.  From patient, well-planned, by-the-book parenting to”holy-crap-have-I-fed-my-kids-today” parenting.

You’ll just have to take me as I am.  Half-assed and sassy.

Since there has been so much that has happened in a year, there is no way I can recap it all. So, being the best imaginary friends that we are, let’s just sit down and chat like we’ve never been apart. Because we’re imaginary besties.

Gracie’s 5th birthday is this Friday and I am freaking out. I can’t believe she’s going to be five. Because with five comes kindergarten. But let’s not talk about that yet. I don’t want to smudge my eyeliner. She’s started taking tennis recently, and she’s pretty good at it, so far. She picked out tennis all by herself. No one in our family plays. And after her first lesson, she said, “Mom! I found my sport!” So, naturally, I’m going to buy all the pink tennis sporting equipment there is in the world.


Bean is getting exponentially bigger by the second. I keep trying to stop feeding and watering him, but he INSISTS on eating, like, every day. Ugh. He’ll turn seven his summer – SEVEN, you guys. And he is rocking first grade. He even has this AWESOME first grade attitude that includes eye rolling. It’s SUPER fun. He’s still playing baseball, and Chris is the assistant coach on his team.


My ovaries ache, ya’ll.


Oh, and we got a puppy! Her name is Daisy and she’s a rescue pup. She is six months old now and totally wonderful. She chases shadows all day long, swallows Shopkins whole, and follows Bean wherever he goes. I wubs her to pieces. I just don’t necessarily love all the pieces she shreds our house into…

(And can we all please pause to appreciate that ginormous stain on my car seats between the kids?  How does a stain that big get onto something and NO ONE HAS ANY IDEA HOW?!?!)


So, that’s about it from here. I’m on Spring Break this week, so posting will probably be pretty regular. Unless I want to go to the beach. Or sleep all day. Or do something else. Because, hello. Half-ass.


To catch up on what our family has been up to in the past year, check out my Instagram feed (@marriageconfessions), follow along on Twitter (@marriageconfess), check out my Pinterest boards (@marriageconfess) or join the Marriage Confessions Facebook page.

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59 Thoughts to “Half-Assed and Sassy: I’m Back!”

  1. Jacquie

    Welcome back! I have missed you 😀 (because, you know, you are my friend!)

  2. Erin

    Welcome back!!!! I missed you!!!

  3. Stephanie Lara

    Thank you so much for bringing back this wonderful space. You have no idea how many times I have come back looking and waiting and hoping. I’ve been following you on instagram like the crazy imaginary bestie I am. I started following you years ago when I first got married now Im pregnant with twins and I could use some Marriage confessions and parent advice hahaa. You are a wonderful human being and your posts have made such an impact in my marriage and faith. Welcome Home Sassy pants!

  4. Emma

    The kids are so big! I missed you and your little family 🙂

  5. Dyanna

    So flipping excited to be reading a blog post from you again. Also, love the new site layout! Welcome back!!

  6. Nikki

    Welcome back!! I was totally under guessing Bean’s age when my Hubs asked me. Time sure does fly!!

  7. Milisa

    Yeayyyyyyy!!! I have always adored your blog and am so glad you have returned.

  8. Jessica

    Oh it’s so good to “talk” to you again!

  9. Jenna

    Hooray! My son was born exactly a week after Gracie to the day, and I was following your blog long before that. So glad you’re back before our babies turn 5. 😂

  10. Nice to hear from you, my long lost friend!

  11. Amanda

    YAY!! You’re back!! You have been missed!

  12. So glad you’re back! I have missed you and it doesn’t seem possible the kids are so big!

  13. Heather

    I’ve been reading since you were pregnant with Bean and there’s no way he’s almost 7! And Gracie almost 5….no no way can’t be! Welcome back!

  14. Sarah

    Half-assed and sassy! Love it! Im glad you’re back 🙂 I

  15. Katie

    Oh goodness. I couldn’t be more excited to have your beautiful face and your beautiful family back in the ol’ bloggysphere. I constantly would think, oh, I can’t wait for Katie’s post and realized that you were done. But now, you’re back, and it is wonderful.

    But, put you first. We will always be here! That’s what friends are for!

  16. Sarah H.

    Woohoo! You’re back! I figured it would be different and that’s awesome! You do what works for you!

  17. I’ve been checking this blog for the past year hoping you would forget you weren’t writing it anymore.

    I’m so glad to see you back! Even half assed!

  18. Cheyenne

    I’m so happy you’re back!!!! When I saw your Instagram post I was so thrilled! I don’t care what you blog about or how regular your posts are. I just love to read your thoughts! In the year you were gone I still thought about you guys frequently! You do what’s right for you! I will be here supporting you!



  19. I’m so excited you’re back!! And I love your new approach to blogging. It’s mine too. Can’t wait to read more here!!! =)

  20. JustAng

    Welcome back! And love the updated format of your blog. Super user friendly!

  21. Welcome back!!!! I came back too this week, there must be something in the air that makes us want to blog again! 🙂

  22. Katie McC

    So glad you are back! We’ve missed you!! Can’t wait to be a part of your life again. No one is perfect. Enjoy your life! They way it is!!!

  23. Dawn

    I am SO excited to “hear” your voice again, friend. And hear it I can….

  24. Lata

    Welcome back! Missed reading your blog. Follow you on Insta and Snapchat.

