Report Card Predictions

Bean got his report card last week. All A’s, of course.


Even in math. He gets it from his daddy.


His favorite subject is math. And his favorite part about math is counting money.


He’s a BEAN COUNTER!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, man. I should stretch before I pun.


In the comments section of Bean’s report card, his teacher had written a little note: “Michael continues to be a positive role model for all students at our school.” All students, huh? Not to shabby, Beanie Man.


Chris and I were reading over the comment after dinner one night last week.

“I wonder what Gracie’s report card comments are going to say?” I asked, giggling.


“Gracie continues to boss her friends around continuously,” Chris laughed.


Gracie continues to say no to any suggestion made to her by a teacher or adult,” I quipped.


“Gracie continues to squeal like a banshee whenever something doesn’t go her way,” Chris snickered.


Gracie’s desk, backpack, and all personal belongings continue to be a complete pigpen,” I chuckled.


“Gracie continues to be the most stubborn child in the class,” Chris howled.


And then we stopped laughing because this was sounding a little too real.

And then we laughed a little more because that’s going to be totally funny when it happens.




(We’re terrible parents.)

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2 Thoughts to “Report Card Predictions”

  1. Colleen

    HAHAHA, i’m so glad I’m not alone in laughing about the evils of the little dictator personalities

  2. Stephanie

    hilarious! I really hope my husband and I have the same attitude and outlook that you and Chris have as parents, it’s so refreshing. I think Gracie is my spirit animal, that’s probably what my performance reviews at work will say, too 🙂

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