  25. Lisa

    Welcome back!!! Half-assed and sassy is the way to be!! Thank you, my imaginary friend for bringing your words back to life in your awesome corner of the blogosphere!

  26. Carla

    Yay! So glad that you are back!!! 🙂

  27. Erin B

    This was a great ending to a crappy Tuesday! Yay glad assed! Welcome back! I missed you!

  28. Tabs

    Gah!! So excited and over the moon happy to have you back writing again! Seriously, it was like having a best friend move away…well, sort of… 🙂 I told my husband tonight after I read your post that it felt so good to have my world complete again. I know, I’m a weirdo creeper. Aaaaand, I don’t care who knows it.

    You keep half assin it sister! You are in good company!

  29. Joke

    One more happy reader! Half assed blogging is the best 🙂

  30. Monique

    So happy to see you back here, even half-ass and sassy! Glad you and your family seem to be enjoying life! Look forward to regular (or irregular) updates!

  31. Laura

    So happy that MC is back! I’ve been reading this blog since you started it way back when, loved all the insight and laughs. Instagram just ain’t the same. Can’t wait to see more!

  32. Angela

    I’m so glad you’re back blogging again! I’ve been following on Instagram in the meantime and have remembered many times when looking at your pics about your mantra to “bloom where you’re planted” – that always stuck with me. I remember back to the time that your new home was burgled and you seemed so unsure and afraid at that time. Look at you now! You are definitely in full bloom 🙂

  33. Wally_rva

    Welcome back! I need to adopt more half-ass and sassy in my life! Your kids have grown so much in the past year. I can’t wait to read your posts!

  34. Kristin

    Glad to be reading again!

  35. Peggy

    Welcome back! Can’t wait to see what is store for us readers.

  36. Marina

    So glad to have you back Katie!! Love this blog more than anything.

  37. Jennifer

    Have to say, I really missed having a blog to read about normal life! Every time I find a new one something happens, they get super-religious, they start a “cause” or they just stop blogging without even a goodbye. MC works because it’s about everyday life, marriage, kids, religion (without going overboard) and things we all deal with on an everyday basis. I love your blogs about Easter basket ideas, trips to Target, parenting thoughts and how to deal with things like biters at daycare. Thank you for bringing back something I can relate to and actually get enjoyment out of reading. You were missed!

  38. Kristin Flanders

    Glad you are back! Half assed and sassy…aren’t we all? 🙂

  39. Katy

    Yay!! I am so glad you are back…I have you missed you my imaginary friend!! It seems strange that I have missed you and yet you no absolutely nothing about me and my life.

    I look forward to reading more of your “half assed” blogging!! 🙂

  40. Woooo, I am so glad you’re back!

  41. Welcome back! I’m sassy and half-assed too with my blogging. It happens with kids.

  42. Yayayayay I’m so happy you’re back! Excited to have a longform way of keeping up with my favorite imaginary friend again!

  43. Half-assed and sassy. I like it. Welcome back!

  44. Nicole

    Best. Puppy. Picture. EVER! Oh, and super glad you are back!!!

  45. Marianne

    I was just thinking about you and your lovely family recently, wondering how you were doing. Love having you back , I missed you!

  46. Jody

    I’m happy to see you back.

  47. Suzanne

    So glad you’re back!!

  48. Kelly

    Welcome back! I follow you on Instagram but I needed MORE!

  49. Meredith

    This made my week. I think your blog was the first I ever started reading, way back in early 2009. And it’s still my favorite blog ever!! Welcome back!! And thank you for starting to write again.

  50. Lisa

    Wow! Hey there, my name is Lisa and I guess I’ve been a “lurker,” as I came across your blog and loved it, but have never written a comment. My favourite video, being the family lady and Thanksgiving-phile I am, is the very first Thanksgiving road trip with Bean (I suppose that’s a rather old post, but I came across it a couple years ago). I became a Mum myself in October 2014 and was so sad to see you were going to stop blogging last year. So happy that I randomly thought of your blog and looked you up and saw that you’re back!

    1. Katie

      Thank you for coming back! It’s nice to be blogging again!

  51. Karen

    Something made me think of you the other day so I just decided to get on your blog today to see if maybe, perhaps you are back and you are!! So excited! Obviously we’ve never met but I feel like I got to know you and your family and missed you! So glad there will be more to enjoy! Welcome back!

    1. Katie

      Thanks to you, too, for coming back! 🙂

  52. Jenna

    I know I have mentioned this in other internet places but … I AM SO HAPPY! Welcome back! Any way you are is fine with me. 🙂

  53. Charlie

    So glad you’re back! Your blog has always been my favorite!

  54. Meg

    Welcome back, internet friend! Have to admit I’ve kept my eye out for you guys at the Villages Square when we’ve visited. (Spoiler alert: we didn’t see you.). You’ve been missed!!

  55. I was at the pediatrician this morning waiting for my turn and turned to IG when I saw @marriageconfessions post! I know you changed it a while back to katiebbbbbbbbbbbb or something like that so I went to see if in fact you were back and I checked your website!!! SO EXCITING!!!! I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’m glad you are back and I’m glad everything turned out for the better.

    Now I have to catch up!

    Read you later!

  56. Carmen

    I am so glad you are blogging again! I have actually checked your blog on and off for about a year to see if you’d ever write anything again! 🙂 Yayy!

  57. Becky

    YAY!!!!! I’m so glad your newly found balance includes sharing with all your imaginary friends again 🙂 I missed you! <3

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